Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Guide – Disneyland California – Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Blackspire Outpost – Batuu

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is one of Disney’s biggest-ever investments in its park division and represented a huge commitment to both the parks and the Star Wars franchise. The scope of the project in both terms of vision and investment is staggering. Building an entire Star Wars land in an unused area of the park where guests can immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe is quite a feat, add in 2 world-class attractions, shops, dining, Unique experiences, and character interactions and it becomes one of Disney’s most ambitious projects!

In our Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Guide we take an in-depth look at the Star Wars Themed land at Disneyland California. We have put together what we think is the Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Blackspire Outpost. We look at what to expect at the Outpost, Some of Disney’s tough theming decisions and how they paid off, an in-depth look at the rides and attractions, the finding options, the shopping, characters, and how it feels to visit the Land. The main aim of the guide is to let you know if Disney has pulled off this massive feat, and how you can make the most of your visit.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Guide - Disneyland California

Quick Note- This guide has been written by me, Steve, an avid Star Wars fan, and fanatic since childhood when watching the regional trilogy. I loved the prequels, mostly, and was super excited when Disney announced they were taking the franchise forward. Like most fans, I am not enamored with the three final films, but I am not as disgusted as many and love some of the spin-off series and the general expansion of the universe. However, Kate, basically could not care less if star wars disappeared from the world’s consciousness and never returned, She never watched the films, and is just not interested in the universe. We feel this gives a good balance in reviewing the Land, as we can take in both sides of the spectrum.


When the Disney corporation acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise in 2012, they instantly set into motion plans to reignite the franchise and bring more of the galaxy to its and than ever before. With the Final three films, they have certainly done this, although maybe not in the way many hoped. Their other big plan was to bring Star Wars to the people at the parks. Galaxy’s Edge is how they went about doing this.

Galaxy's Edge

Galaxy’s Edge is a new land that has been opened inside Disneyland Park California. There is also a version opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Disney World Florida. This guide, however, is focused on the Disneyland, CA, version of the Land.

Honestly, when referring to Galaxy’s Edge we don’t like to use the term Land. We know all theme parks are broken up into lands, but Galaxy’s Edge is just a little bit more than that. It’s a whole other world within the park, you teleport in using one of the three pathways and literally enter a new world. There is almost no reference from within that you are actually at Disneyland. You can’t visually see any other attractions and it has been built with Walt’s Line of Sight principle, where you should be isolated from the rest of the park with the part you are visiting.

Galaxy’s Edge is themed around a remote and partially lawless Outpost called Black Spire Outpost. This is situated on a remote planet in the outer rim of the Galaxy called, Batuu. But more on this later. The planet has become the home of a large Rebel Base situated near Black Spire Outpost which has attracted the attention of the First Order who have arrived to hunt out the Rebal and their new Jedi upstart Rey. As such you will find a large first-order presence in the outpost. With lots of stormtroopers and First Order Officers.

Galaxy’s Edge is filled with Attractions dining, shops, characters, and amazing sights, sounds, and iconography from the Star Wars Galaxy. It really is an incredible achievement.


Galaxy's Edge Layout Disneyland CA

You enter Galaxys edge from one of three pathways, either from Fantasy land, Big Thunder Mountain Railway, or Critter County. As you can see on the map the first two are kind of linked Together. Whichever you choose you, end up going through a tunnel that signifies your exit from the main park and into Galaxy’s edge. There are no barriers or gates, it’s just a symbolic transition.

The Centerpiece of Galaxy’s Edge is the Life Size Millenium Falcon, which sits in front of the show building for Smugglers run. As you enter from Fantasy lang you pass the Kylo Rens TIE Echelon Assault Shuttle and a handy First Order Cargo Shop, if you keep going you Pass Oga’s Cantina on the right, before eventually getting to the Plaza where the Millennium Falcon is situated.

The ship is resting but remains animated with periodic noises and gaseous venting. This section is very busy and queues of people wanting photos in front of the most Iconic ship ever.

