Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Review- From a Disney Fan who refuses to Grow Up!

For our latest trip to Disneyland Resort, we decided to add a little extra magic to our trip: we booked The Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures at the Napa Rose Restaurant in the Grand Californian Hotel. Here we tell you everything you need to know before booking this Disney Dining Experience- all through the eyes of 2 Adult Disney Fans who live for the magical moments!

In our Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Review, we show you everything you will get to eat, what to expect from the experience, how the Princess meet and greets go down, and everything you need to know. We also answer a few of the more awkward questions, like is the experience ok for boys, What’s it like for just adults, and overall is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures worth it? Especially considering the eyewatering cost for a Breakfast.

  • Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures- Napa Rose, Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland California
  • $125 per person (plus tax)
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Review

Booking Information

As with all Disney Dining Experiences, this reservation had to be booked on our Disney Account 60 days before our visit.

TOP TIP: Dining Reservations for Disneyland Resort California open at 6 am Pacific Time. Depending on where you are in the world, this time of day can differ for each person. It’s important that you work out what time of day the bookings are going to go live where you are as the most popular dining experiences sell out within minutes! We successfully used this system to book the Princess Breakfast Adventures as well as for reservations at Blue Bayou, Oga’s Cantina, Lamp Light Lounge, and Trader Sam’s.

How to get hard to book reservations at Disneyland

Up until November 2022, Disney had a 24-hour full-price non-refund Cancellation policy. However, they have recently changed this allowing Guests some flexibility as they will no longer get charged the full amount if they cancel 24 hours before their reservation (a charge of $25 per person is charged to your credit card However if canceled within 2 hours of booking.) Potentially this is also good news for anyone who missed the 60-day booking window. There’s now more of a chance that some last-minute bookings may become free as well as more opportunities for walk-ups if you were unable to get a reservation at the 60-day point. However, there is no guarantee so being organized and trying to book as soon as the 60-day reservation system opens is the best chance you will have to secure your Disney Dining Experience!


Always the big question in life but especially at Disney: how much does this cost?

The Price for the 3- course Breakfast Adventure is $125 per person. As with many prices at Disney, there is no lower price for Children. Tax and Service charges are also not included in this. 5-Hour Valet Parking at the Grand Californian is, however, included in the booking- handy for any Disney Guests staying off-site or at another Disney Hotel.

To put it mildly, this is a high price for breakfast but it includes a high-end 3-course meal and your first Mimosa:

Starters- (a selection of sweet and savory breakfast items)

Main Course- Buffet with many breakfast entree items to choose from as well as some lunch options

Royal Desserts- a selection of sweet treats to finish your meal

Of course, at Disney, the dining is not JUST about the food- it’s about the experience. While the price is extremely steep, the experience of a Breakfast Adventure with Disney Princesses is always going to cost more than your grab-and-go breakfast or even your breakfast feast at IHOP or Dennys. How often do you get to have breakfast with actual Disney Princesses? The price reflects this, like most high-end dining experiences at Disney.

Before booking and committing to anything in life that costs a pretty amount, it’s always worth doing your research to see if it is the right experience for you. Below, we delve deeper into the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure Experience and review if it is worth the cost. We also take a look at the food so you can judge the suitability for you and your little ones.

Is the Food Worth the Price?

One of the best things at Disney is the food. There is food Everywhere but not always at a reasonable price. One mindset to have is that Disney food is Priceless- where else can you get Mickey-shaped foods for breakfast, lunch, and Dinner?!

Another similar view to have at Disney is – Disney Dollars don’t count: A potentially dangerous view for when you later look at your bank account but it can also be the only way to justify the dollars you have spent on yet another Disney-shaped snack (some also argue that Disney calories also don’t count and given the number of steps you clock up around the Parks, they could be on to something!)

However, paying for a Disney Dining experience is not going to be justifiable if you or the rest of your party do not like the menu and are not going to eat anything. Large Queues aside, if all you wanted to do is meet Disney Princesses then you can do it for free at the parks meet and greets. There’s no need to book a Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure unless you want breakfast while meeting Disney Princesses (although the individual face-to-face time will never be replicated in the parks). We come to the princess later for now the emphasis on eating breakfast… so is the food you get at the Breakfast Adventure worth the price?

