Best Zip Line in Las Vegas – Guide to Zip Lining in Las Vegas!

Zip Lining is fast becoming a major pastime in the US, Thousands of Ziplining companies are opening up across the country and people from all ages and walks of life are eager to try out this ever-popular and Accessible adventure sport. As ever Vegas has been quick to get in on the act and several Zip Lines have opened up all over the City, all with their own unique selling points.

We take a look at all your options to help you find the Best Zip Line in Las Vegas. We look at what makes each Zipline unique, heights, speeds, cost, and how scary they are, as well as taking a quick look a the basics to see if Ziplining is for you! All in our Guide to Zip-Lining in Las Vegas

Best Zip Line in Las Vegas

What is Ziplining?

We know most people already know this so let’s keep it brief. Ziplining is the activity of sliding down a fixed wire attached via a pulley to your harness suspended below. With the cable on a slope, gravity propels the rider down the cable at fast speeds giving the sense of flying as you pass over whatever drop is below you. This has been a staple of playgrounds and Army Assault courses for decades, but in recent years these experiences have become commercialized, mainstream, and more extreme. No longer are these just a few feet from the ground, at little over walking pace, these lines are now stung hundreds of feet in the air, between buildings, over canyons, and along busy streets. They hit speeds of 100+mph (although the fastest in Vegas is 40mph) and can cost $100’s to ride.

The Appeal is the combination of relative safety, smooth operation, and easy access combined with the real sense of danger, thrill, and exposure to heights. The Drops below are literal at your feet, you are secure but also free, and there is none of the violent jarring and jerking you can get from roller coasters. This makes the activity really accessible, it is “extreme” without being too extreme. Making Ziplining the perfect way to dip your toe into adventure sports.

Who is Zip lining for?


Literally anyone. We have queued up with people from all walks of life and ages. You might expect the Zipkines to be full of 20-something thrill-seekers but the truth is literally anyone can ride a Zipline and enjoy the experience, and many people you would least expect do just that. One of the most populous demographics riding in Vegas is the 60+ ladies!

There are a couple of exceptions. Most Lines have weight and height limits, although most ignore age other than being accompanied. Minimum heights and weights ensure harness fit and are secure. The Maximum limits are actually for the same reason. It is not because the Zipline might fail with a heavy person, the tolerances are orders of magnitude above the heaviest person, The tensile strengths are well into the tonnes! But larger people are just not going to fit the harness properly and this goes for tall as well as tubby.

There is also a large list of health concerns that are excluded too, but these are largely based on liability reasons than any real risk. All the Ziplines in Las Vegas are really smooth with almost no violent jerks, even the landings are really soft, so back injuries and things like that are of no real concern, but of course, you are the best judge of what you can and can’t do. Same with heart conditions, apart from the Voodoo and Skyjump these are not heart-pumping activities and are really sedate, so unless your condition is serious, the risk is minimal, but it is YOUR risk, we obviously advise reading all the exclusions and warnings on every activity and making your own decisions.

But the takeaway is Ziplining on the whole is far less strenuous or risky activity than riding a roller coaster. We have come away from some Coasters in Agony, compared to the cloud-like ride of Ziplines there is no comparison!

Are They Scary?

We find the fear of Ziplines, on the whole, is the fear of anticipation. While you are waiting aloft the towers, getting hooked up, the fear is very real. You don’t know what to expect, The drop is looming and the heart rates can creep up. A definite feeling of “what the heck have I let myself in for” creeps in and you start wishing you were back at the slot machines.

But 99% of the time this vanishes once the line is released, once out over the drop, safe and secure in your harness you realize, this is just FUN! You look around, take in the setting, and just start loving the feeling of flying. Unfortunately not for too long as these rides are pretty short, especially for the money you paid!

But there are a couple of subsets that will have issues. The first group are just not the type of people who would like to do this. Things like this are just not for them. They are the ones who at the bottom look up, see the other riders and just think “Nope”. That’s fine, they are not reading this and are not considering riding anyway.

The other group is those with severe fear of heights. Really No one has a fear of heights, it is a fear of exposure to heights. Unfortunately, the news isn’t good here as the exposure is enormous. You literally have the drop right at your feet. Even being up on the towers can be a nerve-rattling experience for those with height sensitivity.

The only exception is if you have that fear but are determined to overcome it. Then Zip Lines are perfect as you don’t have to do anything. The crews kit you up and attach you to the lines, you just sit or lie there and wait for them to release you. It’s a great way to get a lot of exposure, and safety without you making the critical moves.

