10 Best Hotels in Waikiki 2023 – Finding Your Perfect Waikiki Beach Hotel

Honolulu and Waikiki are the most-visited parts of Hawaii and the first thing that springs to mind when people think of Hawaii. The City is packed with thousands of hotel options from budget to ultra-high-end luxury. So finding somewhere to stay is easy, but finding somewhere perfect is less so. Our 10 Best Hotels in Waikiki guide will take the hassle and guesswork out of it.

We have selected 10 truly stunning hotels, with first-class service and fantastic rooms and amenities. But we haven’t just plumped for the poshest and most expensive places we have a whole range of budgets and locations in the City along with styles of lodging so you can definitely find somewhere perfect for your stay in Waikiki. However…

10 Best Hotels in Waikiki 2023

Are You Sure You Want to stay in Waikiki?

Waikiki is a very special and unique City but we find a lot of people are disappointed. They come to Hawaii for the incredible tropical paradise the islands promote. But Waikiki, at times, can feel a million miles away from that ideal. It feels a lot more like a large US City plonked right in the middle of a tropical paradise.

That is because it is a large US City plonked right in the middle of a Tropical Paradise. This has its perks. Waikiki is a really wonderful part of Honolulu and we love it, but it’s just not the paradise many envisage when heading to Hawaii.

If you want Shops, Restaurants, fantastic hotels, and gorgeous beaches then Waikiki is perfect, but it’s not the remote escape you may have imagined. We think the best bet is to try it out for yourself. Hawaii is perfect for a multi-base holiday and a few nights in Honolulu is an essential part of any Hawaii Trip. It’s just we advise getting out and seeing other parts of Oahu, or even better other islands. It’s not essential though Waikiki does suit some with its mix of Tropical Beauty and built-up metropolis.

So whether you want to spend your entire trip here but head out and explore or just maybe bookend your Island hopping in the big city, Getting the Right hotel is essential.

Waikiki Hotel Prices

Waikiki is not a cheap place to stay. In fact, Hawaii as a whole is a terribly expensive getaway. Anything under $200 a night anywhere on the island chain is considered Budget accommodation. If you were to look into property prices it would become quite clear why.

The Prices we listed are the basic rates. It is quite possible to find better deals at quiet times or if booking well in advance, however, it is also quite possible to pay a lot more at peak times. Hotel prices are a live market so it’s impossible to give accurate prices as we obviously don’t know your travel dates. We have however given links to a booking site so you can check your dates and get an exact price.

We have included Hotels on our list to vary a huge range of budgets from top-notch budget choices to ultra-high-end luxury so we are sure there will be something for everyone. But as we say even the cheapest hotel is not exactly cheap! But rest assured there are no flea pits listed on our list!

10 – Aston Waikiki Beach Tower

Aston Waikiki Beach Tower
  • Location – Waikiki Beach
  • 5 Star
  • Price – $700+ per Night One Bedroom Suite
  • Pros – All Suites, Ultra-Luxury, Stunning Views.
  • Cons – Very Expensive! Lower levels have partially obstructed views.
  • Our Rating – 3.5/5

Slap bang in the middle of Waikiki and right on the beach the Aston Waikiki Beach Tower is one of the tallest towers in the Waikiki Area. As such views from the suites on the higher floors are simply staggering.

The rooms could be terrible run-down slums and this would still be a good hotel simply due to the views offered from each of the oceanfront Lanai’s. Sipping your morning coffee with extensive views of the stunning blue ocean is a thing of wonder. As is sipping champagne as the sun slips over the horizon at the end of the day.

The Rooms, however, are anything but slums. These are luxury-appointed one and two-bedroom suites with a full kitchen, fantastic Bathrooms, and high-end fixtures and fittings. They are really plush and like living in your own luxury apartment. The Hotel grounds, amenities, and common areas continue this theme.

Is there a downside? yes. It is frighteningly expensive. The Priciest on our list. Yes, you get a fantastically well-appointed Condo that could sleep 4-6 people in the one and two-bedroom suites, with stunning views, but $700+ a night is a lot of money.

