Where To Buy Loungefly Backpacks In The USA – Our Favorite Loungefly Resellers

There are many perks to buying Loungefly bags in the USA. As Loungefly is owned by Funko, based in Washington State, getting your hands on the latest exclusive new Lounefly bag is relatively easy for Loungefly lovers (maybe a bit too easy sometimes!) And of course, depending on your location in the States, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World are only a short plane ride away (or if you are even luckier, just a train or car ride!).

Where To Buy Loungefly Backpacks In The USA
Wall-E is off to buy a Loungfly

Personally, nothing beats buying that Disney Park Exclusive Loungefly from one of the Parks itself, it’s the ultimate Vacation Souvenir for any Disney Loungefly fan! But what if you can’t get to the Disney Parks? What if you want the new Loungefly bag that has just launched and it IS’NT Disney-themed??? Here’s a list of Where To Buy Loungefly Backpacks In The USA so you can still get your hands on that holy grail.


This official Loungefly stockist is top of my list of best places to buy Loungefly bags. Not only do they stock their own exclusive Disney Moments range, but they also have a pretty good loyalty scheme too. For a $4.99 monthly fee their secret club ‘THE CATWALK’ has the following benefits:

  • free delivery on every order (non-subscription delivery charge $5.99)
  • Exclusive offers
  • 24-hour early access to new releases
  • 10% off each order
  • VIP Shop

This site is THE best place for fellow Loungefly addicts to buy their bags in the USA. Signing up to the secret club is an instant saver for those many Loungefly orders.


Box Lunch has regular exclusive Loungefly releases that you can only get online or in one of their many shops. They have stores up and down the country, ensuring you can pick up your new bag in person or take advantage of their free store pick-up.

Box Lunch also gives back to the community. Box Lunch has donated over 100 million meals to Feeding America since it opened and with Box Lunch Donation, you can give back too by simply rounding up your cart total at the checkout by just a few cents.

Box Lunch also has a very good loyalty scheme. Box Lunch Specials is a free loyalty scheme that gets you all these perks:

  • earn box lunch points
  • earn box lunch money
  • early access to new releases
  • Additional meals donated on your behalf to Feeding America

Their free loyalty scheme and their generous donations to charity make Box Lunch one of the best places to buy Loungelfy bags from.


THE OFFICIAL stockist of Loungefly bags is Funko, a toy collectibles company that owns Loungefly. Loungefly.com is run by Funko and going straight to the original retailer to buy your must-have products is often an obvious choice. The officially licensed innovators regularly and consistently drop the new and exclusive releases first. They also have a Find Store Locator function on their website as they also offer many bricks-and-mortar stores up and down the country. This is why they rank so highly among the best places to buy Loungefly bags in the USA. Thanks to their many stores you can get that in-person purchase feeling when buying your bags. Delivery days are fun but for me, nothing beats choosing that bag off the shelf to take home yourself and with AOP, it avoids any unknown placement anxiety (real thing btw).


Spellboutique.com is a small business authorized Loungefly seller. They operate from a small shop front in Miami but despite being a small business owner, Spell Boutique offers many perks for ordering Loungefly bags from their site:

  • free shipping on orders over $100
  • 15-day return policy
  • Pre-order invites to new releases on the 1st of every month
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Sezzle and Shop Pay are available as payment options

Being able to get your hands on the newest exclusives on the launch day is one of the main factors why this website is one of the best places to buy Loungefly bags. Also, it’s cool to support local businesses!


Under the Sea Collectables has some of the most beautiful exclusive Loungefly bags to date (in my humble opinion anyway!) Why not show some love and support them by purchasing directly from their small business website. With free shipping on purchases and a 15-day return policy they also offer shop pay as a payment option. If their exclusive releases were not enough to entice you, they also sell Loungefly bag mystery boxes meaning you can get a bag worth more than you originally paid for (and a surprise to boot!)

Those 5 websites mentioned in my article already are in my opinion the top 5 best places to buy Loungefly bags in the USA. Other websites such as Shopdisney.com and Popinabox.com are also worth a mention as both have decent shipping and returns offers. However, compared to the other sites they didn’t quite make the cut! But if you are looking for Disney Park exclusives and can’t make it to a Park yourself, it’s always worth checking out ShopDisney.com.

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