Is the Go City Los Angeles Pass Worth It? – Find out with our Go City Los Angeles Pass Review 2023

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Los Angeles can be a very expensive city to visit. Food, drink, hotels, travel, shopping, it all adds up. Things get even more expensive when you start wanting to visit any of the great attractions the city has to offer. One way of limiting this expenditure is to purchase a City/attraction pass. But some passes are better than … Read more

Oga’s Cantina Review – Galaxy’s Edge – Disneyland California – A Guide to the Galaxy’s Most Iconic Bar

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One of the most exciting attractions announced by Disney at Galaxy’s Edge was the chance to Visit Oga’s Cantina. This is a replica of the Mos Eisley Cantina, one of Star Wars’ most iconic locations. To be able to step in these footsteps and actually grab a drink in one of the most memorable bars … Read more

Where To Eat In Disneyland California – All The Best Restaurants In Disneyland California

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Theme Park food is renowned the world over to be low-quality, unimaginative expensive junk food. An array of burgers, chips, hotdogs, and snacks all at extortionate prices and scraping the barrel in terms of quality. We have eaten enough of this food to testify, on the whole, the reputation is justified! However, Disney completely bucks … Read more

10 Best Disneyland California Rides – Our DO NOT MISS Rides at Disneyland California

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If you only have one day at Disneyland or the Park is VERY busy, then you may only have time to really see the highlights of the Park rather than everything that is available. With over 30 Rides and attractions available along with firework shows, parades and meet and greets then it is A LOT … Read more

Where To Get Cheap Disneyland Tickets? – How To Pay Less For Disneyland California.

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Disneyland is one of the single most expensive Themeparks on the planet. With Ticket Prices up to $143 a day! Naturally, one of the first things people what to know is where to get cheap Disneyland Tickets. Unfortunately, since Disney manages to fill its parks just fine charging these sorts of prices they are not … Read more

Disneyland’s Genie+ Full Guide – Getting the Best out of Genie Plus at Disneyland California

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In an effort to reduce waiting times, improve customer experience, and simplify and harmonize their offering over the US Parks, Disney decided to Retire their FastPass, FastPass+, And MaxPass Products across their parks. Instead replacing it with the New and Improved Genie System and the Upgraded Genie Plus and Lightning Lanes. To say this caused … Read more

Droid Depot Review – Custom Astromech Droids – Galaxy’s Edge -Disneyland California

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

When Visiting Galaxy’s Edge guests have the opportunity to attend several additional paid attractions to further enhance their journey into the Star Wars Universe. One such attraction is the very popular Droid Depot. Giving visitors the chance to construct their very own Astormech Droid from the franchise. The Droid Depot has certainly proved very popular, … Read more

Disneyland California Guide – Ultimate Guide to Visiting Disneyland California

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Disneyland is the West Coasts’ most Visited Attraction and ranks as the Number 2 Theme park in the World (Pipped to the post by Disney’s Magic Kingdom) However it can be a confusing and stressful place to visit. Our Guide is a series of articles we have put together to help you get the absolute … Read more