If you move around from The Falcon, there is a Plaza overlooking the Falcon and the main restaurant, Docking Bay 7 – Food And Cargo, here you can head indoors where you find Ronto Roasters and a cool Bazzar kind of area. Here are several shops and various empty rooms filled with props and curiosities. The other option was to head back through the outpost toward the Thunder mountain entrance. Here you find Savi’s Workshop, the Droid Depot, and a few more gift shops and oddities.

Galaxys Edge Rise Of The Resitance

These two paths meet and you now head out of the outpost and into the Wilderness of Batuu. There is really nothing to see here and defiantly not an Entire Rebel Base hidden in the Forest! There are no X-wings, no A-wings, No Rebal themed Gift Shop and definitely, no World Class Ride called Rise of the Resistance. It’s just an empty forest, leading back to Critter county…promise.

Location of the Outpost

By this, we mean the theoretical setting, not where about in the park it is. The Location of the Black Spire Outpost is the Outer Rim Planet of Batuu. You may know this planet from…Nowhere.

Yep that’s right, of all the locations visited in the 9 Starwars Saga Films, Disney chose none of them and instead made up a new planet just for the Galax’y edge attraction. Honestly, when you weigh up the known locations, most are pretty unsuitable for a themepark location. Yeah, Tatooine would have been pretty cool, but it is an absolute wasteland, which would be a poor choice for a rebel Base, and the Ice-World of Hoth, would not really fit that well in an L.A. Summer.

Galaxy's Edge

The Planet they have created is pretty awesome really. It feels Alien, as it should, but also familiar, in a Starwars universe way. We think it’s fair to say the Resistance would be hopping about, base to base, as they launched operations, and were discovered by the First Order. So this temporal home seems pretty fitting, Remote and rogue, but still hospitable.

While the whole planet, outpost, storyline, and concept were thought up entirely for the Themeparks, it still feels incredibly Star Wars. The Building’s designs are striking familiar, the font used for signs and on Cargo, the endless droids and curiosities all scream Star Wars. Despite having never appeared in the Films, Series, or Graphic Novels, before, if you were just plonked here with no reference, you would suspect instantly you were in the Star Wars Universe, and that’s before the more obvious reference such as landed ships and roaming Stormtroopers.


Galaxys Edge Rise Of The Resitance

There is a large conceptual hurdle to overcome when creating a visitable location in the Star Wars Universe as Star Wars spans not only Space but time. The Star Wars Saga lasts for a period of over 65 years, from the birth of Anakin to the end credits of Rise of Skywalker. A lot happens in these periods, entire empires rise and fall, huge factions simply do not exist, and major characters are born and killed off. So When the Blackspire Outpost is set is just, if not more, important than where it is.

If it were set in the Prequal Era there would be no such thing as the resistance, the empire, the first order, or virtually any of the characters we know and love. Likewise in the original trilogy era, all the new characters that Disney invested so much in, the First Order, Rey, Kylo Ren, or BB8, would not have arrived in the universe yet. However, set it too late and you lose a lot of the real Star Wars Legends, Luke, Han, Yoda, and Leia. This was going to be a decision that would always divide opinions.

I think most of us just wanted this set in the original trilogy era when all our childhood favorites would have been active. However, with all of the investments Disney has made in the franchise, they were never going to write out their inputted characters.

In the end, they decided on the period between Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. This received a lot of criticism, mainly as many Saga favorites were now theoretically dead.

We initially jumped onto this side of the fence too but after a little soul-searching, They kind of really had to pick this period. There isn’t really a period at all between Episode VII -The Force Awakens and Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. If there was, Rey would be absent, and the first order would not be quite as distributed across the Galaxy as the Senate was still governing up until this point.