9 – Halekulani Hotel

Halekulani Hotel
  • Location – Waikiki Beach
  • 5 Star
  • Price – $500+ per Night ($700+ or Oceanfront)
  • Pros – Beachfront, Amazing pool, extensive amenities.
  • Cons – Expensive, Overlooked
  • Our Rating – 4/5

A stunning upmarket resort right in the heart of Waikiki. Prices are high here but this is resort living where every whim can be catered for. This is a prime Wedding hotel that caters to wedding parties and romantic couples. Perfect for a honeymoon or for putting up your wedding guests.

The oceanfront property is quite low-rise for Waikiki seafront which is a nice thing… or would be if it were not surrounded by high-rise buildings. But the property manages to retain the feel of being slightly less built up as the aspect overlooks the Waikiki bay.

Rooms are super high-end and luxuriously appointed. With large Lanai’s that overlooks the bay. It really is a wonderful place to be. With 3 restaurants, French, Seafood, casual dining, a wonderful spa, and an exquisite pool area, there really is no need to leave the resort. Of course, you should as there is so much to see and do, but you certainly don’t need to.

8 – The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach

Ritz Carlton waikiki
  • Location – Waikiki
  • 5 Star
  • Price – $420+ per Night
  • Pros – Stunning Brand New Hotel, Residential Living. Great Amenities
  • Cons – Expensive, Not Ocean Front, Top Class Service.
  • Our Rating – 4.2/5

If you take a look at our location map and switch to Satellite view, all you will see is a building site. Don’t worry, the hotel is there, it’s just so shiny brand new that Google hasn’t caught up yet!

This Brand Spanking new hotel is dripping in luxury. The building is part hotel part residence so you will be experiencing Island living, and very high-end island living at that. Even basic rooms have a kitchen and balcony with an ocean view and access to all the on-site amenities.

The Location is a little off-putting but the high-rise nature still provides stunning views of the ocean, it’s just a little further away than the oceanfront hotels. Prices are on the high side but you do get a lot for your money.

7 – The SurfJack Hotel and Swim Club

Surfjack Waikiki
  • Location – Waikiki
  • 4 Star
  • Price – $180+ per Night
  • Pros – Exceptional breakfast, budget-friendly, Friendly Staff.
  • Cons – A bit rustic, poor location,
  • Our Rating – 4/5

Ok, a bit of a change of scene here. The Surfjack is everything the Hilton isn’t. It is a small and trendy Surf-style boutique hotel. Expect a friendly Aloha welcome and bright modern rooms in a really trendy boutique style.

The Location is probably the worst on our list, but it really not a problem. The world-famous Waikiki Beach is only a 5 min walk and every imaginable shop and restaurant is only minutes away. Downtown Waikiki is very small so even the worst-located hotels are still great.

Surfjack gets on the list because the staff makes the hotel such a great place to be it feels modern airy and welcoming and it is far more budget-friendly than most hotels on the list. As such do not expect the luxury trappings of the high-end hotels

6 – Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations

The Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton
  • Location – Waikiki
  • 4 Star
  • Price – $320 per Night
  • Pros – Stunning Pool Deck, Real Luxury at lower Pricepoint.
  • Cons – City Location.
  • Our Rating – 4.3/5

The Hokulani offers guests a very upmarket experience at a much more manageable price point than many of the high-end hotels. We certainly can’t call it cheap but for the level of hotel you are getting, it’s a very good price point.

The rooftop Sun deck is fantastic offering stunning views of the city and coast. The pool itself is a bit poor and just used to cool off. Most Pools in Waikiki are pretty small and useless, but then you have the incredibly warm silky waters of the Pacific if you actually want to swim!

The location is not quite beachfront which is a shame but it’s a really short stroll away and this put the hotel slap bang in the middle of everything. Right on Kalakaua drive with its endless restaurants and high-end shops.

Rooms are large with a Kitchenette area and all suites. You will only get a City or garden view though, which is always a shame. But this much luxury at this price point makes up for it.

5 – Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

Outrigger Reef on the Beach Waikiki
  • Location – Waikiki Beach
  • 4 Star
  • Price – $205 per Night ($350+ Oceanfront)
  • Pros – Traditional Themed but modern Beachfront hotel.
  • Cons – A bit cold and corporate
  • Our Rating – 4.4/5

We do have a bit of a soft spot for this Hotel, it was our first Hawaii Hotel and our initial honeymoon stop. As such, it will always have fond memories for us. Sipping Champagne (Complimentary) on the Lanai watching Turtles and the sun setting on our first few nights in Hawaii.

