Live Blog – Day 14 – Blue Lagoon

Our final full day in Iceland and we really did not have much planned. Well, we did, but it was very much in the hands of the gods and they were not seeming benevolent today. The main plan for today was to be spare. With 13 days driving around the rind-road there was a lot that could go wrong, so we ensured we had a whole day back near the airport, that could be used as a Buffer. If we had been delayed, if the snow had blocked our path or we had received serious mechanical failure.

Having this day meant we just had a safety margin to get back to the airport ready for our flight out tomorrow. But as the ring road trip had more or less gone exactly as planned, we had a full day with almost nothing to do. Almost.

We had two possible activities planned for today, one was a dead cert, assuming we had made it here in time, which we did and the other was more of a fingers crossed activity.

Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Image of Fagradalsfjall Volcano from Wikipedia by Berserkur om CC4.0

We don’t want to clickbait anyone, so let’s get straight to the point of this, while we were visiting Iceland the Volcano slumbered the entire time.

Anyone familiar with the Fagradalsfjall Volcano will know that around the time we were visiting the Volcano was very active. Through the summer the volcano had peaks and troughs where it went from quiet to downright mindblowing! It then calmed down a little before roaring back just before our trip with some incredible displays, tidal waves of lava pouring down the valleys in an unbelievable display of nature’s wonder.

The day before our trip it went dormant again, our fingers crossed the activity would rise up one last time, but this was not to be. The September eruption was the last for quite a while at least and we had missed this display of nature by a few days. Gutted.

We had a few windows planned into the trip where we would have jumped at the chance and charged up to the summit, but despite tremours and quakes all fortnight the sleeping giant kept snoozing.

We toyed with the idea of hiking up anyway, the Caldera is pretty impressive and the lava flows are still there albeit cooled. But we just thought it too painful. We so wanted to see Fagradalsfjall in action, to see it dormant would just be a kick. We got a nice view in the way in and we would be getting closer today so decided to leave it alone.

Instead, we just had a morning of relaxing and organizing. The Hotel Breakfast was really good and the breakfast room had amazing views out over the coast. Then we just retired to the room to relax.

Gunnuhver Hot Springs

after lunch, we headed to Gunnuhver Hot Springs as a token gesture to do something adventurous today. The springs are pretty small here, there is a billing Geysir that is pretty fierce and a large series of mud pots. All of which seemed pretty empty and dry atm. On a scale of what we had already seen in Iceland these springs were pretty unimpressive, maybe more suited to those who have not already toured the entire Island.

Still the drive out was nice and we had at least seen some more of the Reykjanes Peninsular. Next up was one of Iceland’s MUST SEE attractions, one many people have top of their bucket lists, but for us, it was just something we felt we had to tick off more than we really wanted to. Just so when people ask “Did you go” we could say yes.

The Blue Lagoon

We had a really fun time at the Myvatn Nature Baths earlier in our trip and knew we would enjoy the Blue Lagoon, but the high costs and over-commercialization worried us a little and as we pulled into the parking lot, the presence of several large coaches and hundreds of cars really put us off. We were getting quite used to being alone!

The Baths Premises are far fancier than the rustic nature baths and the baths themselves are a bit more polished. we went for the premium package that included a few extras such as 3 facemasks and robe and slippers but didn’t feel it was great value.

We enjoyed a few drinks as we floated around and soaked in the wonderful warm waters. It really is a wonderful and relaxing experience but the crowds are a little hard to bear in these Covid times.

With nothing really planned for the rest of the day we just took out time and really soaked in the wonderful warm waters until we were thoroughly relaxed.

Heading back to the Hotel we hit Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar, Iceland’s answer to Mcdonalds. This local burger chain is pretty awesome. The burgers were large and really Juicy, 5 Knapkins nowhere near enough. and while they were certainly pretty pricey compared to Ronalds joint, they were pretty reasonable by Iceland’s Standards!

Then as darkness fell we returned to the hotel for our final evening. Ready for an early night for our early flight tomorrow. However…

“The Sky’s Awake So I’m Awake”

Iceland was not done with us yet. And as a way of an apology for the Volcano, the sky erupted instead. The Aurora were even stronger this evening and we could see them vividly from the room, thought the street light pollution.

Naturally, we headed out, but for once I chose to leave the camera. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the spectacle and I had got more than enough shots last night and we just stood, watching a small break in the clouds as the Sun’s energy collided with our atmosphere and really contemplated how despite the hardships of the last few years how insanely lucky we actually were…

Life throws s%&t at all of us, but moments like this make it all worthwhile.

Taken the night before…

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