It’s really the only option that was going to satisfy the Disney Board members and still make sense. It is a shame you will not get to meet Luke, Han, and Yoda, or see Darth Vader strutting down the street. Yes, we would have loved a New Hope and Empire Strikes Back era setting, but it just wasn’t on the cards. At least with the chosen timeline we still get Chewie…and the Falcon. And who knows, there is still a chance of a Yoda encounter, if you know where to look…

A final point on this, While Disney has been very strict on a specific timeline, they really didn’t need to be! Over in Avengers Campus, they have all but ignored the chronology of the films, and pretty much any hero or villain can pop up at any time! They could have gone down this kookie timeline path for Galaxy’s Edge, but instead decided to be entirely rigid.

Overall impressions of Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy's Edge

When the Land was first announced, I have to admit, I made some odd yelping noises. I am a lifelong Star Wars fan and being able to visit the Galaxy really was something I could never have even hoped to imagine. I don’t get too gushy over these sorts of things, I have a real nonchalant attitude to these sorts of things. I realize I am not actually visiting The Star Wars Galaxy or anything of the sort. But it still really got the blood up the thought of an actual Star Wars land that I could see and touch!

As the teasers dripped out I got even more excited until real details started emerging and the reality of the expansion started to hit home. It feels like what was initially promised was quite watered down. The outpost opened with just one ride and honestly, it all seemed a bit like a lot of false promises. This slightly delayed our plans to get there, and then…Covid!

So when we finally got there, most of the cats were out of their bags, and we knew what to expect. There was no wandering around bleary-eyed, blown away at the very concept of the place. Instead, we could visit with a more level head and really try and work out the place really dispassionately.

The reality of the land does not quite stack up to our imaginings. There really is no sense of wonder or awe when visiting the land. It’s certainly very cool, and we have a really high appreciation for what Disney has created, but it just lacks a certain, magic.

The land is not somewhere we spend a huge amount of time in, instead, it’s somewhere we visit regularly, mainly to get to the rides and attractions in the area. It is a really fun place to look around and the attention to detail is mind-blowing. But this is actually parred for the course for most areas of Disneyland.

We think the main issue is the lack of immersion. Disney made out when promoting Galaxy’s Edge that it would be like visiting a real Star Wars planet, where interactions would have consequences, and you would be immersed in Star Wars lore and mythology. Really this is not what visiting Galaxy’s edge feels like.

It’s more like wandering around a Star Wars film set, one that was never used. There are sparks of interaction, but it’s not the immersion we expected. The number of fellow tourists doesn’t help. The area is rammed night and day, and it really would be impossible to create the level of immersion we were promised. You see you do get the level when riding Rise of the Resistance for Example. The Section when you arrive at the Star Destroyer and are sent for processing, the guards are fantastic and really lay it on thick. But out in the outpost, you do not feel like you are on an alien world, but a themepark filled with Tourists.

Let’s be clear. This is almost certainly a case of expectations being too high. The full-blown immersive world we expected is probably impossible without charging the absolute earth for it, as the number of visitors to actors would need to be insane. The land that Disney has created is really incredible and as things get back to normal maybe more cast members will be recruited and the immersion can rise.

Our overall impressions may sound really negative, but overall, it’s still an amazing achievement and ends up being one of the most visited parts of the park on our trips, even though it’s one of the most distant. We can’t go as far as to say we love it as we would maybe say about, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but it’s a fantastic addition to the Disneyland experience, and we would certainly say we really really really like it.

Galaxy's Edge Millennium falcon

Also, this opinion is detached from the Rise Of the Resistance, which is frankly one of the best Themepark Experiences we have ever visited!

What is Galaxy’s Edge Like for a Non-Fan of Star Wars?

As Steve has already mentioned, I (Katie) am not a traditional Star Wars fan. I never watched the franchise and have not seen any of the original films. I have watched the Star Wars films that Disney has made, but they are still not my favorite branch of Disney (Pixar and Marvel win for me!) I do love BB8 though! However, after his whole life of waiting to visit an actual ‘Star Wars Land’ (plus 2 extra Covid years), I could hardly deny Steve his chance to visit Galaxy’s Edge. And if it’s good enough for Disney to make, then who am I to argue?!

