Go City Chicago Pass vs CityPASS – Chicago Attraction Pass Comparison

Visiting any big City is a costly exercise and Chicago is certainly no exception. One great way to save is by considering a City or Attraction Pass. These passes allow you to visit a number of top attractions all for one set price that is usually much lower than the combined gate price of the included attractions

These Passes are marketed as letting you do more and spend less, a rather tempting combination and almost seeming too good to be true. And we all know if something is too good to be true it usually is! However, we find that while they do not always quite live up to the marketing hype they really do let you do a lot more for a lot less than you would without a pass! The key is getting the RIGHT Pass and using it in a way to maximize your trip Our Chicago Pass Comparison Page pits the top passes against each other, the Go City Chicago Pass vs Chicago CityPASS to help you decide which Pass is best for your trip.

Go City Chicago Pass vs CityPASS

In this guide we look at Chicago Passes in General, to see if a Pass is right for you at all, while we love the Passes they are not for everyone. We take a look at the pros and cons of the passes. We then look at the different options themselves before crunching the numbers to show which will be the best value and fit for your trip.

Is an Attraction Pass A Good Idea?

On the whole, we are big fans of attraction passes. We always get a Pass to any new City and even cities we have visited many times, but we still tend to grab a pass to get us in the best the city has to offer.

Chicago is a fantastic city, It has many free things to see and do, and simply exploring the streets, parks, and waterfront while taking in some of its great Cuisine, is a satisfying trip. But if you are not going to check out at least some of the City’s great paid-for attractions you will probably feel you are missing out.

The Phenomenal views from the Cities Sky Decks should not be missed. The Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum are really world Class Attractions, along with a host of fun and exciting things to see and do in the City. If you are planning on doing several of these then a Pass really does make great financial sense. We look at the Finacial Comparison Below. We are the first to say though that Cost Saving is NOT everything, while it is great o save money, it cannot be at the expense of the quality of your experience.

A Pass Must make your trip better or it is not worth the money saved, fortunately with the Chicago Passes we feel there is a pass to suit most trips that will add value to your trip AND save you money. It is just a case of finding the BEST pass for your trip.

Pros and Cons of buying a Pass

Buying a Pass can certainly save you BIG money if you make full use of it, and that is the most obvious Pro, However, there are a few material advantages to getting a pass on top of the money-saving aspect, while there are a few drawbacks and negatives as well and we take a look at both here to help you decide is a pass is right for you.

Chicago Pass Comparison



When you visit a new city, while you have an idea of what is on offer the reality is you do not always know exactly what sights and attractions are available. Of course, half of the fun of visiting a new city is finding this out, but a City pass can give you a huge amount of inspiration about what is available in Chicago and what you can do.


We have lost count of the number of things we have done with a pass that we absolutely would not have done without. Often these are some of our favorite things we did in the City. The pass takes the risk out so you try new things.


The cost saving is the most important plus, but a single, one-off payment really helps with budgeting for your trip. As the Passes are good for 12 months after purchase you can spread the cost (we find 1-2 months out is the sweet spot) and have no nasty Credit Card bills when you get back home!


The Passes also give you a great blueprint to plan your trip around. The attractions will naturally put you in different parts of Chicago so you can plan other activities around the Pass attractions. The 360 Chicago is at the north end of the Magnificent Mile so get some shopping in while there etc…


While it helps to plan out a great itinerary it still allows a heap of flexibility. Things Change, the weather ruins plans and sometimes you find you are just not in the mood. With the passes you can easily change up your plans to fit the weather, your mood, or any other complication, you are not tied to anything. If you were planning to head up the Willis Tower but the weather is crappy with low clouds and drizzle (it happens a lot!) Make this your Museum day and head up the tower when the sun is out!


Passes are not the only way to save money. Most attractions have dales, discount codes and Group-on offers, a multitude of ways to save money. but the effort hunting out every deal. working out which saves the most, signing up multiple times, and giving your details out to multiple companies. Or just buy a pass, get huge savings at least as good as any other offer, often better, and get on with planning the rest of your trip. It really is very simple!

What is the Catch?

“How do the Passes make money with such big discounts”

“Why do the attractions agree to give such big discounts away”

“It Sounds Too Good to be True”

“How do they “GET” you?”

We get it. It pays to be skeptical in these dishonest times. And we have been taught if something is too good to be true then it usually is. So how can this Unicorn of Do-more, Pay-less really be legit?