You definitely get a good amount of food for your bucks! There’s a sweet and bread course waiting for you as you are seated, closely followed by hot drinks, mimosas for the adults, and soft drinks for the kids.

Starter Course

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

The starter course is a selection of appetizers including chia and granola parfait with mango, kiwi, and coconut; ham and cheese sandwiches with cranberry cream cheese, and lobster salad crostini. Kids can ask for mini hot dogs, made on request. Savoury is balanced out with a small selection of Sweet appetizers, including Princess Tiana’s world-famous Beignets! The appetizers are satisfyingly filling and more-ish and you still have 2 more courses to go!

Main Course

What you have to eat for your main course at the Breakfast is entirely up to you as the buffet is open for you to choose from and visit as many times as you wish. Items on the buffet include house-made mac ‘n’ cheese, barbecue beef sliders, scrambled eggs, artisan turkey sausages, vegetables, and a rotating selection of meats, such as roasted pork belly and braised short ribs! And don’t forget the highlight of the buffet: Mickey-shaped Waffles! If that is not enough food to choose from: when you return to your table there will be a side of freshly cut fires to accompany your main course.

There is so much food to choose from the buffet, you will be spoilt for choice for your main breakfast items and there is more than enough to fill you up. But don’t go overboard, your dessert course still awaits you!


Not wanting to leave you hungry (doubtful after the 1st 2 courses), the end of your Princess Breakfast meal is a not-so-small taste of what Disney does best: sugar! The selection of mini desserts includes chocolate princess cake pops, petite raspberry tarts, seashell macarons, and sorbet. They are all perfectly bite-sized, not to overwhelm you after all the food you have previously consumed but we still found it a struggle to finish the Dessert selection.

So it’s easy to say that you get a good amount of food for your money at the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure. So much so, you will not walk away hungry (at least until you get a craving for another Disney-shaped snack a couple of hours later!).

The food is also a lot fancier than you would get at your local I-HOP, Denny’s, or regular Dinsey Buffet. Disney chefs have expertly created a magically delectable feast with unique breakfast items you would not get every day. Yes, there are the usual breakfast items available for selection at the Buffet but the food served for the Starters and Desserts is a set menu, with only a few alterations available for kids.

This ultimately leads to the most important question of all when booking any food reservation: Do I like the menu? Will I/ they eat the food available? Because if you or the people and kids you are accompanying you to the Disney Princess Breakfast DON’T like the sound of the food served then no, the food is NOT going to be worth the price.

It doesn’t matter how much food you are given, if anyone in your party is not going to eat the food then the Price of the Breakfast will be a waste and the Princess breakfast Adventure will unfortunately not be worth the price. This is of course a very personal issue and only you will know if you like the sound of the food available or if your kids will. As with most of Disney’s pricing structures, there is no cheaper price for Children at the meal compared to adults. Adults and Kids get pretty much the same items of food on offer and also get a similar amount. The Kid’s selection of Starters and Desserts did not look smaller in size than the adults!

The only exception to this would be the Main Course Buffet, where you can pick what you like and take as much or as little to suit your taste buds and appetites. However, $125 for a few buffet items is a lot of money if you are not a fan of the other food available, or if all your kids will eat are the Mickey Waffles, so it’s important to consider your food likings and tastes before booking the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure.

Honestly, there are very few Children who could really appreciate the menu on offer here. The offerings are really high end and many adults will struggle with some of the dishes. For kids, $125 is never going to be good value on food alone, and even for adults, $125 is a big ask for breakfast! The closest we can think of is the Afternoon Teas at the Plaza in New York. But then you do have to remember you are at Disneyland, where a Mimosa will cost $15 alone, a Bottle of water is $5, and a cookie can set you back $6 then if you add up all the individual items, it’s probably a steal, but still…

So to answer is the Breakfast worth it for the food alone?… no, and a double no for kids! This leads us back to the experience. This is Princess Dining, and it’s time to look at the Princesses.

How will I meet the Princesses?

Ok, so now we have reviewed the breakfast food available, it’s now time to focus on the other most important part of this Breakfast Adventure: The Princesses!

