The Wingtips Lounge JFK Review – Terminal – Is The Wingtips Lounge at JFK Worth it?

We are big fans of Airport Lounges. Anything to get you away from the masses and your own private space to feel a little more VIP rather than Cattle Class is often money well spent. But the quality and offering of lounges are quite drastically different around the world and we have often found US lounges to be a bit less luxurious than the UK’s at least outside the plush First Class and Business Class lounges on offer, Those on offer to us regular flyers are often pretty basic, if on offer at all!

The Wingtips Lounge JFK Review

The Wingtips Lounge is one of the few US lounges available to the majority of us flyers in Economy Class or Premium. It is not affiliated exclusively with any airline so anyone visiting terminal 4 can use the lounge. So as we passed through the Airport recently and had some time to spare we popped in to check it out.

The Wingtips Lounge – Refurb 2022

We visited the lounge in November 2021 and we were not overly impressed. It was pretty small with limited seating almost no food and limited drinks. It was still recovering from the Covid Shutdown and we figured it just needed some time to rebound. We visited again in July 2022, some 8 months later, and…well we had to double check we were in the same lounge!

Gone were the cool but inconvenient rotating seat pods and the drab interior, instead we found a nicely organized space that was light and area and really relaxing. So let’s take a look at the new lounge and remember you can now ignore any reviews that are still based around the old design of the Louge

Wingtips Lounge Price

For guests just turning up and hoping to walk in the cost of the lounge is $55.

If you are a Regular user of this terminal there are membership offers, which are much better value, but n the whole you would probably be better looking at a more general membership which is Priority Pass

You can also book directly via sites such as Holiday Extras (UK) and few other lounge booking sites.

The Wingtips Lounge is a spillover lounge for quite a few airlines (full list here) and a lot of people visiting will be from there. It is also a Membership Lounge for many of the Lounge Passes available:

  • Priority Pass
  • Lounge Club
  • Diner’s Club
  • LoungeKey
  • LoungeBuddy

We were visiting with the Priority Pass we get with our American Express Gold Card, and this cost us £20 ($32) each to enter the lounge.

Wingtips Lounge Location

Is The Wingtips Lounge Worth It

The lounge is really conveniently located just after security at T4 JFK. All guests are ushered downstairs and to the left, however, the lounge is off to the right immediately after Security. The hardest part about finding it is not missing it as you do not expect it to be SO close to security.

Wingtips Lounge Space

The space has recently had a huge overhaul and now looks completely different from a few months ago. The Large floor-to-ceiling windows allow a lot of light in and the feel of the lounge is now bright and airy. There is a long bar-style seating area along the front of the windows that allows some nice views of the airport operations. There are also some fun binoculars to observe the goings on a little closer.

The main area is split up into separate cubicles via some attractive wooded partitions. in side a large comfy Faux-leather Seats and sofas and offer a relaxed and comfortable space to relax. There are various snugs and quiet areas where you can find your own spot and melt away from the madness outside.

There is also a range of dining tables better suited for anyone braving the food options. We see these as temporary seats where you can dine and then head off to a comfier quiet spot. There is a selection of tables in the TV area which is equipped with Netflix for some quiet tv viewing if you are bored or have kids that need a little entertainment.

The Restrooms are clean and nicely appointed with stone tiling and modern fixtures and fittings. There were staff around constantly keeping the whole area clean and used plates and glasses were removed very quickly.

Wingtips Lounge Walkthrough Video

Wingtips Lounge Facilities

The lounge is pretty basic in terms of amenities. As we stated there are loads of seating options and different areas based on comfort and quietness, but that is about all.

There are loads of charging options and most types of electrical outlets are covered, three-pin, two-pin us, and EU and USB outlets. There were even wireless charging ports but we couldn’t seem to get them to work. The only thing missing was USB-C-USB-C which are annoyingly starting to appear on some chargers instead of USB – USB-C. We always have enough of everything to cope.

There is free Wifi Available and it seemed pretty fast but we didn’t try anything to tax it, but webpages and Social Media loaded fast enough and reliably.

There are showers in the lounge but these were inaccessible while we were there, we are not sure if this was a memory fault or a covid knock-on still.

Wingtips Lounge Drinks

The drinks selection was really good. Most notable was the return to self-service. There were three different drinks stations. Wine, Beers, and Spirits.

The Beer selection was pretty good, it was bottled beer and as well as the familiar Corona and Red-Stripe there were some nice craft selections. One slight issue was the chiller only kept the lower part of the bottle cool, the necks did get a little warm if they were out too long.

Next to this was the wine fridge. Again this was self-service and the selection was good. There were a couple of whites (Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc) and red (Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon)along with a Rose and Prosecco. Again on the slightly critical angle, there were no Champagne glasses, and the Prosecco

The final section was the Spirits Bar. It’s pretty rare to have a Self Serve selection of spirits, but this was available here. It was pretty basic, but it had one version of most spirits on offer and they were branded not well! There were also various mixers available and all the accouterments you need to whip up a cocktail. We had a mean Martini and as it was self-serve we went with an epic serving size!

It really was not hard to get our money’s worth of drinks!

On the Soft drinks side, there were cans of Soda available along with various fruit juices and chilled filtered water. There were also several self-serve Coffee machines that produced pretty decent cups.

Wingtips Lounge Food

The food on the other hand was terrible. Possibly the worst food offering we have encountered in a lounge. The breakfast menu looked better with Bagels, Toast, and Muffins available but our lunch/dinner menu was terrible.

There was a chopped Chicken Salad, a Chickpea Salad, a Mixed leaf Salad, and some Gherkins! There was also a soup available, and a toaster with some sliced bread. But on the whole, that is pretty poor and we were glad we were not looking to eat!

The saving grace was the little snacks on offer there were various fruits on offer apples and oranges, and some nice salty pretzels to soak up some alcohol. But the best option we found was the cookie jar!

Overall Is the Wingtips Lounge Worth It?

The Wingtips Lounge Cookies

We always look at this in two ways, is the lounge worth it compared to other lounges, and is it worth it compared to NO lounge at all?

Well, the first question here was pretty easy as we did not have any other options. However, on the global scale, this is a fairly decent option compared to some other lounges we have been in. It’s not a business class suite that’s for sure but it was clean comfortable, quiet, and had some great drink options. We know some prefer bar service be we much prefer a self-service drink option, mainly as it is just quicker than waiting at a bar.

As far as comparing the bar to the various options out on the concourse and it’s a bit more of a nuanced question. First of all, it does depend on how much you have paid. $55 is not an attractive price point, especially when you consider the food options. You could easily get a much better meal and a few drinks for that in one of the restaurants in the terminal.

But for anyone with a Priority Pass entry for £20 ($32) is a real steal. We easily made our money back in drinks, even a couple of beers and glasses of wine would have cost around that much. So on top of that, we got a nice relaxing place to rest and actually enjoy our time at the airport.

This is really where the value of a lounge comes in, it’s not just the food and drink, but a relaxed and comfortable space away from the masses. That can be almost priceless.

Overall the Lounge is a big improvement over this time last year, but those food options really need a boost. It’s not hard to do a little better than this without incurring much greater costs. But for those looking for a few drinks before their flight, the Lounge is a great option with unlimited drinks on a self-serve basis, it’s a real winner!

Have Your Say

Let us know if you have visited the Wingtips Lounge recently. How did you find the experience? Was the food any better (it couldn’t have been worse), has anything changed since our review, whatever you have to say just let fire in the comments and if you have any questions just let us know

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