The Walking Dead Attraction Review – Ride Closed Perminately

AMC’s The Walking Dead is a huge hit and like many, we have spent hours on end binge-watching survivors smashing in Zombie’s heads. Every Halloween the horror show has been a favorite attraction at the parks Halloween Horror Nights. With all this Success it was an obvious idea to create a permanent horror maze year-round to scare guests witless and capitalize on the show’s huge fan base. But is the attraction all hype? Is it actually Scary? And is it worth queuing up for? Find out in The Walking Dead Attraction Review?

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead Attraction has now closed to make way for the Secret Life of Pets: Off the Lease. A big switch and a real disappointment for horror fans!

Universal Studios Hollywood Walking dead
  • Location – Upper Lot, Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Type – Walk Through Scare Maze.
  • Duration – 3-6 Mins (depends on how fast you stroll)
  • Height Restriction – None (Not for Kids though)
  • Average Queue time – 10 mins – 30 Mins
  • Single Rider – No
  • Additional Info – Not for the Faint Hearted and Not for Children despite the lack of height restriction. Gore and scares WILL produce Nightmares.
  • Exhilaration
  • Fun
  • Smoothness and Comfort
  • Uniqueness and Theming
  • Value for Time

What is the Walking Dead Attraction?

The Walking Dead Attraction is a Classic Scare maze. There are no ride cars or anything like this you simply walk around with no real direction and find your way from beginning to end.

Walking Dead Attraction Dead Inside

The Walking Dead Attraction by Jeremy Thompson on CC2.0

The Different “Rooms” are heavily themed in Post-Apocalyptic chaos. Death and Destruction is everywhere, bodies, blood, Mayhem, and fire reign. The Attraction is set in the very early part of the story where the world’s destruction is ongoing and zombies are still the threat, not the man-on-man battles that take over the series.

The Sets are very detailed with lots of horror-theming throughout and plenty of Easter Eggs and things to find from the TV show. And of course, it is filled with actors, in full horror costume, who appear at opportune times to fill your underpants with… well you know.

It isn’t very “Mazey” and navigation is very simple, so don’t be concerned about getting lost. However, do be concerned about getting scared!

Is it Scary?

Yes and No really. There are two schools of thought on this and this was highlighted by mine and Kate’s walk-through. The Maze is fake and all the dead are actors unable to harm you so there is nothing to be scared of.

The Maze really requires you to play along, if you don’t it’s just a dark place filled with people who you can predict will jump out at you. Treat it this way, as Kate does and there is nothing to be scared of.

However, if you do play along, As I do, it is utterly terrifying. As I tentatively made my way down the dark unlit passageways, I was never really sure where the next jump was coming from when the next terrifying zombie attacker was hiding, and even if I was going to survive. I guess I am more of a big baby Than Kate and am far more susceptible to these things. As such, I really loved it as I enjoy being scared, whereas Kate doesn’t and found the whole thing a bit boring and mundane.

With Either approach, the whole thing is far too short with only 7/8 themed areas. However, the theming is spectacularly good for the most part with some excellent animatronics, special effects, and makeup. Although the gunfire could do with a lot of work.


We were split on the attraction. I found it terrifying in a good way and loved the theming and effects but Kate, who admittedly is less of a fan of the show was a bit bewildered and bored. She didn’t let the scares get her and as such, it was all a bit of a nothing burger.

If you like scare mazes and really get into them, like me, you will probably love it. If you hate being scared its a definite miss and if you are not that big of a walking dead fan or refuse to play along with scare mazes it’s probably not worth the queue. Although with constant throughput queues can be very light.

Is there an Age Limit on the Walking Dead Attraction?

The Walking Dead Attraction Gore
The Walking Dead Attraction by Jeremy Thompson on CC2.0

Not that we know of but you need to exercise some caution. It is definitely not suitable for children. Despite being very scary there are dead bodies, Blood Gore, and guts. It can appear very real in there and could easily traumatize young kids.

We don’t want to be killjoys and you know your kids best but maybe ask yourself if you let your kids watch the show. If yes then they should definitely be fine as it’s not as bad as the show. If not it might be advisable to pass on this one.

Have Your Say

Let us know what you think of the Walking Dead Attraction? Did it scare the pants off you or did you find it no issue? Were the sets Too real or just cardboard and red paint? Let us know in the comments below along with any questions you may have.

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