Honestly, there is no real catch. The passes make money by selling to the mass, and the attractions have no real set cost per visitor. They can also make more by getting you in and selling extras. Souvenirs, Photos, etc…

The Passes can have some shady marketing techniques such as “perma-sales” and inflated headline prices! But the attractions offered are always available for the price shown. One big way the passes can make more is by letting people fall for certain potential pitfalls of a pass. You may not use the pass to its potential, or choose attractions unwisely. We highlight these issues below, so you can avoid them and make sure you get the best out of your pass.

Pitfalls and Disadvantages

There are two big pitfalls to Buying a Pass. One is the temptation to chase the Pass, the other is assuming you can do far more than you really can. These are similar issues, but sufficiently different that you can fall for either or both issues separately.

Chasing the Pass is the issue of charging around trying to cram in as much as possible in order to get the most value from the pass. While on Paper this can make the pass seem great value, In reality, you are getting less value from your trip. You can easily see the Shedd aquarium in 30-40 mins if you just walk around the building taking nothing in, however, to enjoy the facility properly you have to take in the different exhibits and see the hidden parts of the tanks and the more ghostly and less obvious inhabitants. Taking your time will easily see the Shedd take 2-3 Hours, That is no good if you plan on cramming 5 attractions into a day!

You can also overlook other attractions in the City that are not included on the pass, the stunning parks, the amazing shopping, great food, and others. You may skip the Lincoln Zoo as it is not on the Passes, well, it’s not on the Passes, as it is FREE! You absolutely should check out the Zoo and Park, you should not miss this due to some obsession to get better value out of the pass. You may also force yourself to do things you don’t want because they are on the pass. This is a double-edged sword as we have, many times, done just that and ended up loving these things, but if you know you HATE stuffy art, then there is no point in going to the art institute just because it’s on the pass.

And Finally Chasing the Pass is incredibly exhausting! charging around the City seeing everything is brutal, it will leave you passed out in your hotel room with nothing but memories of being shattered. The key is to plan only to do what you really want and use the pass as your guide and inspiration, not the be-all and end-all. He Who must be obeyed.

The Other pitfall of planning too much differs in that it is not your mission to get value from the pass. More, you have taken the advantage of inspiration too far. You have seen what is available and want to do it ALL! This is a good thing, Chicago is an amazing place with tonnes to do and it’s great you have gotten excited by the possibilities of the Pass. But Reality might just be your enemy. There are only so many hours in a day, only so many days in your trip, and only so much energy in your tired and exhausted legs!

You cannot do more than two museums in a day, your legs, brain, and watch, will all rebel. The Observation decks all require a good amount of queuing and time to get to the top, even if you are only up there for 20-30 mins, the whole experience is 1-2 hours even when reasonably quiet. You also have to get to places and stop to eat and rest.

If you have more than 4 attractions planned for a day, forget it. Even then you have to be VERY cunning and organized to fit those in. We managed to do the Field Museum and the Shedd, along with the Navy pier and the architecture cruise all on one day only because the Shedd and Field are next to each other and the Navy Pier and Crusie are also together. We could also book the cruise, then explore the Pier while we waited for our cruise time, and then continue into the evening at the pier.

It’s a tough day, but doable only due to good planning, if we had tried to do that many attractions but in other locations, it would not work. The key is, to be honest about how much you may be able to do. Work out just how long you want to spend at places and build in a time buffer to your plan.

2023 Update

It seems nowhere in the world has been spared the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Chicago was hit really hard but is now practically back to normal. While on lockdown an attraction Pass was obviously a poor idea but as things open up it makes more and more sense as people’s budgets are tight and saving money is more important than ever.

The Go Chicago Pass now offers a 2 Year Validity period so it things do change in the near future you will always be able to use your pass at a later date.

Remember, Keeping attractions COVID Secure may mean they take longer with added screening measures and longer queues, for now, visitor numbers are down so this will not be a problem, but as things pick up it could be very slow so factor this into your plans!

Some Attractions also require reservations now, which is another thing to consider when planning your days.

Chicago Attraction Passes:

There are two big companies selling passes for the Chicago Area. CityPASS and Go City. CityPASS is the “Offical” Pass provider, but in reality, this means very little and Go City is the biggest tourist pass provider with a huge reach and many attractions. Go City Offers two options, one of which we think is a dud. This leaves the two main options going head to head. The Go Chicago Pass and the Chicago CityPASS.

