Walt Disney Worlds FastPass+ Tips and Tricks – How to get the BEST out of the FastPass+ System

Dinsey Worlds FastPass System is awesome. It is a fantastic way to Bypass lines and, save hours of queueing and get on far more rides than you could without it. But the system has a few quirks and loopholes that you can exploit to get even more value out of Disney’s FREE service. With our Walt Disney Worlds FastPass+ Tips and Tricks article, you can get on far more rides than just using the system as a beginner. Our Pro Tips and tricks will help you get the absolute best out of the FastPass+ System and experience almost all the parks have to offer.

Walt Disney Worlds FastPass+ Tips and Tricks

Check Out Our FastPass+ Basics Article!

This Article is about Advanced FastPassing, Getting the most out of Disney’s system to minimize your Queueung time, and Maximise the number of FastPasses and Rides you get on. In order t do this you need to know how the system works, If not check out our full basics guide to getting you up to speed:

A Beginners Guide To FastPass+ At Walt DisneyWorld

While we employ a number of techniques and tricks to get the most out of your FastPass, and some of these may be called “Hacks”. We only advise Ethical Hacks, ones that are inside the rules of engagement and not ones that involve cheating the system, as we feel these cheat other guests, and that is wrong.

All out tips and tricks are ethical and do not involve other guests missing out or potentially getting to kicked out of the park or even frowned upon by a cast member.

Before Visiting

Proper Planning

FastPass Booking

Your FastPass+ Planning needs to start as soon as your trip is booked. Maybe even before, as you need to plan what rides interest you and which are the must ride. The biggest decision you need to make is which parks you are going to visit on each day. If you want any hope of using FastPass+ to its maximum this needs to be decided well before your booking window, preferable 6Months + before your window!

Why so long? Well, 6 months is when the dining reservations open up and this is going to play a big part in which Parks you visit on which day. If you have a Cinderellas Castle Dinner Planned or Storybook Dining at Akershus or Breakfast in Beasts Castle, you are going to need to be in that park on those days so Plan around this.

However, you do it you need to know exactly what you want to book when your window comes around. Most people employ some kind of Spreadsheet to map out their itinerary. Include your desired FastPass+ reservations one this.

Hit the Quiet Parks –

One good method to maximize the Pass is to hit Quiet Parks. Extra Magic Hours or Special Events are sure-fire signs the Park in question is going to be busy. Use a Crowd Calendar to plan which days in which Parks will be Quietest.

Stay in Resort –

One of the best perks of staying in a Disney Resort is getting to book your Passes 60 Days out. Staying out of the resort at busy times can mean your potential FastPass Selections are very poor. It is very common all Tier-1 attractions are gone before you even get a shot!

Be Ready at 7 am ET Sharp

No Excuses, you need to be there exactly as your window opens. Available FastPasses can FLY out, especially the popular ones, and if you are not ready at precisely 7 am ET you could easily miss out, in fact, you could have already missed out due to the 60 Day + number of days in the resort booking window

Back Book your Trip!

day 2 FP+ Availability

Due to the fact Resort, Guests can book for the entire length of their stay as soon as their booking window opens, any guests arriving before you can have the pick of your dates before you even get to look at them! This is why when your window opens you may find many options already gone, despite you being there right on time!

The Way around this is to Back Book your trip, start booking from the furthest day out and move toward the first day, Ensuring all your most desired FastPass bookings are at the end of the trip. This has the double advantage of you will always have something to look forwards to! There will still be options left for the beginning of your trip, they just might not be ideal, but you already have your ideal ones for the end!

Keep Checking

Finally, Keep Checking, If you haven’t got your ideal Passes, do not give up keep checking the My Disney Experience App/Page, people change their plans all the time, and even the hardest to get FastPasses Can and do come up. Check around 7 am ET as this is when there is most movement, also check in the last few days before your visit as people finalize plans they often give up FastPasses they know they won’t use.

