11 Great Packing Tips and Tricks – Our Guide to Packing for Long Haul Flights and Adventures!

Roadtrip Header

Packing is a pain. It is one of the least enjoyable and most stressful parts of flying. Have you got everything? Are you under the weight limit? Will the airline lose your bag? Urgh. It’s enough to make you stay at home…almost. Having traveled all over the US seemingly hundreds of times over the last … Read more

Visiting Antelope Canyon Arizona – Which Antelope Canyon Tour is Best!

Visiting Antelope Canyon Arizona

Antelope Canyon is one of those places that crops up everywhere. Screen Savers, Background images, corporate art, TV interludes. It is a place so utterly stunning, its images are used everywhere. Most people assume it’s some remote hidden location miles from anywhere and untouched by man. But this is far from the reality, the Slot … Read more

Day 15 – San Diego Go Pass Hands-On Review Day 3 – SpeedBoat Tour – USS Midway Museum – Bay Cruise – La Jolla

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Our last day in San Diego and our last full day of the trip. So were we planning on taking it easy and getting ready for the long trip home…not a chance! We were going to load up on Go Pass Attractions and see as much of the City as we could in the remaining … Read more

Day 12 – San Diego – La Jolla Scuba Diving – San Diego Wine Tasting – Big Beers!

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So Today was to be a relaxed day following our pretty epic whirlwind road trip. Relaxed for me means a morning spent diving the Cold Water Kelp forests of La Jolla Obviously! Although for once Kate did actually get a genuinely relaxed morning, just pottering around the hotel organizing a few things and so on. … Read more