Splash Mountain Review – Disneyland California

Every Themepark needs a good Log Flume and Disneyland’s version is Splash Mountain a 3 drop themed log flume ride. Original Disneys Imagineers thought a log flume to plain and ordinary for Disneyland so they had to come up with something special. What they created was certainly spacial but 30+ years on is it still special enough and is it still relevant today. We take a ride on Splash mountain to find out if the ride can still cut it today in our Splash Mountain Review – Disneyland California.

Splash Mountain Review Disneyland California
Final Drop
  • Location – Disneyland Park – Critter County
  • Type – Water Ride – Log Flume
  • Duration – 9Mins +
  • Height Restriction – 40 In
  • Average Queue time – 5mins – 120Mins
  • Fastpass – YES
  • Single Rider – YES
  • Additional Info – You will get WET!
  • Thrill Rating
  • Fun
  • Smoothness and Comfort
  • Uniqueness and Theming
  • Value For Time

What is Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is your typical log flume water ride. These timeless tides are the Stalwart of any good theme park and are popular with riders of all ages. Rollercoaster nerds, kids, adults and even people not usually into thrill rides all seem to love a good log flume! The pleasant boat ride interrupted by a few drops, the risk of getting a soaking, all adds up to a fun ride.

The Disneyland version is well a bit odd. It’s based on the obscure Disney Film “Song of the South” which, we have to be honest, we have never seen. But this 1946 film lends some odd moments to the Ride. The Retro feel of the ride makes it seem a lot older than it is. It is a good Flume however and the final drop is a corker! There is always something to look at with a long interior section that is a quirky dark ride, with a few surprises leading to the final drop.

Note – Disney is in the Process of updating this to a more modern theme, namely Princess and the Frog. This has caused some to loos their minds over Disney trying to be more PC, but really this theming of this ride was just weird. They do need to keep the Zip -a-Dee-Doo-Dah theme in there somehow though.


You will get wet, which means queues are very temperamental. Early on this can be dead, but as the day wears on a people are more willing to risk a soaking, especially on warm days, queues can become astronomical.

The Regular queue line is quite interesting you wind your way around the large barn area with views of the impressive final drop. There is quite a bit of detail and time passes quite well for a long queue. However, the music eventually becomes a little infuriating and the extended queue line is less exciting so when the queue is lone this ride is definitely One for Fastpass.

Single Rider

There is a Single rider Line, but the slow nature of the first part of the ride and the heavy theming means this is best enjoyed as a group or couple. However, it works well if your ride companion just doesn’t fancy getting wet today, you can still jump on splash while they watch from the dry river back!

Ride Experience

Splash Mountain

The Ride is a long one, however, most of the ride is a slow boat ride, there are 3 drops in total, a short warm-up drop, a dark drop, and the final large plunge. The Ride cars are loosely log-shaped and can take up to three people, all getting progressively dryer the further back you sit. The ride starts off with a couple of pretty rough lift hills followed by a gentle sail around the outside of the mountain This is all very pleasant with some twee music and a rustic rural feel to the river passage.

The first drop is pretty tame and only leads to minor dousing, as you enter the indoor dark ride section of the ride. It’s quite hard to really grasp what the heck is going on in here, there are some very odd animals all having a happy sing-along, which is enough to freak us out, there is some kind of story going on about a bear and a rabbit but it’s all pretty illogical, it seems the rabbit keeps tricking the bear and getting it trapped and is plotting revenge. Partway through is the Dark drop.

This is actually a pretty small drop but the near-complete darkness makes this hard to determine and the splashdown is a big one. Lots of water in the ride vehicle and wet bums from here on.

Finally, the rabbit seems to get its comeuppance as he gets stuck in some beehives as the ride goes ominous, the music becomes much more haunting and then the final lift hill comes into view. Noticeably bigger than anything up until now it’s clear the finale will be big! As we near the top the fate of our little bunny friend is not looking good as he appears tied to a stake in a Foxes lair as he prepares for his lunch!

Our fate appears even worse as you crest the hill and stare down into the abyss of the Brer’s Thorn patch. The plunge is long steep and fast and there are no restraints in the ride vehicle making for an exhilarating drop. The Splash is very heavy and front-seat passengers are suddenly not so smug anymore. The Real soaking comes from the Wave however and heavy loads are partially submerged causing a lot of lower body drenching. Making the ride far less popular in winter!

From here we head into the Finale, another dark ride segment featuring an impressive animatronic display with Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah playing and revealing the fate of the characters with the Fox and Bear having fun with a big Gator and the Rabbit having slipped the noose and relaxing at home. To be honest we kind of wanted the rabbit to end up in the pot!


Splash Mountain first drop

The Flume is certainly a good one, the Dark Drop and the Finale Drop are both really fun exciting ride elements, and the theming while obscure and very odd is great fun, if a little freaky at times. It really is one of Disney’s best thrill rides and seems to combine that Disney magic with a real thrill. The Queues on hot days can really make it a Fast Pass only ride, we couldn’t queue more than an hour or so, but with a fast pass.

Certainly, consider carefully if you want to ride on cold days or early in the day. There is a good chance you will get very soggy and mainly around your lower half as waterfloods into the boat, if you don’t dry out quickly it can make the day a little uncomfortable.

Have Your Say

Have you been on Splash Mountian? What do you think? Did you find the dark segments as weird as us, did you scream like a little girl on the drops (Like Me). Did you get soaked or just a little soggy? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing your ride experiences.

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