I’ll have to admit, the details that the Imagineers have re-created are so intrinsic, yet as a non-Star Wars fan, they do go over my head somewhat and there are details from the franchise that I hardly notice or understand their significance. The sight of the Millenium Falcon also does not bring tears to my eyes or send shivers down my spine (that will be the sight of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle). So the land of Galaxy’s Edge is probably wasted slightly on me and by no means my favorite place in the park.

But at the same time, I can appreciate what Disney has created, what it means to the super fans, and how mind-blowingly amazing it must be to visit as one. And by no means do I find Galaxys Edge boring; and that’s because of its 2 rides: Rise of Resistance and Smugglers Run. I consider both rides to be 2 of the best at Disneyland and insist on riding them each time we visit, without any persuasion needed from Steve (and in spite of the massive wait times!)

Without the 2 amazing rides, Galaxys Edge would be lost on me and most probably be rather dull in general! Like with any themed ride at Disneyland, if you have not seen the movie then the ride will probably be lost on you. Remember that, despite not being a massive fan, I have seen the new films so I do understand what is happening on each of the themed rides. All I can say is, while you don’t need to be a Star Wars Super Fan to enjoy Galaxy’s Edge, it probably does help if you have seen the movies at least.

How Much Did Galaxy’s Edge Cost

There are no definite reports of the exact cost of Galaxy’s Edge but the most accurate guesstimates are around $1 billion dollars, each, so two billion is the total as they built two. A large chink of this was on the Rise of the Resistance, which we look at later, but these cost between 225 and 400 million each!

It’s an incredible outlay and it’s hard to see how this could ever be recouped, but then, with them charging for Lightning lanes, Lightsabers, Merch and simply attracting more visitors to the park it’s probably not too long!


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Galaxys Edge Rise Of The Resitance

The headline ride of Galaxy’s Edge is the incredible Ride of the resistance. A Multi-faceted Dark ride that takes you on a journey into outer space, where you set foot on an actual Imperial Star-Destryer, before embarking on a heroic escape from the clutches of the first order.

This Attraction is Disney’s most ambitious and technologically advanced ride experience to date, costing somewhere in the region of $225-400 million to build…and they built two. The ride takes you on a shuttle ride up to a Star destroyer where you are detained by the first order. And we mean detained, you exit the shuttle onto the deck of a Star Destroyer where you are personally apprehended and escorted to a cell for interrogation and processing.

From here you break, out with a little help from the resistance, before boarding an escape vehicle where you career around the stay destroyer dodging, Lifesize AT-ATs, hordes of Storm troopers, and Kyloe Ren himself. Eventually, you make it to an escape pod where you “Drop Ship” right back to Planet Earth…erm, we mean Batuu!

It is seriously incredible and after riding it you can see exactly where the money has gone. It takes over 18 minutes to pass through the various elements of the ride and at every stage it is jaw-dropping. This is a MUST for Star Wars Fans, but equally stunning even if you have never seen a film or have any interest in Sci-Fi.

Read all about it in our Full Review here – Spoilers

Tip – How to Beat the Queues on Rise Of The Resistance

Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Galaxy's Edge Smugglers Run

The Millenium Falcon is one of the most iconic spaceships ever created, and when Disney seemed to offer the chance to actually pilot this legendary starship, a lot of people, myself included got very excited.

The reality is not quite as exciting as we may have imagined, but it’s still a really fun ride where you do get partial control of the craft in a detailed motion simulator. Become either pilot, gunner, or engineer as you head off on a thrilling mission to help the Resistance by stealing Co-axiom from the first order.

It is a really great ride and the perfect partner to the stunning Rise of the Resistance Ride. Even just being able to board the Falcon and sit down at the legendary Chess Table is epically cool let alone actually fly it, assuming you get chosen pilot and not an Engineer!

Read everything you need to know about the ride here in our review.


On top of the two world-class rides, there are a couple of paid-for experiences that really immerse you into the Star Wars universe…at a cost.