But the truth is it is a very good hotel and in an absolutely stunning position. Right on the beach, it is literally steps from the elevator to the sand. There are several restaurants including a fantastic poolside grill that serves excellent Moco Loco. The Happy Hour is also excellent and the Mai Tais are some of the best on the Island. And there is an in-house Starbucks.

There is very little not to like, it can feel a little soulless in the lobbies and a bit too “Chain-hotel-like” but we are being picky it is a wonderfully located hotel with a great pool, excellent rooms, and fantastic amenities. Everything in Waikiki is a minute’s stroll away and it really sums up the Waikiki experience. on top of this, it is very keenly priced as well.

4 – Hotel LaCroix Waikiki

Hotel LaCroix
  • Location – Waikiki
  • 4 Star
  • Price – $150+ per Night
  • Pros – Budget Hotel with first-class service.
  • Cons – Not Beach Front.
  • Our Rating – 4.5/5

This is probably the best value hotel you are going to find in the City. Despite not being beachfront it is fantastically located, as the walk to the beach takes you through the green spaces of Ainahua Triangle and Fort Derussy Beach Park, rather than the usual concrete jungle from most city hotels. This green space also means the views are still beautiful even though it is not on the front.

Due to the Price, the rooms are not as plush or well equipped as some hotels on our list but this is made up for by the great staff and the Aloha spirit you will receive.

the Setting on Kalakaua Av puts you right in the heart of the city with everything right on your doorstep. For the money, this really is a top-class place to stay, and could still make the list at 2x the price.

3 – The Kahala Hotel and Resort

  • Location – Kahala Beach
  • 5 Star
  • Price – $500 per Night
  • Pros – Not technically in Waikiki. Luxury resort on a semi-private beach.
  • Cons – Not Technically in Waikiki
  • Our Rating – 4.8/5

Yeah, we used the same “Not technically in Waikiki ” Phrase in both the pros and cons but that is because it really is both depending on your viewpoint. This list is about Waikiki Hotels so having one that is not in Waikiki is a bit awkward. It is, however, a staggering hotel, and it’s close enough that you can easily get to and from the city to take advantage of the incredible shopping, dining, and amenities the City has to offer. But still far enough away that you can escape.

The Hotel is set on its own beach in the shadow of the impressive Diamond head. All beaches in Hawaii are Public by law and there is nothing stopping anyone from using the Kahala beach. But access is tricky there is a public beach just as nice next door and a lot of people think it is private so kind of by De facto it’s Private, almost everyone on the beach will be guests. It might as well be private. But remember it’s not, so you still have to be aware of your belongings.

The location is really wonderful. It’s all low-rise (apart from the hotel itself) and feels a million miles away from the metropolis that is just around the corner. This is far more like the Hawaii of your imagination. There is a reef just offshore so swimming in the ocean is a calm and protected experience. and the Hotel even provides Snorkelling gear

This is a resort hotel and everything you could possibly wish for is provided by the hotel, at a cost. A Fabulous pool, restaurants and Spa, it’s all here. But you still should venture away from the resort to really get to know the island properly.

2 – Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head

Lotus Honolulu
  • Location – Diamond head beach
  • 4 Star
  • Price – $250 – $350 per Night
  • Pros – Away from the Hustle and Bustle of Waikiki but Still close enough to walk. Boutique hotel with a relaxed zen feel. Fantastic Staff. Reasonably Priced. Wine Reception.
  • Cons – Quite Basic. No Pool. Not Beachfront
  • Our Rating – 4.8/5

The Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head is a really great, laid-back resort that is set underneath the stunning volcanic crater of Diamond Head. The resort is within walking distance of all the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, giving you access to everything you need, however, it feels a million miles away.

It is the perfect compromise of being close to the City but far enough away that you can forget you are. It isn’t seafront and even though some rooms claim ocean Views they are not oceanfront views. It is less than a minute’s walk from the beach, however. Surrounded by open parkland and ocean on most sides rather than the concrete jungle of most Hotels. it gives a real sense of getting away from it all.

