Dumbo The Flying Elephant – Disneyland California.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant has been a symbol and quintessential Icon of Disneyland Park, California for decades. Some Of Kate’s earliest Memories are flying around on the Magical Dumbo Ride. It’s a favorite of kids, teenagers, and seniors alike, and while it is a much-copied ride, it’s never been bettered and remains one of the major draws to Disneyland California!

  • Location – Disneyland Park – Fantasyland
  • Type – Ariel Carousel – Red Baron
  • Duration – 1:30 Mins
  • Height Restriction – None
  • Average Queue time – 10 mins – 60 Mins
  • Genie+ – NO
  • Single Rider– No
  • Additional Info – Quintessentially Dinsey, Timeless Ride for All Ages.
Dumbo The Flying Elephant
  • Thrill Rating
  • Fun
  • Smoothness and Comfort
  • Uniqueness and Theming
  • Value For Time

What is Dumbo The Flying Elephant

The Premise is simple. The ride Spins around with the 16 individual Dumbos on the end of an arm. Each elephant is fitted with a joystick that controls the height of each Dumbo. You can go up high or down low to your heart’s content. And really that is about it.

Most theme parks have a similar ride somewhere in their lineup, even most fairgrounds will have what is called a Red Baron ride, and while we are unsure if Dumbo the Flying Elephant really was the first it’s certainly close, and definitely, the ride that perfected it. Versions of Dumbo Appear at all six Disneyland Parks and while it was not actually a Launch day ride for Disneyland, that was only because a technical issue forced a 3-month delay. The other versions were all launch day attractions.


Dumbo The Flying Elephant

The Queue area is pretty dire and due to the huge popularity of the ride with people of all ages, you are likely to be in it for a while. With no Genie+ option, it really is a ride you need to try and get on early. While we love it, it’s a very short and basic experience for anything over 20mins…

Ride Experience


The Ride experience is really very basic but appeals to all ages. Once in your Dumbo, Timothy Q Mouse provides a safety briefing before using his “Magic” Feather to start the ride and get the Elephants flying. As the Ride begins to spin you simply control the ride vehicle height up or down with the joystick. The ride is pretty slow and even at full height, it is not exactly frightening. But the up-and-down motion is fun to play about with and kids love the fact they are in control of the ride.


There is just something so Disney about the Ride. It takes something so pure and simple and turns it into something really magical, something that delights people of all ages. Dumbo is in no way the best example of an ariel carousal out there from a technical viewpoint, and while we tend to veer away from most rides of these types, shunned as boring kid’s rides, we would defend Dumbo to the Death!

It is everything you want from a Disney Ride and we absolutely love it! The Detailing in the ride is just superb and we really feel you have not been to Disneyland without riding Dumbo!

Reading this review it sounds pretty negative, but it is not meant to be, that’s just the reality. We still think this is the most quintessentially Disney ride in the Park and an absolute must-ride. It’s the perfect example of something not really that great but with Walt’s pixie dust sprinkled over it becomes utterly magical!

Have Your Say

Here is where we usually ask for your feedback and opinion of the ride. But this Is Dumbo! You obviously love it and if you don’t, well we don’t care!

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