You can read more about getting Hard To get FastPass+ Reservation here

When to Book FastPass+ Reservations

day 7 FP Availability

Book Early, If at all possible have all your FastPass+ Bookings for before lunch. To Maximize ride time, you are going to have to get there before Rope Drop. In the first few hours of the day the queues are by far the lowest, so by booking your initial 3 FastPasses early in the day you can combine Low Queues with your fast passes meaning you get can smash out 5-6 (even more) ride in the first few hours of the day. After this, you can calm your visit down a little and focus more on things to see, shows, and entertainment.

The other advantage is you are now free to book another FastPass, and after you use that another, and another. This is obviously limited by availability and hours in the day, but there is no limit to how many you can book, but you have to get the initial 3 out the way first, hence the advantage of booking them early in the day.

You do not NEED to visit the park this way, an alternative is to book for around mid-day and hence skip the worst of the queues, but this will not help maximize your usage which is the goal of this article.

On the Day

Hopefully, you have managed to grab a great selection of Top FastPasses to use during your trip, now we look at how you can get the most out of them and bag as many as extras as possible! Remember there is no limit to the number of Additional FastPasses you can select, you just have to use each one before booking another.

Use the My Disney Experience App

We know most people know this but it doesn’t hurt to restate it, Make sure you use the My Dinsey Experience App on any visit to Disney World. The Free app really is your ticket to a far improved Experience. Everything in the park just works better with the App, from FastPass Booking to Food Ordering, Checking Wait times and confirming Showtimes, even just navigating around the park, which can be challenging, is a doddle with the App! Pair this with the Free WiFi throughout the parks and it’s a real winner.

We simply could not imagine a visit to Dinsey World without the App and feel genuine sorrow for those doing things the old-fashioned way. In fact, the only downside is the battery drain the constant use of the app has on your battery…but we address this later.

Keep Checking

Never Give UP – Just because you are in the park does not mean you should stop checking, on the Day is one of the prime times for FastPasses Popping up. Remember, your FastPass Plans are completely changeable. At any point, you can cancel or swap any FastPass you like, the only limitation is availability.

Use your last FastPass as SOON as possible

As you want to get onto the On the Day Passes as quickly as possible you need to make sure you are at your third ride the second it opens. this does not matter for the first two as the third is always blocking progress onto the “On-The-Day” Passes but the second you use the Third Pass you can book a fourth.

Same With the next one, as soon as you use it you can Book the next and again and again

Use the Queues

We all hate queueing and that is why we go to such great lengths to max the FastPass to avoid the queues. But even with FastPass+, they are still unavoidable, even a FastPass+ can still require a 10-15 mins wait! But don’t just waste this time, use it to POUND the app to get more or better FastPasses.

The Parks are blessed with extensive and free Wifi so there is really no excuse but to use the time in the queues to plan the rest of your FastPasses. Use this time to constantly refresh the App to see if more suitable FastPasses are available or a Better time for the Rides you already have. Don’t limit this to the current day and park keep checking your upcoming Park Visits to see if better options are available.

You can use this Queue time for a host of other planning activities too, checking out which rides have the lowest Queues, Pre Ordering food, and confirming times of Shows and events. Time in the Queue needn’t be dead time, this is time you can use to plan so once off the ride you know exactly what you are doing next.

You Can Book another fast Pass as Soon as you Use your last one

You know this, we said it already but do you really know what that means. The Second you Scan your Pass, and the magic light goes green You are good to book another (ok there might be a short delay as the system updates) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE BEEN ON THE RIDE!

Yep do not wait until you have ridden the ride in question, as soon as you have scanned the pass, you can pull the app and start the hunt for your next FastPass+(assuming this is the last of your initial three or an on-the-day Pass). We see so many people coming off a ride and start discussing their Next FastPass, or standing in the queue discussing it without looking at their phone, people really think you have to ride it first, you don’t, it’s the scanning of the pass that triggers the usage. That time in the queue id the perfect time to bag the next FastPass+

Grace Periods –

Your Fast Pass Bookings are 1hr long windows, however, there are grace periods added to each end. You are allowed onto the ride 5 Minute early and have 10 Minutes after your pass where it “should” still work. We do not ever count on these but are aware of them in instances where we try and push our luck.