As the Name implies the ambiance of the hotel is relaxed, with eastern tranquility. White walls and linen, light airy rooms, and Oriental Art make for a peaceful relaxing stay. We actually prefer the park view room especially if you get a Diamond head view as the ocean view rooms’ views are a bit spoiled by the residential buildings. between it and the ocean.

To the rear, Diamond Head rears up spectacularly. Perfect for a hike and even to catch a life-changing sunset. However, the Hotel is not in the shade of the head in any way as the sun beams down on the property all day. The Local Beach is Kaimana which is infinitely quieter than Waikiki, which if you have ever visited Waikiki you will know can be really uncomfortably rammed. The hotel also provides loungers for guest use.

The Wine reception is every evening from 5:30-6:30 pm with complimentary wine tastings. This is definitely NOT a happy hour…honest!

Also try The New Otani Kaimana Beach that is in a similar location, cheaper and actually seafront but a bit rougher around the edges. We prefer the Lotus, but the Otani is a close second due to its location.

1 – Prince Waikiki

Prince Waikiki hotel
  • Location – Kahanamoku Lagoon Habor
  • 4 Star
  • Price – $250 per Night
  • Pros – Stunning Hotel, Top rate service, Incredible location
  • Cons – No Lanais.
  • Our Rating – 4.9/5

The Prince Waikiki is a really stunning hotel. The Location while not actually beachfront overlooks the Kahanamoku Lagoon Habor. The Stunning Building rises high above the harbor providing views of the ocean and the bay beyond.

While not beachfront the hotel is a short walk from the Kahanamoku Beach/lagoon, the Ala Moana Beach Park, and the Stunning Magic Island Beach Lagoon. All these are far quieter and more beautiful than Waikiki Beach itself. The Hub of Waikiki Kalakaua Drive is only moments away as well so it is, in fact, one of the best-located hotels of them all. And being down by the harbor is considerably quieter than the busy central hotels.

The Hotel itself is a near-flawless experience. Despite being substantially cheaper than most, and only rated at 4 stars it feels a whole other level to this. The rooms are beautifully decored and the pool deck is a thing of beauty.

Prince Waikiki Pool

The 100 Sails restaurant is sublime, as it’s Sushi restaurant Katsumidori. Service is top-notch and there is really is just very little to fault this hotel. We would try and get a high floor room as some of the views from the lowest rooms are a little disappointing and the lack of Lanai’s in any rooms. We did miss the morning coffee on the Lanai, but the Pool deck and restaurants make up for this somewhat.

Overall this is a 5-Star hotel at 4 Star Prices, with 6 Star levels of service.

Bonus – Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club

ko Olina Beach Club
  • Location – Ko Olina Beach
  • 4 Star
  • Price – $350 per Night
  • Pros – Not in Waikiki
  • Cons – Not in Waikiki
  • Our Rating – 4.5/5

Ok, This is not in Waikiki, but it’s close by, and we just couldn’t resist including a Hotel from outside of the Waikiki Madness. Ko Olina is a stunning part of the island and just the other side of Pearl Harbor from Waikiki. The Marriotts Beach Club is a stunning resort set right on one of Ko Olina’s stunning sandy coves. For beachside resort hotels, the price is pretty reasonable and will provide anyone with that true Hawaiian Paradise getaway.

Have Your Say

Where have you Stayed in Waikiki? Have you tried any of our listed Hotels? What did you think? Have you found a hidden gem no one else has knows about? Or maybe you have had a bad experience? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions or want a recommendation, feel free to drop us a comment too.

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20 thoughts on “10 Best Hotels in Waikiki 2023 – Finding Your Perfect Waikiki Beach Hotel”

  1. Hawaii is right on top of our to-do list and we are planning to head there next year. It is somewhere we have been planning for years and we can’t wait to get it ticked off the list!

    From the hotels you mentioned in your article, are there any family friendly hotels? Are there any attractions for kids?

    • Hi Dany,

      Good choice, Hawaii is proper Bucket list stuff and probably our favorite place in the world.

      Honestly, any of the hotels on our list would be great for families but we would recommend the Hotels with suites over rooms as you can all share the same space rather than individual rooms. So the Aston Tower, Ritz Carlton, the Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton. 

      The Hotel LaCroix, offers a family room and this would work very well as a budget option and is one of our favorites in the city. 