However, for most people The Ziplines are not too scary, It is all about the anticipation, but this only adds to the thrill when finally out on the line, then all those good brain chemicals kick in and you are left with nothing but a huge grin and an expensive souvenir photo!

Best Zip Line in Las Vegas?

Finally, let’s take a look at your options in Las Vegas. There are only limited options and all are good, they each have their unique features, and choosing which to ride is not easy, so we run you through them all and show you which is the best, and more importantly which might suit you the best.

1- Slotzilla – Fremont Street

Slotzilla Fremont Street
Slotzilla Zip Line by Raul Jusinto on CC2.0
  • LocationFremont Street Downtown
  • Type – Zip-Line
  • Height / Length – 114ft / 1750ft (Zoomline)
  • Speed – up to 40MPH
  • Duration – 30 Mins Total – 50 Seconds Ride (Zoomline)
  • Height and Weight Restrictions – 80 Inches and 80lbs – 300lbs (36kg – 136kg)  (50lb/22kg minimum for Lower Zipline)
  • Average Queue Time – 0 Mins
  • Cost $54 -$74
  • Can I film Myself? – No – Paid options only – $
  • Additional Info – Original and unique Zipline Experience

Slotzilla, situated on Fremont Street, Downtown was Las Vegas’s first Zipline. This Colossal installation launches riders Superman Style down 1750ft, 5 block Zipline careening under the Fremont Street Canopy up to 40mph over the crowds of people lining The Fremont Street nightly open-air party.

There are two options at Slotzilla, the lower Seated Zipline or the upper “Zoomline” hat launches riders Superman-style, priced accordingly.

  • Lower ZipLine – Seated – $54
  • Upper ZoomLine – Superman – $74

The Lower Line is a bit of a flop. Suited to people who just can’t quite pluck up the courage for the mainline, but really at only 77ft tall and only running for 800 feet halfway down the street, it’s definitely a baby option. While the 77ft feels pretty high, in reality, the whole experience is a bit timid, and if you can handle ziplining from 77ft, you should be fine on the adult slope! Really only consider this if you just can’t possibly handle the upper line. If you are in any way debating it, go for the Zoomline! Also, the FLY LINQ lies somewhere in between the two so maybe consider that over the Lower Slotzilla line?

At 114 ft the main Zoomline is the real deal. Riders are strapped in superman style, giving a real sense of flying. You are strapped in before the front of the giant replica slot machine opens up revealing the true extent of what awaits you. You are then released and pick up speed really fast. The ride is not launched but it almost feels like it due to the angle. This is needed to get you down and under the canopy. Once up to speed riders soar above the crowds at up to 40mph which feels a whole lot faster than it sounds when suspended from a wire dangling over concrete.

The combination of high speed, large crowds, and dazzling light show above you makes this a really fantastic, thrilling, and unique experience.

In fact, there are only two major drawbacks. One is the location. Being off-strip makes it awkward to get to, however, we LOVE Fremont street and recommend everyone head there at least once, so you can easily make this part of a Fremont Street outing and take in the old-school casino’s, The Mob Museum, Neon Museum, and just enjoy the outdoor part atmosphere.

The other downside is the price! it is, far and away, the most expensive of Las Vegas’s Ziplines and while it is still the best, that does come at a price. Is it worth 2 rides on the FLY LINQ? we are not sure, but it is definitely the best overall Zipline experience in Las Vegas!


  • LocationThe Linq Promenade, Las Vegas
  • Type – Zip-Line
  • Height / Length – 114 ft / 1100ft+
  • Speed – 35mph
  • Duration – 30Mins Total – 30 Secs Ziplining
  • Height and Weight Restrictions – 41 – 72 Inches – 60lbs – 300lbs (27kg – 136kg) 
  • Average Queue Time – 0 Mins
  • Cost $35 upwards
  • Can I film Myself? – No – Paid options only – $
  • Additional Info – Only Zipline on the Las Vegas Strip

FLY LINQ is the ONLY zip line on the actual strip and this puts it at a real advantage. Located at the Linq Promenade the Zipline runs from the Strip to the foot of the High Roller observation wheel. This gives it a fantastic marketing edge as most visitors to Vegas end up at the promenade at some point or another. There are some great restaurants, the high roller, and a general fun vibe to this little corner of the city. And naturally, as soon as you see people zipping overhead many people start to think “I want a go!”