We will deal with the “dud” first and then look at the Two top Passes. They are quite different and will suit different people and different types of trips. They are both great passes and will make your trip to Chicago one to remember. In our opinion, they both hit the mythical level of allowing you to Do More, for less!

GO City Chicago Explorer Pass – Full Review

Go City Chicago Pass Mobile App
  • Product: GO City Chicago Explorer Pass
  • Price: $69- $153
  • Price Child: $40 – $108 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: GoCity.com – Direct
  • Number Of Attractions: 25+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 30 Calander Days.
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5 Stars


Attractions Included:

  • Skydeck Chicago
  • 360 Chicago
  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Chicago – 1 Day Classic Tour
  • Field Museum
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • Shoreline Architecture River Cruise
  • and Many More…

Ok, we called this a “dud” Which is pretty harsh. It would be a great pass, but it misses the Shedd Aquarium off the list, and for us that is unforgivable! If you don’t care, if the Shedd was not on your must-see list then maybe this is the perfect pass.

It is certainly competitive, the most expensive option is only $153, and the Explorer format is one of our favorites, giving you maximum time to enjoy the attractions at your leisure. But there are very few attractions on the Explorer Pass we would swap for the Shedd Aquarium, and the CityPASS offers the same at-your-leisure format, a cheaper $114 price tag, and a load of little extras thrown in!

The Attractions we do think compare, the Big Bus Tour, River Cruise, and Navy Pier all appear on the All-Inclusive (along with the Shedd) so really it comes down to how much you want to see and do.

The ultra-low price of the Explorer does have its upsides for a REALLY short trip. if you are in town for just a day or two, maybe kicking off your Route 66 Adventure, then the pass will save you cash on just a few selected attractions.

  • Chicago Sky Deck – $36
  • Big Bus Tour – $49
  • Field Museum – $35
  • Total Price – $120
  • Pass Price – $86 – 3 Attractions
  • Savings – $34

A decent but modest saving. The more attractions you buy the less you pay per attraction but it soon butts head with the CityPASS …and loses.

<<< Buy Your Go Chicago Explorer Pass Now >>>

Official Chicago CityPASS – Full Review

Digital Chicago CityPASS
  • Product: Official Chicago CityPASS
  • Price: $114
  • Price Child: $93 (Child 3-11yrs)
  • Where to Buy: CityPASS.com
  • Number Of Attractions: 5 Top Attractions from a choice of 7
  • Time Limit: 9 Calander Days – from first use
  • Validity 365 days from purchase to use or return the Pass
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5 Stars


Attractions Included :

Attractions Included :

  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Skydeck Chicago
  • Field Museum

Choose 2 from:

  • Alder Planetarium
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • 360 Chicago
  • Museum of Science and Industry

The Official Chicago CityPASS Features all the TOP attractions in Chicago and does so at a very competitive price that is hard to beat. With 5 attractions on offer, and a 9-day time window to use them the pass offers a really comprehensive package of the City’s best attractions.

Not only are all the big hitters present they are fully loaded packages, not just base entry, So you get Expedited Entry to the Skydeck, All-Access Passes to the Field Museum, Express entry to the 360 Chicago, and a whole host of little extras that make this a really killer pass for a pretty bargain price!

The downside is the fact the Attractions are pretty fixed. The first three are completely fixed and then you can choose two out of 5 for the remaining 2 attractions. This means you are fairly limited in choice. Someone else has done the planning for you, and while on the whole, they have picked the best attractions on offer, they may just not suit you. The attractions are a little “stuffy” with lots of Museum choices and this may not be your preference.

We really think the pass is incredible and love the attractions that are included, making this one of our favorite Chicago Passes. At least the limited choice makes deciding if this is the right Pass for you easy, Either the attractions suit you or they do not. If so it is hard to look past the CityPASS if not the Go Chicago All-Inclusive may be right up your street

Let’s take a look at how the costing works out:

  • Shedd Aquarium – $53.90
  • Skydeck Chicago – $55.00
  • Field Museum – $40
  • Art Institute of Chicago – $35
  • 360 Chicago – $44.00
  • Total – $227.90
  • Pass Price – $114
  • Savings – $113.90

That is a pretty impressive saving, but this is with the most expensive options, if you choose the cheaper options the savings drop a little but are still around 45% off with a $95 Saving.