      There are TONS of things for Kids to do in Oahu. From Snorkelling with Turtles to Visiting Jurrasic Park! Even a bit of history and culture is kid friendly with a visit to Pearl Harbour. Check out our articles on things to do on Oahu. 

      Have a Great Trip


  2. I have not made it to Hawaii yet. However I have traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad. To have a site like this is amazing. I wish I had this information available when I was traveling. Knowing where the best hotels are takes a lot of stress out of traveling. I hope to be able to visit Hawaii one day. Are there ever special rates or off season rates on the island?

    • Hi Hans,

      Hope you make it to Hawaii soon, it really is a wonderful place. Sorry, you only just found us, but could be an excuse for another trip to the US and Hawaii?

      Off Season is late March – June, and September – Mid December. Prices quoted are for Offseason base prices, you may find better deals in these season as demand drops, in summer, or the busy winter season prices are likely to rise significantly if you don’t get in early.

      Thanks for reading


  3. Love your post, makes me want to fly away asap. I am in despearte need of a vacation and by looking at the photos on the blog Hawai seem to be the ideal place. I especially love the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort it looks beautiful and still on my budget. I have to stick to a budget becasue from where I live it will take me around 35 hours between flights and layover to get there….I am on the opposite side of the wordl. canary Islands, still I will make the trip, hawai has alwasy been my dream

    • Hi Barbara,

      Yeah, tell us about it. It very hard writing this article without booking flights to return immediately!

      We do love the Outrigger Reef you certainly get a lot for your moeny, and waking up right on the ocean front can’t be beaten!

      We are from the UK so it’s a LONG trek for us two. We break it up and visit other Cities before and after as the 30hours doing it straight almost kills you! 

      But Hawaii is such a fantastic Island chain it really has to be experienced, 

      hope you get to make the trip soon

      P.S we have visited the Canaries plenty of times too and they have a lot in common, both being oceanic Volcanic Island Chains, but Hawaii is just so much greener and lusher than the desert landscapes of the Canaries. 


  4. Wow! Hotel prices are sky high for anything with a beach view. My first trip to Hawaii was to Honolulu nearly 20 years ago. I’d like to go back there. Vacation rentals are popular in many places. Do you know if vacation rentals in Waikiki and Honolulu are a better option for the standard hotel rates? Which are the most popular vacation rental places in that area and how do they compare to the big hotels in terms of location and pricing? 

    • Hi Annette,

      Vacation Rentals are less popular in Waikiki than other parts of Hawaii but still a popular choice. If you are willing to put with the hassle of booking your own place with an owner then you can save some cash. Prices are still sky high and most of the beachfront properties are solely hotels (a few exceptions). So you will probably be a bit back off the seafront.

      We love Vacation rentals in most parts of Hawaii but in Waikiki, we find hotels a better fit. But we travel as a couple, families really love the home from home vibe.

      We tend to stick to VBRO for Vacation Rentals in Hawaii. 


  5. That’s really a great article and informative to me. I was searching for the best hotel reviews in Waikiki and I think your article would be the best solution for me. I heard a lot about Aston Waikiki Beach Tower but I had no idea about its cost per night. It’s really expensive as it takes $700 for a night. I’m looking for an average budget 4 star hotel and I think Lotus Honolulu would be the best hotel for me. I don’t need a pool because there is sea beach where I can swim and sea beach is the natural pool we know. This hotel is not much far from the hustle and bustle and you have written down here that it will take only a few minutes to reach at my place by foot. Overall I liked your article and thank you so much but I’ve a question.
    Which season lotus Honolulu can provide discount for booking? Can you answer, please?

    • Hi Tushar,

      Glad you found the Article Useful and it helped you decide on the Lotus Honolulu! It is a superb Hotel!

      Low season in Oahu is spring (mid-April to mid-June) and fall (September to mid-December) and these will provide the best prices. Hope you have a Great Trip


  6. I had been contemplating Hawaii and Waikiki as a possible vacation spot in the next year or so but it looks like I will have to save for a bit more than a few months to afford this one.

    In terms of hotels, as long as it is clean and safe, I will always choose the lower priced option.  The Surfjack hotel actually looks fairly appealing and even though it is the “worst” location, it is not at all.

