What is The Best 4th July Fireworks Cruise in New York? Are 4th July Fireworks Cruises worth it?

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The 4th of July Fireworks Display in New York is an absolute icon of pyrotechnics. It is one of the biggest and best Fireworks displays anywhere on the planet and puts most New Year’s Displays to shame. A barrage of shells launch skyward from several barges moored in the east river, illuminating the iconic skyline … Read more

The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash Ride Review – Universal Studios Hollywood California

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The Secret Life of Pets is Universal Studio’s newest ride at the Hollywood location. The Ride is a little out of the norm for Universal and is more akin to the dark Rides found at Disney parks. The Ride Tech is pretty low end and the ride relies more on intricate and detailed theming. It … Read more

Flight Of The Hippogriff Ride Review – Family Friendly Harry Potter Themed Rollercoaster at Universal Studios Hollywood

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There are only two Rides in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood and With the Forbidden Journey is a fairly intense thrill ride there is only one ride for younger kids. The worry is this is just a token coaster to appease the parents rather than a worthwhile addition, Find out … Read more

DreamWorks Theatre Featuring Kung Fu Panda Review – Universal Studios Hollywood

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After Universal’s rather Expensive Purchase of Dreamworks Studios, they set about finding ways to utilize their newly acquired Characters and Brands. The Dream Works Theatre is one of these streams and is set to change the Featured Characters regularly to coincide with new releases and keep the experience fresh. So in this review, we take … Read more