<<< Buy Chicago CityPASS Here >>>

GO City Chicago Pass – All Inclusive – Full Review

Go City Chicago Pass  Mobile
  • Product: GO City Chicago Pass – All Inclusive
  • Price: $124- $248
  • Price Child: $86 – $180 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: GoCity.com – Direct
  • Number Of Attractions: 29+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 1,2,3, or 5 Consecutive Calander Days.
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.3/5 Stars


Attractions Included – Unlimited All-Inclusive Attractions:

  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Skydeck Chicago
  • 360 Chicago
  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Chicago – 1 Day Classic Tour
  • Field Museum
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • Shoreline Architecture River Cruise
  • and Many More…

The All-Inclusive Go Chicago Pass does things a little differently. When choosing the Pass you select the number of days you want the pass to be active then you have that number of days to visit as many attractions as you please from the list of over 29+ Attractions.

All the big hitters are present and this is the most complete pass for the City. The Attractions are really varied and there is a lot on offer. But then it is the most expensive pass. The pass also offers only the most basic entry to all the attractions, which is a double-edged sword really, as some people only want a taste of the museums and attractions on offer, with the CityPASS, they throw in a load of extras too, it is up to you to decide if they are of value to you or if you have time to use them.

The All-Inclusive Chicago Pass also suffers the most from “Chase the Pass” Syndrome. As the clock is ticking people try and cram as many attractions in as possible and don’t fully appreciate the ones they do visit, in order to get to the nest. You may also find yourself skipping free attractions, that you may prefer, to get better value from the pass.

The best way to use the pass is to focus on the attractions you really want to see and then work out if the pass will save you money on them, or if the CityPASS or Explorer pass are cheaper options!

The Per Attraction format is our preferred option as it allows a little more flexibility but the All-inclusive is easily the best value when used correctly.

The Go City pass also offers a lot more “fun” attractions. The CityPASS is Museum Heavy but the Go City, while also covering those museums, also has some more touristy options, River or shoreline cruises, the Big Bus Open-top Bus Tour, a Lego Discovery Centre for the kids, an Escape Room, Bike Rental and a fun-filled trip to the Navy Pier. While some of these are pretty touristy they are far lighter and more suited to the fun-loving visitor.

A quick Sample Itinerary shows how much you could save, remember this is very open as you really can do whatever you like from the 29+ Attractions

Day 1:

  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Chicago – 1 Day Classic Tour – $49.99
  • Magnificent Mile Shopping – Free
  • 360 Chicago – $35.00 (Sunset)

Total –$ 84.99

Day 2:

  • Shedd Aquarium – $45.88
  • Field Museum -$32.00
  • Navy Pier – Opening Spring 2023 – $45.00
  • Shoreline Architecture River Cruise – $51.23
  • Centennial Wheel and Rides – $included with Pier

Total – $174.23

Day 3:

  • Alder Planetarium – $35
  • Meta Electric (ME) to travel between the two!
  • Museum of Science and Industry – $33.95
  • Skydeck Chicago – $36

Total – $104.95

  • Total – $364.17
  • Pass Price – $207
  • Saving – $157.17 Over 48%

You could also get 10-15% extra off your purchase price of the Pass using our Promo Code page to bag a further discount. That makes a 3-Day Pass only $152- $143 Depending on the current offers, and even better value.

<<< Buy Your Go Chicago Pass Here >>>

Included Attractions

As the attractions available are the most important factor in choosing your pass we think it’s important to take a look at these attractions. In our individual PAss reviews, we take a closer look at each attraction so here is a quick overview of the attractions on offer, which passes they are included on, along with the little extras included on the CityPASS

Shedd Aquarium – $45.88 – Re-Open

The Shedd Aquarium rates as one of the finest aquariums in the country. This 6 million Gallon attraction is the second-largest in the country and home to a huge number of amazing creatures from the watery depths.

The main attraction is the huge Marine Mammal tank, featuring Beluga Whales, Dolphins, Sea lions, and more. On top of this, there are hundreds of other exhibits including the Open Ocean, Wild Reef, and Amazon Exhibit. All are housed in a wonderful building classified as a historical monument.

We really love the Shedd and cannot imagine visiting Chicago without checking it out. This is absent from the Explorer pass and is a big miss, but then if you have no interest in Aqauroums it may not be a problem.

Skydeck Chicago – $36.00 – Re-Open

Chicago has an incredibly stunning Skyline, one to even Rival the breathtaking Manhattan vistas, and one of the absolute best places to view this is from up high. In Chicago, it does not get much higher than the Willis Towers (Previously Sears Tower) 103rd Floor Skydeck. 4 States can be seen from the top along with incredible views of the City and the beautiful Lake Magician coast.