Showing up early is fairly harmless if the System is not ready the scanner just turns red and we stand aside and wait a little longer. Then 10mins post pass Grace period is a little riskier and we only use this by accident when we genuinely run late, but things go wrong and you may be stuck in a queue a little longer than anticipated, As such it is always worth giving the FastPass a go if you have just missed the allotted hours as they usually work up to 10 mins after.

As ever, treat the Cast member with politeness and humility, there is nothing to be gained by being rude to a cast member when it is you who is outside your allotted time. They do not control the system. You can always try begging if you just miss the timeslot+Grace, they are under no obligation, but a distraught child can sway them. Rudeness, seldom works, however.

Ride Breakdowns and Weather Breaks

Multi-Experience FastPass+

Ride breakdown, it is an unfortunate part of all ThemeParks, as boundaries are push ride tech gets ever more complicated and temperamental. Also Located in the Tropics as Florida is, Big Storms roll in and outdoor rides, heavy rain, and Lightning are a dangerous mix so rides are closed as the storms pass. Welcome to Florida Life.

However, if you have a FastPass for the period the ride is down you are obviously going to miss your slot! This nightmare scenario is played out nearly every day to some unfortunates in the parks. Fear not, Disney had this covered.

Your My Disney Experience App will be credited with a Multi-Experience Pass. This will be good for any time of the day and will give you access to any comparable ride of your choice, including the ride you just missed, in case it opens up again.

If you missed a Tier-1 Ride then that is a big deal, However, your Multi-Experience Pass will grant you access to any Tier-1 Ride, the same day, or the next, in any Park! We wish there was another way to get those!

Rider Switch

Rider Switch is designed for those with young kids or people who require more care. One Group/Adult Queue for a ride while the other stays with the child outside of the ride queue. After the first group or person has ridden the ride, the next group can jump in the FastPass+ Queue and skip the line.

However, if everyone in the Group has a FastPass Reservation, then you can use the FastPass line for the first group too.

The is a slight hack here where some riders can get two rides for one queue. Say a Family of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids, are riding, but the youngest kid doesn’t meet the First group Adult 1 + 2 Kids Queue up (or use a FastPass) and ride while Adult 2 Waits with the little-un. Then when Adult 1 takes over, the two kids who have just ridden can accompany adult 2 back onto the ride, effectively getting another go! This works for up to 3 people and is only a little naughty, You need to arrange a rider switch with the cast member so if it was frowned upon they wouldn’t let you.

There is another hack here but we think it crosses the line and doesn’t always work which could leave you being forced to wait in the standby line, so we will leave it out.

Dead Phone Battery!

All this App usage, Checking of Wait Times, Re-Booking of FastPasses, and of course, endless selfies and Instagram posting will drain your battery faster than the lifts fall in the Tower of Terror! Really Disney World is a huge battery drain and considering you could be at the park from 8 am – 10 pm! it’s a long day to make your batteries stretch.

And as soon as they go, that’s it no more FastPass Selections! Well actually that’s not quite true, but before we get to the last resort we strongly recommend a Power Bank (UK) There are loads available on Amazon for $30-40 or from any Electrical Store and they all really do the same thing, they are just an extra battery to charge your electricals from. Most Phones have a Battery of 3-5000mAh so the one we linked above will charge your phone 4-5 times over!

Disney even sells its own Power Banks in the parks from self-service kiosks. These are called FuelRod’s and are re-usable Powerbanks that cost $30 and offer free (fr now) replacements for spent rods. These are nowhere near the quality of the $30 Banks you will buy from Amazon but if you are in a pinch they could save your bacon!

However if that is not enough, or your spurned our advice and decided to risk it and are now without power, you can still book additional FastPasses in the parks, phew. There are several Kiosks dotted around the park, you can find these on your map on your…oh wait you don’t have your phone, better ask a cast member…but then you won’t have internet access so you can’t even read this and we are now talking to ourselves…Oh well, maybe you read this before your phone died and it’s lodge up in the grey matter somewhere that there are FastPass Kiosks all around the Park.

Have Your Say

Got any tricks and tips of your own to share with our readers? How do you go about Maximizing your FastPass+ Usage? Nay particular way you bag the Best or a top tip for getting more on the day? Whatever it is you want to share just leave us a comment below and if you have any questions just fire away in the comments.

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