What Is The High Line New York City?- Our Guide to New York’s High Line Greenway Park

For people looking to see something a little different on their trip to New York many people are told to check out the High Line. It is however not immediately obvious what the Highline actually is? In this article, we answer the question, What Is The High Line, New York City? and explain what to expect when visiting and how to go about it. So…

What Is The High Line New York City?

What Is The High Line New York City?
High Line Park NYC by David Berkowitz on CC2.0

The High line is an elevated urban Greenway that runs along the west side of Manhattan that utilizes a re-purposed railway line. You see, we have just told you exactly what the High Line is and we Imagine you are still none the wiser. And that is the problem: it’s a bit tough to explain.

Essentially the City took an ugly dangerous crime-ridden disused railway line and converted it into a park that runs for around 25 blocks or 1.43 miles up the west side of the City. Starting in Chelsea and ending at the southern extent of Hell’s kitchen. 

Along the way, you will see planted Gardens, Art installations, street art, and Fantastic views of the City and the Hudson River. It makes a fantastic change of pace from storming around the city as the elevation above the streets gets you away from the rat race and into a more calm and placid place. The Gardens are natural and inspired by the wild plants that grew in the area when it was disused.

High Line Berries

It’s a roaring success and has led the way for other cities to take back crumbling and disused infrastructure and re-purposing it for recreational use for the Residents and to bring tourists into an otherwise impoverished area. The effect of the park has radiated outwards and transformed the whole of the Chelsea area. Which is now one of our favorite places in New York. 

We hope that makes it a bit clearer but really the best thing to do is check it out yourselves as it’s really hard to grasp without seeing it in person.

How Much does it cost?

Hudson River From High Line

Put those Wallets away, the High line is FREE to all. It is after all classified as a City park and as such funded by the City’s coffers. Actually, the park costs a lot more to Maintain and the High line is funded mainly by charitable donations and fundraising by the “Friends of the High Line” Organisation that were essential in the planning and implementation of the park and its continued maintenance

How to get there?

Midtown From High line

Well, to begin with, you need to decide which part of the Highline you want to walk. We like to do the full 1.45 miles and like to go from south to north. Starting at Gansevoort Street (just below 12th St), and running all the way to 34th Street (11th Av). There are several entrances along the way with many providing Disabled Access so you can walk a little or as much as you desire:

  • Gansevoort St (Disabled Access) 
  •  14th St (Disabled Access) 
  • 16th St (Disabled Access) 
  • 17th St
  • 20th St
  • 23rd St
  • 26th St
  • 28th St
  • 30th St and 10th Ave (Disabled Access) 
  • 30th St and 11th Ave
  • and 34th St (Disabled Access) 

Opening Times

  • Spring hours: April 1 through May 31 – 7 am – 10 pm
  • Summer hours: June 1 through September 30 – 7 am – 11 pm
  • Fall hours: October 1 through November 30 – 7 am – 10 pm
  • Winter hours: December 1 through March 31 – 7 am – 7 pm

Things to See at the High Line New York?

There are not really that many “attractions” along the way and the park as a whole is the real destination along with views along the way which are quite different from seeing the city at street level. But there are a few things both on and off the High Line Worth Mentioning.

Art Installations

Sleepwalker High line

There are many Art Installations along the way, most are temporary and ever-changing. We were fortunate enough to be here when the incredible Sleepwalker by Tony Matelli was installed…Creepy.

As the Installations are always changing it’s best to check exactly what will be on show when you are visiting. See here.

Tiffany & CO. Foundation Overlook

At the south end of the High Line is the Tiffany & Co. Foundation overlook. Tiffany & Co. have been major financial backers of the project and as such get recognition in the form of naming the overlook.

The Overlook itself marks the beginning, or the end of the park and provides great views out over Chelsea and the City beyond. The Balcony extends past the last (or First) entrance so ensure you take the time to head right to the end (or Start) of the high line where the tracks were severed to make way for the City buildings.

Diller – Von Furstenberg Sundeck & Water Feature

This area between 14th and 15th Street was a part of the old railway that used to collect rainwater and was thus decided to install a water feature here along with a sun terrace that allows rest and relaxation while exploring the park. This area is very busy during the warm months and getting a seat/lounger can be difficult!

The Water feature is subtle and just allows for cooling of your toes and a touch of interest and intrigue.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is not really part of the High-line but the Park runs right past the western entrance to the markets and as such should be considered a must-stop. The perfect place to grab a bite to eat. The Markets are really an attraction all by themselves and we prefer to think of this as combining the two attractions. Lunch in the Markets then a stroll up the high line to work it off…Perfect!

Pershing Square Beams

At Pershing Square, the Walkway has been stripped away showing the structure the elevated railway line was built on. This is a great place to explore and climb about as the walkway descends under the deck height. A great place for kids to play.

Interim Walk Way

High line at Hudson Yards

The Final Section of the High Line extends out toward the banks of the Hudson River around the Hudson Yard Railway sidings. This temporary walkway is in place while the Hudson Yard Redevelopment takes place. This gives stunning views of the Hudson along with the Towering Buildings that are currently flying up as part of a complete remake of the whole area. This will be a stunning part of Manhattan when finished over the next few years.

Is the High Line Safe? 


Yes, There are incredibly low crime numbers for the high line with no record of any serious crime being reported at all. The park is popular and as such busy and there is very little opportunity for any type of serious crime to take place without being witnessed. It is a very safe space and can be enjoyed by all.

It’s worth noting that New York, as a whole, in recent years, is generally a very safe place and its reputation as a dangerous city is now firmly in the past. Especially in the Tourist and gentrified areas.

Have Your Say?

Have you been to the High Line? What was your take on it? What highlights do you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below or let us know if you have any questions about the High Line?

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