Revenge Of The Mummy – The Ride Review – Universal Studios Hollywood

Based on the successful and in our opinion very good Movies the Revenge of the Mummy Ride is a highly themed, technologically sophisticated indoor dark coaster that is much applauded within the industry. Our Revenge Of The Mummy – The Ride Review takes a ride on this highly decorated coaster and explains why we find it less appealing than its reputation suggests.

  • Location – Lower Lot, Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Type – Indoor Darkride Rollercoaster with Special Effects
  • Duration – 5 Mins – 8:30 Mins
  • Height Restriction – 48 in (122 cm)
  • Average Queue time – 20 mins – 60 Mins
  • Single Rider – YES
  • Additional Info – Painful – No Loose Items, Free Lockers Provided
Revenge Of The Mummy - The Ride Review
  • Exhilaration
  • Fun
  • Smoothness and Comfort
  • Uniqueness and Theming
  • Value For Time

What is the Revenge of the Mummy: the Ride?

The first time we rode the Mummy we were really excited. The Ride has won numerous awards and received rave ratings including back-to-back wins of “Best Indoor Rollercoaster” for 8 Years in a row! We love the Mummy Franchise and the idea of riding a rollercoaster around in the dark while being chased by Mummies was a big draw.

All we can say is it’s a big disappointment for us. And for one reason, it really is violently rough! While the Hollywood layout is better than Florida, which in our opinion is un-ridable. It still has some nasty jerks and twists that come completely out of the dark and are Jarring and painful.

We have never experienced a roller coaster this rough, and we have ridden the Big Apple Roller coaster at New York New York, Las Vegas! And we do not normally have issues with ride discomfort, but something about the rock-hard seats that sit you at an odd angle, and the violent jerks that are completely unseen left us in significant pain after riding.

It’s a shame as really we love the concept, the theming, and most of the ride. It’s hard to rate something too highly that attempted to snap your spine.

Ride Experience



No Loose Items are allowed on the ride so all bags, wallets, and phones, etc must be removed. Free lockers are provided while you ride.

The Queue is a heavily themed experience that sees you head into a replica Egyptian tomb. It is heavily themed with hieroglyphics, artifacts, and the odd skeleton. It is quite eerie with a few videos and into’s that help pass the time.


The Intense theming continues on the ride as it sets off and warning of impending doom helps up the fear as animatronics and video “holograms” make you fully aware of the error you made entering the tomb.

The appearance of an impressive animatronic Imhotep, accompanied by Egyptian warriors signals the start of the ride proper as the Ride Catapults you in the dark to 45 MPH

The High Speed, but short track with sharp bends and sudden drops, combined with the darkness and hence the inability to either brace or ride out the jolts and jerks are what, we think, make it so painful. It is the only ride where we actually screamed in pain rather than excitement.

The ride comes to a dead end when you are then launched in reverse through some more tight turns and sudden drops before some impressive effects end the ride with an unexpected arrival back at the loading bay.


Overall it is a very good ride really and some of the effects and animatronics while not on the level of the Orlando attraction (Orlando’s Flaming Ceiling for example) are really well done and worthy of the hype. But the roughness just takes the joy away for us. Maybe if it were not dark it might work better as you can see what’s coming up but this is no excuse we have ridden plenty of dark coasters without needing a chiropractor afterward.

We have included a video below of the ride with the lights on as this highlights the actual layout without spoiling the “effects” here you can see the problem with the tight layout requiring such tight turd and sudden drops that you do not see coming. But Watch with Caution to avoid Spoilers.

Have Your Say

Our Review of the Coaster is not really mirrored around the Web and the industry where the Coaster gets high praise. So we would love to hear your take on it? Are we just wimps and missing out on a great experience? Did you find it painful too? Is the spine-jarring worth the ride? Let us know in the comments below and don’t hold back!

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8 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Mummy – The Ride Review – Universal Studios Hollywood”

  1. I rode the Mummy ride mid February 2019 and it wrenched my neck, made me extremely dizzy, and gave me a severe headache that lasted for days. 3 weeks later my neck still hurts and I have lingering headaches. The seats are hard and there is no lateral head support. I would warn anyone over 50 to not ride this.

    • Hi Lee,

      Ouch sounds pretty nasty, really sorry to hear this.

      We have come away with no lasting injuries, but it was pretty painful at the time. As you say the hard seats and poor restraints combined with the darkness so you can’t see anything coming can combine to a very violent experience.

      We are big Coaster fans and have ridden big fast coasters back to back all day and have never experienced anything like this.

      Hope you heal well.

      We must point out though most people do not get any lasting issues from the ride and thousands of people ride it daily with no issue. But it can certainly be a very rough, and jerky experience. Not one we wholly recommend to anyone, regardless of age!

      Thanks for reading


  2. Hey Lee,

    I recently rode this on the VIP tour and… yeah I got thrown around pretty well in my seat. To the point where walking out I was literally in tears from the pain.

    Now, was it my fault for riding a Rollercoaster with known back issues? Yes. But no other Rollercoaster, not even the other Universal ones, have caused the pain.

    If we could seriously get something to pad the back of the seats or something as a bare MINIMUM, I might ride it again.

    • Yeah, we hear it time and again, it’s not your back issue that’s at fault it’s the violence of this coaster.

      We have ridden hundreds of coasters and some are rough, some are jarring, some are both, but some of the forces on the Mummy are just ridiculous. We really have never ridden a more violent ride than this.

      Of course, knowing how bad the mummy is we can’t recommend anyone with known back issues ride this, you probably shouldn’t ride any coaster but many really are not that big an issue, but the Mummy really is. And yes there are warnings but there are warnings on most coasters even super smooth coasters that present zero risk to anyone. We ride this without back issues, and feel like we have them afterward!

      Hope the pain was temporary!


  3. I agree. This needs lateral support – I had to make sure I support my head by putting my 2 hands crossed over the headrest. Had to do it on the first side jerk.

    • Thanks for the feedback,

      It really can be a bit jerky, it’s not as bad as the Orlando version but it just a bit to violent to be comfortable for a lot of people.


  4. I just rode the mummy in Orlando 2 weeks ago. My body was a jerked in a rough way right at the end of the ride where my mid spine banged on the backing. I knew the moment it happened, I was going to feel it later. I had an ache going up my mid right side of my spine up to my neck for a few days. At 1 point I felt nauseous which was really concerning me. Thankfully the following day it settled along with the pain. The ride is great. It’s just a bit much at the end. It turns into a like a full coaster ride. I think they should consider upgrading the seating or perhaps add some dim lighting because you made a good point about not being able to see. If you had an idea of what was coming, it would help.

    • Sorry to hear this, we had the exact same experience and just found the ride too harsh and jerky to be enjoyable.

      Glad you survived any serious injury, it certainly possible to put your back out in a very serious way!

      Hope you had a great time otherwise.



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