Where To Stay At The Grand Canyon South Rim – The Best Places to Stay at the Grand Canyon

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One of the Worlds Severn Natural Wonders the Grand Canyon is one of America’s most visited National Parks and a real National Treasure. One of the Canyons defining Qualities is its sheer size, it is also not really near anywhere and is a remote and wild place. This all means visiting it in a single … Read more

Best Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas – Are Las Vegas Helicopter tours worth it?

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Anyone who spends anytime outside in Las Vegas will notice one thing very quickly and that is the huge amount of helicopter traffic. Some of that is High Rollers and Celebs flying in, some are News and Traffic helicopters taking an aerial view of the city, but most, a huge majority are tourist sightseeing flights, … Read more

Visiting The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas – The Best Way To Visit The Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon needs little introduction, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, US National Park and National Monument, and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, we all know the Grand Cayon is a very special place full of awe and wonder. It s also very high up on most people’s to-do lists when … Read more

Best Way to Visit the Grand Canyon – How to get to the Grand Canyon National Park

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So you have finally decided you are going to relive that childhood itch and finally visit the Grand Canyon, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Good Choice. But the practicalities of visiting this amazing site are quite daunting, The gigantic geological Feature is over 277 miles … Read more

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit The Grand Canyon? – Grand Canyon Seasonal Weather Conditions

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The Grand Canyon is a truly stunning natural wonder. Carved into the Colorado Plateau by the powerful Colorado river the UNESCO World heritage site draws in around 6 million visitors every year. Weather is a hugely important consideration when planning your trip to the Canyon, but most people are not really aware of the immense … Read more

Grand Canyon National Park Guide – How to Visit the Grand Canyon National Park

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The Grand Canyon National Park is America’s most famous National Parks and one of the countries most famous landmarks. The UNESCO World Heritage site one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world the accolades keep piling up. So while the Canyon needs little introduction the realities of actually visiting the place are a little … Read more

10 Best Hiking Trails In Zion National Park – Hiking in Zion Canyon

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Zion canyon is fast becoming one of America’s most visited National Parks. This once-hidden gem is filled with stunning natural vistas, bright canyons filled with stunning vivid color, and amazing, and really unique, hikes. Couple this with the fact it is just a few hours drive from Las Vegas and part of Utah’s amazing Big … Read more

Best Grand Canyon Road Trip – How To Plan The Ultimate Road Trip Around The Grand Canyon

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In our Best Way to Visit the Grand Canyon post, we look at al the different ways you can experience the Grand Canyon. The one that stands out, above all, is a Road Trip Around the Canyon Rim! While this is not for everyone, as it takes a considerable amount of time, 3+days it is … Read more

Where is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona? – Guide to Visting Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon

Where is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

One of the most iconic images of the Grand Canyon is the Horsehoe Bend. The Sheer Canyon walls, the tight hairpin bend, and the almost unreal green waters of the Colorado River make this one of the canyons most Striking locations. However let’s be correct right from the start, this is NOT part of the … Read more