Prices are the most affordable out of all of Vegas’s Zipline at only $35 for a basic seated ride and from $45 to go Superman. Unlike Slotzila superman and seated use the same lines so there is no huge downgrade in experience if you choose seated. In fact, in some ways, it is better. The Superman position requires a lot more straps and you feel overall a lot more cocooned. The Seated has you dangling from a single wire and you feel a fair bit more exposed.

  • Seated – $21.95 online – $26.00 at the Gate
  • Superman – from $45 – Currently Unavailable
  • Reverse Seated – Currently Unavailable
  • Reverse Superman – Currently Unavailable

Both experiences here are excellent. The only thing to avoid is the reverse position. This is offered as a more extreme experience, but really it’s just worse. There is much more of a thrill actually seeing where you are going than looking back so we just don’t get the reverse option.

The Length of the line falls some way short of the Slotzilla and you don’t quite hit the high speed either. It’s also a lot more open so the speed is a bit less intense, you really feel it just under the canopy of Fremont but in the open spaces of the promenade, you just lose the sense of speed a little. However, the height is the same and overall it’s only just inferior to the Slotzilla.

The Central location and low price really help the FLY LINQ compete with the Slotzilla and you in no way feel you are wimping out o getting a lesser experience on the LINQ. This is a real close second.

We also love the fact this appears on the Go Las Vegas Pass, so you can almost feel you are riding it for free!

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3 – Voodoo Zipline

Voodoo Zipline Rio
  • LocationRio Hotel and Casino
  • Type – Seated Zip-Line
  • Height / Length – 400ft+ / 650ft
  • Speed – 35 Mph
  • Duration – 40 Minutes Total – 1:10 minutes Ride
  • Height and Weight Restrictions – 48+ Inches – 480lbs (217kg) Max Combined (136lbs Max individual) 
  • Average Queue Time – 10-20 Mins – 0 if pre-booked
  • Cost $34
  • Can I film Myself? – No – Paid options only – $
  • Additional Info – High… Really High!

The Voodoo Zipline is, quite simply, terrifying! It only gets number 3 on the list as it is not a true Zipline it is more of a cross between a Zipline and a Cable car. The two-seater ride vehicle is suspended from the cable via a powered drive unit. This means the ride flies you across the abyss one way and then returns you back from whence you came.

Real Ziplines are Gravity powered and one-way, the Voodoo gives you twice the bang for your buck by letting you ride it both ways.

The Scary part is the seating layout. The rather flimsy seating arrangement gives you very little to hold onto, has your feet dangling into the abyss and you are only secured via a single lap belt! this gives the very real feeling you could quite easily fall out.

Compared to the Ziplines above where secure and comforting climbing harnesses are used, this really exposes you to the full extent of the drop… and it is quite a drop at that. Both the FLY LINQ and the Slotzilla clock in at 114 ft. This doesn’t seem a lot really, but when you are perched atop the launch towers it really feels a long way down. Compared to what awaits at the rooftop of the 423ft Masquerade Tower at the RIO, it really is the kiddy slopes.

The Rio’s signature tower has the kind of height that even standing on the rooftop, maybe enjoying a cocktail in the Voodoo Lounge / Nightclub* your legs can feel a bit wobbly, this is a tall and exposed height that lets you feel every ft. The Zipline throws you straight over the side of this with unobstructed drops straight down to ground level!

Riders soar above the grounds of the trio with quite simply stunning views of Las Vegas (unfortunately the best view of the strip is behind you) but only if you are brave enough to look around. Once over at the Ipanema Tower, a good 150 ft lower, reverse gear kicks in and you are dragged back across the drop. Only the return trip is slower allowing more time to peer into the empty space below your feet!

Honestly, we have ridden so many rides, roller coasters, and zip lines, stood atop the tallest buildings, scaled knife-edge ridges, and flown doors off in helicopters, Kate has even been subjected to flying in a light aircraft with ME doing the flying, nothing has really come close to the utter fear the Voodoo Zipline elicited (Actually Vegas has another attraction even worse!). It is a beast of an experience.

*Free same-day entry to the Voodoo Lounge/nightclub is included! Which is handy as you will want a drink after this!

4 – Grand Canyon West Zip-line

Grand Canyon West Zipline
  • LocationGrand Canyon West
  • Type – Zip-Line x2
  • Height / Length – 500ft / 3200ft (combined)
  • Speed – 35-40 Mph
  • Duration – 2-3 Mins (1hout + Total experience)
  • Height and Weight Restrictions – None – 90lbs – 275lbs (40kg – 124kg) 
  • Average Queue Time – 0 Mins
  • Cost $89 Includes entry to Grand Canyon West (required)
  • Can I film Myself? – Yes
  • Additional Info – Two different Ziplines over a Side Canyon

Not technically in Las Vegas but the West rim is known as a Las Vegas Attraction so we are including this, after all, options are pretty limited.