Savi’s Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsabers

  • Cost – $219 (+tax)
Savis Workshop - Galaxy's Edge

Let’s be honest, Every Star Wars fan wants a Light Saber. Of all the iconography of the Starwars Universe, the Light saber is, and we don’t use this word lightly, the coolest! So when Disney offered the chance to build and design your very own Lightsaber, it was pretty exciting, in a now sociably acceptable, super geeky way.

Despite the rather extortionate price point, Savi’s Workshop is still a very popular and sort-after experience, as not only do you get to hand build and light saber in your own custom design, that you get to keep and take home, but you also get to partake in the ancient and sacred Lightsaber Ceremony (That Disney definitely didn’t makeup just to flog lightsabers).

Your Lightsaber Celebrant will guide you through the process of choosing your own custom lightsaber parts and assembling them with a genuine Kyber Crystal (Non-Genuine) before summing the spirits of lost Jedi and illuminating your saber to take forth on

There is quite a lot to take in on this Unique Experience so we have a Full Guide to Savi’s Workshop here.

Droid Depot – Custom Astro-Mechs

  • Cost – $99.99 (+tax)
Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot

The Droid Depot is a little less theatrical, and a lot cheaper than Savi’s workshop. Here you get to custom-build a working Astro Droid from a huge variety of designs. You can build your very own R2 unit or build a working BB unit.

The experience is pretty flat, you just pick your parts from a Conyerer, and put them together with the help of the assistants, there is no ceremony or anything like that. The droids are pretty cool though and move around really convincingly especially the rolling BB units.

It’s almost like Disney designed the regional BB8 unit from the films just so they could sell the toys…surely not.

Read our Full Droid Depot review for more details


Naturally, Disney has introduced several otherworldly dining options within Galaxy’s Edge where you can try out some weird and wonderful food items and even drink the legendary Blue Milk from the films

Docking Bay 7 – Food And Cargo

This is the main dining option for the Edge. This is the only place you can actually sit down and eat a meal properly. There are some food options in Ogas Cantina, but they are more snacky.

Docking Bay 7 is a Quick Service Restaurant that offers Star Wars-themed dishes in a really cool loading bay setting. While the various dishes all sound pretty other-worldly, they are really pretty regular food items just given fancy star wars sounding names, like Endorian Fried Chicken Tip-Yip (Korean Fried Chicken) and Trandoshan-style Pasta with Braised Bantha (Cavatelli Pasta with Braised Beef). However, while the tastes are pretty down to earth the presentation is usually pretty cool, bright, and colorful like you might imagine on a distant world.

The menu is pretty limited, but it constantly changes with just two regular entrees and changing Seasonal options to keep everyone on their toes.

Ogas Cantina

Galaxy's Edge Oga's Cantina

Oga’s Cantina is a themed replica of the Mos Eisley Cantina from a New Hope. This is the FIRST location inside of Disneyland to Serve Alcohol and the menu is a cacophony of cool cocktails that light up and glow in the strange mood lighting found in the Cantina.

Honestly, we were a little disappointed. After visiting I had to google the original as the Cantina really did not evoke any memories of the Cantina from the film. It felt like the Disneyland version bore no resemblance to the dive that Luke and Ben frequented in the first film. I was pretty shocked to see they have actually got the layout pretty much spot on. It is as near as possible exactly the same. So why did it not seem it at the time?

It is possibly the lighting, possibly the fact the servers are nice to you, maybe the music which felt off, or maybe it was not being threatened by a murderer with a death sentence on twelve systems proclaiming not to like me! I am not really sure, but it didn’t quite feel right.

The drinks were not exactly incredible either. Conceptually they were great. And they looked fantastic, but these were very sweet pre-mixes, with artificial fruit flavors and questionable amounts of liquor. Really for the prices, we were expecting something a little more crafted.

It’s nearly impossible to get in here so they are doing something right, but we found it a letdown. You can read the full review here.