It really is hard to state how amazing the view is from up here making this a real must-do activity. The Ledge offers a stomach Churning glass floor, allowing you to step out over the plunging drop below if you dare.

The CityPASS gives you the opportunity to visit during the day and return that evening for a nighttime visit, making a choice between day and night an easy one, choose both. However, with the Go Chicago All-inclusive, you can visit any attraction once per day, so as long as you have a 2, 3, or 5-Day pass, you will be able to visit day and night as well!

Field Museum – $35.00 – Re-Open

The Field Museum is Chicago’s Natural History Museum and it is one of the best in the world. It is clear from the outside it is a special Museum and it does not disappoint. The Fossil collection is incredible, with the world’s largest T-Rex Sue, and an intact Titanasaur Skeleton, along with thousands of other fossilized exhibits. Explore Ancient Egypt and China, marvel at the natural world with the museum’s collection of wildlife Dioramas, and explore the history of the planet.

The Field Museum top even the Natural History Museum in New York, and really is not to be missed. Included on all the passes but the CityPASS gets you into all the extra temporary “paid” exhibits.

360 Chicago – $35.00 – Re-Open

Another Observation deck, this time on the 94th Floor of the Michigan Building. The location is on the edge of the Michigan Shoreline giving great views up and down the coast. it also has the added advantage of giving stunning views of the Chicago Skyline WITH the Willis Tower in the view. Obviously, you don’t get that if you are standing on it!

The 360 is on all passes but with the CityPASS, you have to choose between this and the Museum of Science and Industry, but you do get an Express Pass so it’s a great choice if you are on a whirlwind tour!

Museum of Science and Industry – $33.95 – Re-Open

Another Great attraction, and one that can really suck up most of a day, The Museum is right down on the far South Side of the City and the only one you really need to travel far for. It is worth the effort though.

Filled with fantastic and fun hands-on practical exhibits and experiments it really shows the fun side of science and museums. If you are traveling with kids it is a MUST-see. You can create a tornado, explore a German Uboat Submarine or travel down a mine shaft. The largest Science Museum in the country with something of interest for everybody. The only negative is the time it takes to explore the 14 acres. This makes it difficult to fit much else in on that day if you are on an all-inclusive pass or a 2-3 day trip!

Art Institute of Chicago – $35.00 – Re-Open

Chicago’s Art Museum is another world-class Museum, however, this one is definitely a more highbrow cultural experience than the other museums in the City. The Institute houses work from some of the best artists from human history, but with a slant towards more modern art. Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Grant Wood (American Gothic), and Edward Hoppers (Nighthawks) all have works here. There are also exhibits featuring works of art from right across recorded history and beyond.

It is a wonderful museum and far more than just some paintings, but one where you really do need to be n touch with your cultural side. If you are not going to enjoy the exhibits there is not much else going on.

This has recently been removed from the Go City Products which is a big shame.

Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Chicago – 1 Day Classic Tour – $49.99 – Re-Open

There is nothing more touristy than an Open Top Bus Tour and the Big Bus Tours are the king of open-top bus tours. While these are the epitome of touristiness, they are also a whole load of fun, and, let’s be honest, you are a tourist!

The Tours are not to be fully relied on as transport to get around but as a fun intro to the city that you can use to link up a few attractions on your first day, they are perfect!

Navy Pier, Centennial Wheel, and 4 Ride Pass – $45.00 – Re-Open

The Navy pier is the center of fun in the City. This old Victorian-style pier has a host of fun rides and attractions. You get access to the pier and 4 rides included with your Pass. The Pier has fireworks displays in the summer and is a great place to spend an evening.

Shoreline Architecture River Cruise – $51.23 – Re-Open

The Shoreline river cruise included on the pass is a fantastic different way to see the city. The Cruise takes you down the 3 main branches of the Chicago River through the heart of the city taking in the stunning architecture and incredible buildings of one of the most cutting-edge cities in America, along with some of the more historic buildings from the city’s beginnings.

Conclusion – Which Pass to Choose

After looking at the attractions the decision should be fairly clear. You should have an idea of the kind of trip you want and the pass that covers the attractions you most want to visit.

The very low price of $114 for the CityPASS means if the attraction you want to do match the Passes offering then it is a very strong choice, However, if the more touristy option of the River Cruise Navy pier and Big Bus are more up your street then the Go Chicago All-inclusive is hard to beat, especially if you can apply one of our discount codes!