The Grand Canyon West Zipline is a bit of a letdown really. Yes it’s actually the highest, the fasted and gives you two rides across the Canyon, but the promise of Ziplining over the Great Grand Canyon is not really realized by this attraction. Not only is it a side canyon, but it’s also a particularly dull and uninteresting side canyon.

It feels nothing like a GC Ziplining experience should and really we found it disappointing.

The Flipside is, it’s actually quite a good Ziplining experience. If it were anywhere else in the world we would be saying it’s great, but when you head out to the Grand Canyon and are promised Zipling you expect the Canyon to at least resemble the Grand Canyon, this one feels little more than a drainage ditch.

Maybe we are expecting too much and an actual Zipline over the real Canyon is just not possible. The way we look at it is if you are going to Grand Canyon West and want to add a bit extra on and grab a bit of excitement the Zipline is great. If you are heading out here to zipline across the Grand Canyon you are going to be disappointed.

To be fair to them they do not at any point claim to offer Grand Canyon Ziplining and are very clear this is a side canyon, but the Skywalk is also over a side canyon, and some side canyons are dramatic and impressive, this one is a bit of a dud.

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5 – Skyjump

  • LocationThe Stratosphere
  • Type – Vertical Zipline (Ok it’s not a Zipline really)
  • Height / Length – 829 ft / 0ft (combined)
  • Speed – 40 Mph +
  • Duration – 2-3 Mins (1hout + Total experience)
  • Age, Height and Weight Restrictions – 14+ – 52″ – 265lbs (120kg) 
  • Average Queue Time – 0 Mins
  • Cost $129
  • Can I film Myself? – No – Paid options only – $
  • Additional Info – Not a Zipline but a Decelerator Descent Facility.

Ok, Sky jump is not a Zipline really, We are running low on options though and it kind of is a Zipline with a vertical gradient! It is actually a controlled decelerator descent facility, which basically means a jump off a really big building!

The Building in question is the Stratosphere Tower. The tallest building in Vegas, and, in fact, in the western United States, and the jump goes from right up at the top! However, this is not a free-fall plummet, if it were you would top out at somewhere around 120-160 mph before becoming a pavement pizza! Instead, the Skyjump lowers you to the ground at a controlled rate of descent.

This is how the Movies get people to jump off buildings (when not using CGI) and is a really safe way to get down to ground level really quickly but still safely.

However this description may give the illusion of calm, you may feel being gently lowered to the ground sounds quite present. Forget it, this is fear-inducing, a thing of pure terror! The Strat is a seriously high place to be and the very thought of stepping off the edge sets the hair on end.

This is an experience strictly for the early thrill-seekers and bravado gathers! It takes serious kahunas to step off that platform, or a complete disregard for heights that some folks possess. For everyone else expect sweaty palms and racing heartbeats and repeated utterings of “What and I doing”, “I can’t do this” and many many Expletives.

People Baulk at this ALL the time, and the Strat has a no-refund policy for scaredy-cats. They even give you a special certificate called a “Chicken Out Voucher” which can be used by a braver soul at another time.

For those that do step off, this is a fantastic experience. Really it’s like nothing on this earth. You literally plummet down the outside of one of the tallest buildings in America. You really have earned your bragging rights at the bottom!

The Skyjump would be right at the top of our list, but yeah, it’s not really a zipline is it, still a worthy inclusion though!


As you can see there are many options for Ziplines in Las Vegas and for most people just one is more than enough to get the thrill you are looking for. The Skyjump really is something else and is a bit above what most people are after. Again the Voodoo is pretty extreme and not a true Zipline but as a ride experience, it’s pretty cool and definitely deserving of any props you get for riding it.

Slotzilla and FLY LINQ are the two outstanding options and both are well worth looking at, FLY LINQ is great value and really convenient while Slotzilla just about tops it in terms of the overall experience. We doubt you will be disappointed with either so just make your choice and have some fun whatever your age and Adrenaline Sports background.

Have Your Say

Have you ridden any of Las VEgas’s Ziplines? Which do you go for and how did you find it? Let us know your favorite in the comments below and your thoughts on the experience? Also, if you have any questions on Ziplining in Vegas or which Zipline to Choose just fire away in the comments, we love hearing from you!

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