Ronto Roasters

Of all the dining options, Ronto Roasters is the best!

Galaxy's Edge

We love the idea…a large charcoal grill, with an automated droid chef, roasting up Chunks of Ronto’s, Huge alien beast things, and serving them up in alien flatbread. But this is one place where reality is better than the concept.

This is actually one of the best-tasting and best-value food items in Disneyland. The serving is really large and the flatbread/pita is perfect. The meat is Pork and is accompanied by Pork sausage, an amazing tangy sauce, and slaw. It is just a really hearty and great-tasting snack. We also love the Breakfast wrap and it’s a perfect way to start the day off after charging to Rise Of The Resistance.

The Meiloorun Juice is also a really nice fruity beverage, to help wash it down.

Kat Saka’s Kettle

Kat Saka’s Kettle is a really fun idea, a basic popcorn stands serving really weird and bizarre flavored popcorn. Expect Wild colors and mad flavor combinations, that change seasonally. It is certainly not cheap for a bit of popcorn, but it’s the experience that draws people in.

Milk Stand

There must be very few people who watched the original Star Wars movies and never wondered what the blue milk drunk by Luke on Uncle Owen’s farm tasted like. Honestly, as it was meant to be Banta milk it probably tasted awful, like yaks milk. It was always in my mind supposed to be an image of poverty and hard farm living rather than an enjoyable decadence.

The Milk stand finally allows us earthling the chance to try it. Although it doesn’t really. Far from being a sharp-tasting animal product, the Blue Milk sold at Galaxy’s edge is a fruity tropical plant-based milk. We suppose we can’t blame Disney for trying to make it enjoyable and not actually finding a make-believe alien animal to milk, but it’s just a bit too sweet for it to really fill the shoes.

It is certainly great for photo-ops to stick onto your socials but as a drink it kind of falls down doubly. It’s not authentic enough and ht sweet fruity flavors are just a bit too artificial like a cheap milkshake, on;y most definitely not cheap.

Coke Grenades

Available at some food vendors and some separate food stands are the very popular coke Grenades. These are simply Coke Bottles shaped like Thermal Detonators. They are pretty cool but $5.89 for a coke is always a bitter pill to swallow. To be fair, it’s not that much more than the rest of the park, but still.

Character Interactions

There are no specific Charachert Meets but there are loads of Star Wars-themed actors wandering around at various points in the day.

Kylo Ren

Galaxy's Edge Kylo Ren

We all love a bad guy and Kylo Ren is the poster-boy bad guy for the Disney Star Wars universe. Kylo Ren will often stalk around the outpost interrogating and interacting with Guests, usually accompanied by a brace of Stormtroopers. It’s great fun as he tries to find the Rebel Spy…we are not sure why he finds this so difficult.


The new hero of the Star Wars universe is, of course, Rey. And naturally, she makes regular appearances throughout the outpost, usually over near the rebel base side of the outpost.

Stormtroopers / Officers / Rebels

Galax's Edge Stormtroopers

There are constant patrols by Stormtrooper around the outpost. These stand guard, order the guests about, and can ask awkward questions. There are sometimes First Order officers on the prowl as well as Rebels asking guests to keep quiet about the location of the base. It’s all to add to the immersion and realism of a working Outpost and rebel base.


Galaxy's Edge r2d2

Everyone’s favorite Droid makes regular appearances at the Outpost. We hope this is a remote-controlled droid and unlike the movie version they don’t have a little man coupled up inside. The droid happily bumbles about and communicates with the guests via his trademark beeps and whistles.


One of the few remaining characters from the original trilogy and the most obvious to have as a character at the park. Meeting Chewie is always a thrill and he makes regular tours of the outpost. Just try not to get your arms and legs ripped off.


While these are the main spots, you never know who may turn up in the outpost. Boba Feft, the Mandalorian, with Grogu in tow, and many other random characters that Disney is trying to promote. This is after all a promotional vessel, so when a new film or series is being pushed expect to find characters from that franchise in the Outpost, assuming the timeline is reasonable. You are not going to find Darth Vader, JarJar Binks, or Han Solo.