You will meet between 5- 6 Princesses during your Breakfast Adventure at Napa Rose Restaurant. We met Princesses Tiana, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Belle, Aurora and Rapunzel. However, different Princesses attend the Breakfast Adventure on different days and unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who will be attending. The breakfast duration is between 1.5 hours and 2 hours and with good reason! As we have mentioned before, Disney Dining is all about the experience and no good experience wants to feel rushed.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I always feel pressured when doing Character meet and greets as I am so aware of the big queues of many people waiting to meet their favorite character too. At the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure, there is no pressure or rushed atmosphere, allowing you to leisurely enjoy your food and meet the Princesses when you are ready.

As the restaurant is limited with how many tables they have inside, there is also no big queue to meet the Princesses and in turn, you don’t feel rushed during your interaction with them. we found that the Princesses spent time tailoring each guest’s experience to make it personal to them, and took loads of photos and signed autograph books. You just cannot get this amount of face time with princesses elsewhere.

Meet and Greet Experience

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Tiana

When you arrive, the host seats you in a waiting area and lets you know if any princesses have arrived yet to meet. We met Tiana before we sat at our Table. There was no queue, she was there waiting to greet us and told us she had been up early making Beignets for the breakfast!

Once we were seated at our Table, our server took our drinks order and brought us our Mimosas. Our server explained that she will let us know when the Princesses arrived and when it was our turn to meet them, in between our food courses.

Before our starter arrived, we met Princess Jasmine and Princess Aurora. Again, there was no queue for the meet and greets and the experience did not feel rushed. Both Princesses took the time to ask us about our trip and complimented my dress.

After we had enjoyed the selection of appetizers for our Starter, we were told we could meet more Princesses and take our time to enjoy the buffet. Before we headed to get food from the Buffet, we met Princess Belle and Pocahontas.

Once we had eaten all we could from the Buffet, our server told us that Princess Rapunzel had arrived and it was our turn to go and meet her. For the first time, there was a slight wait to meet the Princess, with 2 other Guests in front of us. The wait time was no more than 5 minutes and gave us time to digest our food while we waited (The dessert course was still to come!). I had themed my outfit for the Princess Breakfast Adventure on Rapunzel and princess rapunzel took time to compliment my outfit. She was very friendly and loved the flowers in my hair and my Tangled Loungefly Cross bag with the mini Pascal Zip. As with all the other meet and greets, we took lots of photos, which Rapunzel was happy to oblige.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Rapunzel

There was also a Disney Photographer with rapunzel and the shots they took were included in the Breakfast and available as a digital download via the Disneyland App.

After meeting Princess Rapunzel, the server came over to check we have met all 6 Princesses that were at the Breakfast. We finished our Dessert course and the Server came with the check and Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure Gift Bag with a badge and postcard signed by other Princesses who were not at the Breakfast. The little girl who sat at the table next to us also received a Princess Necklace.

Now without being too gender specific, on the whole, but subject to any requests, young girls receive the necklace keepsake while any boys in the party can choose a Sword and Sheild playset instead.

Is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures just for Kids?

If you are an Adult Disney fan without Kids reading this and wondering if you can go to the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure without a Kid in tow then the answer is a big YES!!

Admittedly, there were only a handful of other couples at the Restaurant without Kids on the morning we went. But we never felt the odd ones out and here are a few reasons why:

The servers and restaurant staff treated us just like any other Guests who had booked the experience. They were friendly, and welcoming and made sure we had a magical dining experience just like all the other guests, old or young! And as we were paying for the same experience, there really shouldn’t be a reason why we were not given the same treatment as those with Kids.

The Napa Rose Restaurant at the Grand Californian Hotel is one of Disneyland’s top-rated restaurants and dining at any other time of the day is actually aimed at Adults. There are also only so many dining experiences you can fit into one Disney trip so booking the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure means you still get to dine in the beautiful Napa Rose Restaurant and sample some of their chef’s finest foods, and you can do this without a park reservation.

But probably the biggest reason why Adults are so welcome at the Princess Breakfast Adventure is that you are at DISNEY!!!! Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth and you don’t get that title without welcoming each and every Guest, making their trip utterly magical whatever their age. There is no judgment at Disney and while there were not that many childless couples at the actual Breakfast: we saw loads in the Parks.

