Main Street Vehicles Disneyland California

If you walk down Main Street USA at Disneyland you will notice a selection of vintage turn-of-the-century vehicles out on display. But did you also know these vehicles are part of the Main Street Vehicles Ride and are available for rides down Main Street! We take a look at this quaint little attraction that has been part of Disneyland since the beginning.

Main Street Vehicles Disneyland California
  • Location – Disneyland Park – Main Street
  • Type – Ride Along Vintage Vehicles
  • Duration – 3.5-5 Mins
  • Height Restriction – None
  • Average Queue time – 5mins – 10Mins
  • Genie+ – No
  • Additional Info – Selection of vehicles for a short trip down Main Street USA – Disneyland

What are the Main Street Vehicles?

Main Street vehicles fire

Main Street Vehicles are another of Walts Pet Projects. He used to use the Fire Engine to drive around the park prior to the opening. He loved the replica cars and they have been kept in incredible condition over the many years the park has now been operating.

There are 4 Vehicles at Disneyland California all based on vehicles from the 1900 period:

  • Double Decker Bus
  • Motor Car
  • Horse Drawn Street Car
  • Fire Engine

You board the Vehicles at either end of Main Street and the route follows the tram tracks down the street. It takes a few minutes to reach the end and there is a commentator pointing out the various buildings and sights along Main Street.

It’s not a thrill ride, but it’s a really quaint little attraction and so in keeping with Walt’s vision it’s hard not to love the Vehicles, even just parked up they are in incredible condition and have such attention to detail.

Once the Park starts to get busy the Vehicles tend to stop running. Anyone who has tried to get up or down Main Street at busy times will know that even walking is hard work, safely driving a vintage model car would be a recipe for disaster! So if you or your kids want to ride the Main Street Vehicles get there early while they are still running.

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