Timings are not scheduled. Characters just appear. It’s perfectly possible to wander around Galaxy’s edge and see no characters at all. Or you may bump into several at the same visit. They are timed not to clash, so you won’t find Rey bumping into Kylo, which is a bit of a shame really. You almost always see stormtroopers as they have a near-permanent presence at the outpost.


We are pretty surprised at the lack of big star wars shows at Galaxies edge.

Kylo Ren Arrival

Galaxy's Edge Kylo Rens Ship

This is the only thing we can rally call a show here at Disneyland. And it’s not much of one at all. As Kylo Ren goes on his rounds he arrives via his Echelon Assault Shuttle over near the FAntasy land entrance. This is accompanied by a short sketch between him and the First Order Officer in charge of the mission to find Rey and the Rebel base, which is not going well.

It’s a short skit, and we would not call it a must-see, but it’s quite fun if you are around when Kylo Arrives.


It’s really refreshing that Disney decided to not go overboard with the Merchandise. In order to keep the Black Spire Outpost realistic there are no gaudy gift shops…Yeah Right, this is Disney! It’s Merchandise Galore! However, the shops are pretty cool in the way they are disguised as trading posts, Stalls, or Even Antique Shops.

Dok-Ondar’s Den Of Antiquities

This is a really cool shop that is more of a museum than an actual shop, however, unlike a museum, most of the items on display are actually for sale! This is really quite impressive when you see what is actually on display. Life Size Taun Taun head, Check. Madoalorian Helmet, check. Faithful lightsaber replicas check. While not every piece of memorabilia is up for grabs, there is a lot that is for sale that you might not expect.

It really is a fantastic shop. You need deep pockets to buy the most impressive items, but it’s worth just heading in to check out the historic memorabilia and cold Star Wars Easter eggs.

First Order Cargo

Galaxy's Edge

The First Order Cargo is more of a souvenir/gift shop and has a ton of First Order-themed Aperal. If you are looking for souvenirs from the Dark Side of the force this is your shop.

Resistance Supply

Very Similar to First Order Cargo, but from the light side. Here you get your rebel-themed goods and appeal. Naturally, this is situated over in the Rebel Base area. Make sure you have a good look around as there are some really cool items you likely won’t find anywhere else.

Black Spire Outfitters

This is a cool little store offering Adult and child-sized Starwars-themed clothing. We don’t mean T-shirts with a Starwars logo on (don’t worry you will find them elsewhere) but actually Starwars clothing. Jedi Robes, Rebal Waist Coats, and themed outfits from well-known characters, Rey, Anakin, and more. It’s all pretty high quality and pretty high priced, and we are not sure what occasion you would wear them for…but we will leave that up to your imagination!

Creature Stall

Galaxy's Edge creature Stall

We love the Creature Stall. This little outlet is filled with all the cool and fuzzy creatures from the star wars universe. There are various cages with lifelike animatronic creatures and shelves filled with loads of cool little creatures to take home like the Kowakian Monkey-Lizard from Return of the Jedi, a cuddly Porg from Last Jedi, or even a miniature Wampa from Empire Strikes Back.

Toydarian Toymaker

Toydarian Toymaker

A little market stall filled with “handmade” oddities built by the Toydarian Toymaker, Zabaka. There are a lot of cool and unique items for sale here and it can pay to have a good look around. Make sure you keep an eye out for the Toymaker working away in the back.

Jewels Of Bith

This one is easy to miss as it’s a small market stall selling various oddities and trinkets. It is worth checking out as it has some really unique items and souvenirs from Batuu itself.

Droid Depot

We count the Droid Depot as a store, as while the Build Your Own Droid is a paid experience, you can just wander in and buy pre-built droids and various other apparel and toys from the selves.

Star Wars Datapad on Play Disney Parks App

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