Top 10 Disneyland Halloween Treats: Ultimate Guide for 2023

Halloween and Candy go together as well as Mickey and Minnie, Buzz and Woody, and Disneyland and Snacks (obviously!) So it’s no surprise that Disney seriously up their treats and snacks game during Halloween time. Pretty much every yummy mickey shaped treat gets a spooky update for a limited time each year during the Halloween season.

Top 10 Disneyland Halloween Treats

From early September right up until the arrival of Christmas in the parks (early November), there is an abundance of tasty, spooky Disney-themed treats for you to enjoy during your visit to the Parks. With so many limited treats on offer, it can be hard to fit all those treats into your time at Disneyland. So here is our Top 10 Disneyland Halloween Time Treat list, your ultimate guide for 2023. If Disney calories don’t count then Halloween Treat calories definitely don’t, so go on; enjoy all 10, they are after all available for a limited time only!

10. Oogie Boogie Crispy

Oogie Krispy
Oogie Krispy

Price: $6.49. Location: Candy Palace and Trolley Treats

Mr. Oogie Boogie himself has his very own treat! This rice crispy treat is unfortunately just that: Rice crispies molded into the shape of Oogie Boogie with a sugar fondant topping. There are no extra ghoulish add-ons to this treat which makes it rather bland for a Disney treat. Still, Oogie Boogie gets a spot on our list because it IS his Bash after all.

9. Poison Skull Apple

Poison Skull Apple

Price: $12.49. Locations: Candy Palace, Trolley Treats, and Poohs Corner

Candy Apples are a Halloween Candy staple. And boy, Disney delivers with these Halloween treats! There are multiple Disney Candy Apples available at multiple locations during Halloween Time at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. These include Fantasia Mickey, Minnie Witch, Mickey Pumpkin, and even a HUNNY apple. But for us, the best Candy Apple treat has to be the Poison Apple version from Snow White. All of the candy apples look amazing but the Poison Apple resembles the actual Evil Queen’s poisonous fruit that it definitely deserves a spot on our Top 10 Halloween Treats at Disney.

8. Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Price: $6.79 Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. Mobile Order Available.

We don’t know about you, but come Halloween Time, we are Pumpkin Spiced OBSESSED! And Disneyland has created a Pumpkin Cheesecake to satisfy these pumpkin cravings. You can get this creamy, fall-spiced cheesecake for a limited time only until Halloween at the Jolly Holiday Bakery. The Top Ten Halloween Treats list just wouldn’t be complete without a Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake or a visit to the Jolly Holiday Bakery.

7. Halloween Brownie

Price: $5.99 Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. Mobile Order Available.

With the exception of the Poison Apple, the Halloween Treats in our list so far have not been, well, very spooky. Look no further than the Halloween Brownie. This rich, chocolate brownie cake is decorated with a spider web and a MASSIVE SPIDER! Ok, it might not be that big, and the spider might actually be a gummy sweet but still, it looks pretty spooky! Luckily, it didn’t look too spooky for me to eat it which just as well as the decoration is not the Halloween Brownies’ major selling point. As you cut into the brownie, tiny colored chocolate candy spills out from the middle. This really is a Halloween treat that looks as good as it tastes!

6. Halloween Churros

Pumpkin Spice Churro

Price: $5.75 Locations: Multiple Churro Carts throughout Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park

No visit to Disneyland is complete without a trip to a churro stand. 4.4 million churros are eaten at Disneyland Resort every year and they are so popular that they also rank highly on our Top Ten Snacks and Treats at Disneyland list as well as this Halloween Treat list too! For the spooky season, Disney has created 5 new limited-edition churro flavors for you to try. Which of the yummy Halloween-themed churros are you going to have (maybe all of them!)?

  • Peanut Butter Candy Churro- Grizzly Peak Churro Cart, DCA
  • Pumpkin Spice Churro – Buena Vista Churro Cart, DCA
  • Chocolate Cookie Crumble Churro – Sleeping Beauty Churro Cart, Disneyland
  • Churro with Pumpkin Pie Dip- Fantasy Land Churro Cart, Disneyland
  • Spicey Chocolate Churro- Frontierland Churro Cart, Disneyland

5. Mickey Reeces Crisped Rice Cereal Treat

Mickey Reese's Pieces Crispy Treat

Price: $6.49 Location: Candy Palace, Trolly Treats, Pooh Corner.