    The Hotel Lacroix is definitely in my price range as well.  Of course, beach front would be lovely but when I think about it, if I am going to see the beach, I want to be AT the beach, IN the water – not just looking at it.

    • Hi, 

      Yeah, let’s be clear, if a hotel is in Hawaii, it’s not going to be a genuinely BAD location… it’s in Hawaii, which gives its head start on most hotels in the world as it is!

      Waikiki is so small that nothing is really badly located, even the worst such as the Surfjack in only a minute or two from incredible sandy beaches. So nothing is really badly located.

      When we first went we were on honeymoon and splashed out on an OceanFront view and it was incredible, but as you say we spent 95% of our waking hours out of the room enjoying the beaches first hand. Not peering at them from our hotel room. That said our Morning coffee watching Rainbows over Diamond head or evening Bubbles Watching the sun dip into the Pacific were well worth the expense. But there are ways to experience all this without forking out for a luxury Oceanfront room.

      We are normally Bargain hunters too, but on honeymoon, we were able to splash out. For our subsequent trips Value has played a much stronger role in the decision making. The La Croix, SurfJack and Lotus are all really strong budget options, and if you time is right bargains can be found!

      Have a Great trip next year!


  7. Your website is very helpful.  Thank you!   I must admit, I am glad that you was very upfront about Waikiki not being the quiet, remote place to get away.  I would have been disappointed.  It sounds like Waikiki might be a good place to spend the first night in Hawaii before heading off to a quiet remote location.   

    At the same time, it seems like there is a nice selection of good hotels to stay at.   Your website has been very useful as I plan next year’s vacations/excursions.  

    • Hi Sondra,

      Absolutely, we see Honolulu and Waikiki as the Gateway to Hawaii. The first stop where you can hop off the plane and start to get accustomed to the tropical environment and lifestyle. We do love Waikiki it’s just not always exactly what people expect from Hawaii, but it’s a wonderful place and well worth starting and even ending your vacation here. 

      There are so many wonderful parts of Hawaii only seeing and staying in one is a crime anyway.

      Hope you have a great trip ext year


  8. Hi! Thank you very much for your warning at the beginning of this post. It shows you really care about us (your readers). I agree with you, Waikiki is a large US City plonked in the middle of a Tropical Paradise. But I still love it. And I am happy I have visited your site because Hotel LaCroix Waikiki seems to be a very good deal. Thank you very much for mentioning it in this list!

    • Hi Henry,

      Yeah, Waikiki is a bit of a strange location and not at all what some people expect of Hawaii. It is still an incredible location and like you, we love it for what it is, but if you were expecting idyllic beaches and a lost paradise it’s going to be a disappointment. 

      It still is definitely worth visiting and staying in Waikiki but an effort should be made to stay in a more natural setting too. 


  9. What a lovely place this seems to visit in Waikiki beach! As far as the hotels are concerned, I think it would be wonderful to stay in The Surfjack and Swim Club. Do you know if it is a nice beach to snorkel and if the sea life is still very lively there? I think that I would spend hours and hours in the water there, thank you for this information!

    • Hi Lizzy, Waikiki beach is not the best for snorkeling, there is a decent reef to the east of the beach but the surf at Waikiki colors the water slightly so visibility is not the best. However just a short walk to the south end of Waikiki you will find Sans Souci State Park and the beaches in front of these are excellent snorkeling locations! 

      Maybe the Lotus Honolulu might be better suited to you as this is right by great snorkeling beaches! 

      You can read our full guide on Oahu’s best Snorkelling locations here

      And as for The Marine Life, we have a full guide on what you can see right here, but in short, the reefs are teeming with beautiful colorful life! 

  10. I am excited that were being allowed to travel once again. And during the pandemic, I really wanted to go to Hawaii. I even bought an ukulele to entertain myself during the shutdown. But we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel, thankfully. I would love to be in a Waikiki beach next month. And Halekulani Hotel seems to be my best option.

    • Hi Ann, Halekulani is a really wonderful hotel, so hope you can make it out there, we just can’t wait to go back! This Pandemic has robbed us of so much! 

      We too can see the light at the end of the tunnel but we are not there just et unfortunately 

      Fingers crossed soon! 



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