I wanted to dress up for my trip to the Princess Breakfast and the staff and Princesses all complimented my outfit, again never feeling out of place or uncomfortable. All the Princesses interacted with me and spent as much time on my meet and greet as they did with younger guests (well at least). Disneyland is the ultimate Fantasyland where you can truly lose yourself in the magic at any age in any way you want so rest assured you will enjoy yourselves!

What About Taking Boys To The Princess Breakfast?

First up, this is a really subjective question and little boys are as varied in their tastes as little girls, It’s a huge spectrum and while there will be some boys out there who would love the experience, there are some who would really not find much at all to enjoy at all, and there are probably a good handful of girls that would hate it too! So we will try not to get hung up on gender but focus on interests.

Basically, if your child has little interest in meeting princesses, then this is a pretty poor experience. For kids, the food really isn’t going to justify the cost. Most kids that age would not appreciate a chia and granola parfait with mango or Lobster Salad Crostini unless you have a budding Michelin Chef in the making, so they are going to focus on the Mickey Waffles and dessert platter.

Sure they will be able to indulge like there is no tomorrow which is always fun, but $125 is hard to justify for even the heartiest appetites. The value comes from the face time your little ones get with the princesses and if your kid is more into Star Wars, Space Mountain, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, getting to meet a real princess is probably pretty lame.

If this is the case, then we really don’t advise you to drag them along unless absolutely necessary. They will hate it, cost an extra $125, and probably ruin it for everyone else. This is definitely a time for splitting the parenting duties up, one parent goes to the magical Princess breakfast, and one does something more rugged!

If that is not possible. Then it’s a judgment call. How important is it to the child that wants to do it vs the cost and the inconvenience to the one that doesn’t? You can always use blackmail to elicit good behavior, offering an alternate experience to them if they behave for their sibling! But there is no getting over the added cost of an experience they will not enjoy. As always focus on the positives and get them to really enjoy and explore the Buffet, and their new toy.

Of course, it’s important to remember from Disneyland’s perspective, EVERYONE is welcome. Also, remember the Princesses are REALLY great and can pick up really well on vibes and will make everyone feel included and involved as possible. They may not particularly like princesses, but they will still like meeting a charming and affable character as we all do!

Overall Review: Is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure worth it?

Grand Californian Disneyland

This is the ultimate question when booking any experience in life. Without it, we wouldn’t do so much research before making a decision! Even if money is no issue, time constraints mean you do have to pick your experiences on your Disney trip carefully and prioritize what is worth the most to you.

So is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure worth it? We would absolutely say YES!…with a few caveats.

While the Price is more than you would ever pay for breakfast on a normal day, we considered the food to be on par with some of the best-rated breakfast Buffets in Vegas or as we mentioned an afternoon tea at the Plaza! The Buffet main course might not have such a large selection as other buffets but the quality and presentation are comparable. Obviously, everyone’s food tastes are different but we really enjoyed the sample of Napa Roses’ food on offer, but fussier eaters may not be as overjoyed, and if you are stuck with the basics like Waffles and pancakes it may feel like poor value.

As well as enjoying the food, we really enjoyed the overall dining experience and it was our Favourite dining experience of our whole Disneyland Trip. Because at Disneyland, dining is not just about eating it’s all about the magic! Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure is no ordinary breakfast meal, where else can you have a 3-course breakfast and meet Princesses in between courses?! Only at Disneyland, and that alone makes it worth it! You really can’t put a Price on Magic (although Disney does manage to for every sprinkle of pixie dust!)

For us the Acid test is always, did we regret or resent the price tag we paid? And we can say absolutely not! Certainly, when compared to other Disney experiences you get an awful lot for your money here. Other attractions such as the Lightsaber Ceromnay, or the Droid station, or even a meal at the Blue Bayou, all feel a lot more savage on your wallet than this!

Have Your Say

Have you been to the Disney Princess Breakfast adventures? What did you make of the experience? How did you find the dining? What princesses did you meet? How did your little ones find it? Or did you go alone as we did? Whatever your thoughts on the Breakfast just fire away in the comments and if you have any questions we would love to hear from you.

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