Where To Celebrate The 4th Of July? – The 13 Best Cities To Celebrate 4th July in the USA

4th July New York Fireworks header

For many, the 4th of July is all about spending time with family and just enjoying a BBQ or local party before heading to a small local fireworks show, or maybe holding their own Fireworks display at home. This is of course perfectly fine, but from time to time it’s good to do something different … Read more

Where To Stay At The Grand Canyon South Rim – The Best Places to Stay at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Header

One of the World’s Severn Natural Wonders the Grand Canyon is one of America’s most visited National Parks and a real National Treasure. One of the Canyons’ defining qualities is its sheer size, it is also not really near anywhere and is a remote and wild place. This all means visiting it in a single … Read more

Where is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona? – Guide to Visting Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon

Where is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

One of the most iconic images of the Grand Canyon is the Horseshoe Bend. The Sheer Canyon walls, the tight hairpin bend, and the almost unreal green waters of the Colorado River make this one of the canyon’s most striking locations. However let’s be correct right from the start, this is NOT part of the … Read more

Visiting Antelope Canyon Arizona – Which Antelope Canyon Tour is Best!

Visiting Antelope Canyon Arizona

Antelope Canyon is one of those places that crop up everywhere. Screen Savers, Background images, corporate art, TV interludes. It is a place so utterly stunning, its images are used everywhere. Most people assume it’s some remote hidden location miles from anywhere and untouched by man. But this is far from the reality, the Slot … Read more

Driving Death Valley From Las Vegas – A Day Trip into the Scorching Desert!

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Death Valley is one of those places most people have heard about since being very young. Even its name produces strong emotions and it’s high up on a lot of people’s must-visit places. Las Vegas is conveniently located quite near to the barren wasteland and people often consider combining a tour of the Valley with their … Read more

Best Grand Canyon Road Trip – How To Plan The Ultimate Road Trip Around The Grand Canyon

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In our Best Way to Visit the Grand Canyon post, we look at all the different ways you can experience the Grand Canyon. The one that stands out, above all, is a Road Trip Around the Canyon Rim! While this is not for everyone, as it takes a considerable amount of time, 3+ days are … Read more

Grand Canyon West Rim vs South Rim – Our Grand Canyon Comparison

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When most people decide they are going to visit the Grand Canyon they are not actually aware of just how enormous the Canyon actually is. They are also unaware that due to its enormous size, there are different and distinct parts of the Canyon, and choosing the right part of the canyon is crucial to … Read more