Rice-crisped treats can be considered slightly dull in terms of Disney-themed snacks. However, make it Mickey shaped and we are there! Throw on some Reece’s pieces and this rice crispy treat has gone from bland to peanut butter flavored with one of our favorite American candies! These treats are obviously popular with other Disney Guests too, as they are found at several candy stores in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks. The first Mickey-shaped treat on our Top 10 Halloween Treats list, this one definitely deserves its spot in the top 5!

4. Mickey Mummy Macaron

Mickey Mummy Macaron Disneyland's

Price: 5.99 Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. Mobile Order Available.

Narrowly missing out on the Top 3, here’s another Mickey-shaped sweet treat with a Halloween twist. Mickey Macarons are always on our Top 10 Snacks and Treats list at Disneyland so obviously, they feature on the Halloween Treat list. This sweet but not scary Halloween version is light with cookies and cream filling. It may be so sweet it made our teeth hurt but not too sweet to stop us from eating it for breakfast! A great Halloween limited edition of the classic Mickey Macaron- get it while you can!

3. Schmoozies Minnie Witch Shake

Minnie witch shake

Price: $10.49 Location: Schmoozies, Hollywood Land, DCA. Mobile Order Available.

Schmoozies are well known for their delicious tasting and incredible-looking shakes and their Halloween edition is no different! Their Minnie Witch Shake is as Instagram-friendly as the rest of their offerings, be well prepared to be constantly asked where you got it while trying to eat (drink?) it. The shake looks so good, it’s almost a shame to eat it. The shake is mint chocolate flavored and topped with an orange-colored chocolate bow and 2 cream-filled Minnie ears. Not very scary but delicious and fun all the same, well deserving of a Top 3 spot!

2. Grave Stuff Cake

halloween time treats  grave stuff

Price: $6:49 Location: Red Rose Tavern Quick Service Restaurant, Disneyland. Mobile Order Available.

Try the Grave stuff, it’s delicious. See what we did there? The Grave staff cake is Disneyland’s Halloween version of their famous Grey Stuff cake from Beauty and the Beast. Only available at the Red Rose Tavern in FantasyLand, the usual Cookies, and Cream Mousse covered Red Velvet cake literally tells you to ‘dig in’ on the tombstone. And who are we to argue?! It really is a deliciously spooky treat but don’t believe us, ask the dishes!

I literally can not eat a Grey Stuuf/ Grave Stuff cake without singing ‘Be Our Guest’ but there can be only one more Ultimate Halloween Time Treat at Disneyland that could deny the cupcake its top spot on our Top 10 Halloween Treats at Disneyland list…

1. Mickey Pumpkin Spiced Beignets

Mickey Beignets

Price: $4.99 for 3. Location: Royal Street Veranda. Mobile Order Available.

Our Number 1 Halloween Time Treat at Disneyland is Mickey Pumpkin Spiced Beignets. Mickey Beignets are an absolute must-eat at Disneyland. We love Mickey Beignets so much that it only missed out on the Top spot of our Top 10 Disneyland Treats Ultimate list to the legendary Dole Whip.

Now, the Dole Whip does not have a Halloween version at Disneyland this year, therefore making way for these soft pillowy Mickey-shaped Pumpkin- spiced goodies to take the Number 1 Halloween Treat spot. Our love for Pumpkin- spiced treats has already been mentioned and the only thing we love more than Mickey Beignets is Pumpkin Spiced Mickey Beignets! The rich caramel dipping sauce only complements the pumpkin spice flavors more and they are coated with the usual copious amount of sugar dusting, guaranteeing a messy but delightful eat.

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All Mickey Beignets fans simply HAVE to try these during your Halloween visit to Disneyland. They are extremely popular though and we Highly recommend you put through a mobile order as soon as you enter the park for the day. You can pick a later time to suit your plans, however, they sell out fast so pre-ordering is a priority to ensure you get your beignets.

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