The extra’s on the CityPASS really pump up the value of the Pass but these extra’s may not actually be of that much value to you. Instead, the ability to see and do more, which is provided with the Go Pass would make your trip far more enjoyable.

Overall we really love both Passes and the only deciding factor is the Price, your trip length, and how much you want to cram into a day, and what else you want to see and do while in the City. With the Go Pass, all your attractions must be concentrated into a few days whereas with the CityPASS you can spread them out throughout your Stay.

Recently the Art Institute of Chicago was dropped from the Go City Product and this is a big loss, If this incredible Museum is important to you, consider the CityPASS as the clear winner!

The Explorer Pass might work well for very short trips, or if the Shedd Aquarium is of no interest to you, but we feel that is a big miss. The Build your own works great when you know exactly what you want to do and the attractions are not covered by the other Passes.

For most trips, we feel the Best Choices are the Go Chicago All-Inclusive or the Chicago CityPASS, with the choice mainly down to the suitability of the included attractions.

Have Your Say?

Have you been to Chicago and used a Pass? How did it go? Did you feel you got value from the pass? Did you enjoy the attractions? Were there any significant drawbacks to the pass? Whatever it is you have to say about the Passes, just let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you.

Still, got a Question? or just need a more personal recommendation? just fire away in the comments and we will be happy to help.

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8 thoughts on “Go City Chicago Pass vs CityPASS – Chicago Attraction Pass Comparison”

  1. I must say that they are there are both good pases and both has the ability to grant you access to everywhere and anywhere in Chicago.For me I would go for the Chicago go pass as I have used it  before after reading your first article on it, and I was a very nice experience.when I was to get the Go pass some people tried to convince to get the citypass but I just ignored and I thank God I did.thanks once again for sharing.

    • Hi,

      Glad to hear the Go Chicago Pass suited your trip, we really like both passes but they do suit different types of travellers. 

      Great to hear you had a good trip to Chicago 


  2. Hi there,

    My son is traveling to Chicago in a few months, and he is very excited. He just finished high school, and now he wants to discover the world:) He still in the planning stage, so he is looking for great activities to do there. As I know my son, he doesn’t like to be in a rush. I am sure he will choose the CityPass as it allows him to enjoy the activities at his own pace. As it is a birthday present, he doesn’t know about the price, so this is not a concern for him. What if he doesn’t like the pass? Can we still change it once we bought it? 

    Thank you for this great article!

    • Hi Daniella,

      It sounds like a great gift to us!

      But as we pointed out not everyone will be suited to the passes and giving as a gift does have the inherent risk the attractions may not be to his taste.

      The CityPASS is absolutely no problem at all though. You get a full 365 Days to return the pass. If you get the booklet you will have to arrange return postage, but with the mobile pass, it is completely free. 

      So you can buy safe in the knowledge you can return the pass no problem at all. 

      We should mention this is only on unused passes, once the pass is first used, by visiting an attraction it can no longer be returned even if the rest of the pass is unused, but as long as it’s before he has used it you are fine.

      I hope he likes the Pass, and more importantly, has a great trip regardless! 


  3. We are currently planning our trip to Chicago this summer! You are right it is an expensive City! So we were really intrigued by the CityPASS but are always wary about things that seem too good to be true! So glad we read your review.

    The CityPASS seems like the pass we would get the most value out of and seems to cover all the attractions we were looking for so we will definitely get the best use out of that pass!

    I really can’t believe how much you can save!

  4. Hi, Thanks for this post, we were seriously looking at getting a Pass for our summer trip to Chicago, obviously that has all fallen by the wayside but we are rebooked for October, with the potential for poorer weather we think a pass maybe even better as we can hide indoors from the rain! 

    Our concern is this trip too may be cancelled as the risk of a second spike is all too real? Do you think we should commit to a pass or not take the risk?


    • Hi Jake, 

      First of all, you are right travel arrangements are completely up in the air at the minute, so booking anything can be a risk. It is worth noting that City Pass has a 365-day refund policy and Go City is offering a 2-year validity period so there is some safety in purchasing a pass. 

      While we agree a pass is really great for poor weather trips, we do not find Chicago to be too inclement in October, in fact, some of the best weather is in September – October after the stifling summer heat has passed but before the fierce winter rolls in, it really can be quite beautiful! 

      Thanks for reading



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