Flight Of The Hippogriff Ride Review – Family Friendly Harry Potter Themed Rollercoaster at Universal Studios Hollywood

There are only two Rides in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood and With the Forbidden Journey is a fairly intense thrill ride there is only one ride for younger kids. The worry is this is just a token coaster to appease the parents rather than a worthwhile addition, Find out if that’s the case in our Flight of the Hippogriff Review.

Ride Data

  • Location – Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Upper Lot, Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Type – Family Roller Coaster
  • Duration – 1 Mins 6 Secs
  • Height Restriction – 39 in (99cm)
  • Average Queue time – 20 mins – 30 Mins
  • Single Rider – No
  • Additional Info
Flight Of The Hippogriff
  • Exhilaration
  • Fun
  • Smoothness and Comfort
  • Uniqueness and Theming
  • Value for Time


The Queue line is fairly un-extraordinary and simply a regular pen-style queue that meanders around the base of the ride. There are a few interesting Harry Potter-themed scenes and objects located around the queue to keep you interested such as Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch, Hagrid’s Motorcycle, and sidecar, and of course, Hagrid’s Hut. The Queue gives excellent views of the ride with the Castle in the background so you should be well versed on what is in store.

It is almost completely outside which gives little shade if the day is particularly hot. Fortunately, queues are not often too horrific so you should only be here for a short time.

Ride Experience

In the Loading station, you board the wicker effect hippogriff trains. Upon exiting the station you pass a semi-decent Hippogriff animatronic that bows its beak for you as you pass. It’s not exactly world-class robotics but it’s a nice touch.

The lift hill is very gentle and provides great views out over the castle and Hogsmeade. This may be the best part of the ride for us as the actual coaster, is quite tame. After the first “drop” you enter a tight corkscrew turn with some fun G-force before exiting for a little air time over a hill and then back into another corkscrew and then hitting the brake track. If that seemed a little short to read, then you can rest assured it is short to ride too. The 1 minute 6 Seconds includes the lift hill and the actual ride is over in a flash. A fairly fun flash but even for a kid’s ride, there is not a lot to it.


Really it is a fairly fun few seconds on par with most mine train rides, but shorter, and the view from the top is “almost” worth it on its own. The Queue is interesting in its recreation of Hagrid’s home but it’s a tough sell on a busy day. If queues are light and you have done everything else, or if your little ones really are struggling for things to do give it a go. But we don’t suggest making a B-line for it.

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Have you ridden the Flight of the Hippogriff? What did you think? Did you take your little ones? How did they take it? Maybe you think we are too harsh and loved the ride? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing from you.

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