Walt Disney World FastPass+Basics Explained – Our guide to getting started with your FastPass+ Reservations

FastPass+ is Disney’s answer to reducing queues and increasing guest enjoyment at all of Walt Disney World Resort Florida’s Theme Parks. All 4 Parks have their own system and it is FREE for every day you have a Ticket. It is a really great system and everyone should make maximum use out of it. It is however deviously complicated. While the interface and concept are all clear enough and simple to grasp there are little intricacies that you might miss or not understand that stop you from getting FULL use of the system.

Walt Disney World FastPass+Basics Explained

Walt Disney Worlds FastPass+ in a Nutshell

Disney’s FastPass+ System gives each ticketed person 3 Chances to Skip the Queues at nearly all Disney World Rides and Attraction. With Headline Attractions amassing Wait Times of over 180 minutes at peak times, it is a great system that can really help you get the best out of the parks!

Who gets to Use FastPass+

Every person with a Valid Ticket, for every day your ticket is valid. If you have 1 Day Ticket you get three Selections, a 2-Day Ticket 3 Selections both Days, 5-Day, 3 Selections all 5 Days. 14-day Ticket, You Guessed It, 3 Selections all 14 Days.

Which Park and Park Hoppers.

As Your Disney Ticket is Valid at all 4 ThemeParks () and with Park Hopper Tickets you can hop between them it is up to you to decide which park you are going to visit and assign your 3 accordingly. There is nothing stopping you from booking 3 Passes at Magic Kingdom and then going to Epcot…Your FastPasses won’t work but it is up to you to work out which park you are going to visit.

With Park Hopper Tickets you each person can only reserve FastPasses for One Park for your Initial 3 Passes.

Getting More than 3 FastPass+ Reservations.

Some People see this as a tip or Trick, some piece of privileged information, we simply see it as how the system works. You are not in any way limited to 3 FastPasses a day. You can have Theoretically* unlimited.

The Only Restriction is you cannot pre-book more than 3. And you have to have used these 3 before booking another. You then have to use that one before booking the next and so on, but there is no limit, you can keep on going all day. There are only so many FastPasses given out per hour timeslot so there is no guarantee of availability but if the Pass is available, and you have used your initial 3 you can book it.

*We Say Theoretically as there are limits on the availability and obviously only so much time in the day, Eventually the park will close, but there is no cap on the number each person can have, just practical limits.

Which Rides Use FastPass+

Floating Mountains Pandora Animal Kingdom

Nearly all of them* and not just the rides to, lots of shows and Character Meets all offer FastPass+ Bookings too and these can save a heap of time, all though we tend to avoid the shows.

We have full lists of all the FastPass Enabled Rides and which are most deserving of your bookings here:

*for the time being Rise Of Resistance at Galaxies Edge is not using FastPass and instead requires the overly complex Boarding Group Booking system to bag a ride.

FastPass+ Bookings are VERY popular

FP+ Unavailable

This is the Downside to the System, it only works if the FastPass+ Allocation for each ride is limited. If it were just a free for all, it would just operate as a standby line does. This means competition for certain FastPass+ Bookings is fierce, they run out fast. And by fast we mean 4-5mins after going live!

You need to be ready at the moment your booking window opens to bag the best attractions at the best times. Even then that can not be enough. See below for our full guide on getting the hardest to get FastPass+ Reservations.

How To GetDifficult FastPass+ Reservations

FastPass+ Booking Windows

When you can book from depends on whether or not you are a guest. Extended FastPass+ Booking windows are one of the biggest perks of staying in a Disney hotel and you really miss out if you are staying off-resort, you probably saved a packet, but you miss out on the extended window!

Resort Guest

60 Days + number of days at Resort

As a Disney Resort Hotel Guest, you get to book ALL your FastPass+ Reservations from 60 Days out from your reservation. PLUS the Number of days you are staying. Meaning, when your stay is 60Days away you can book tickets for every day of that stay even though those days are 61,62,63,64 etc, days away. They all become available as soon as you hit the 60-day mark.

This means you have one crazy day booking in all your trips FastPass+ reservations.

Non-Resort Guest

30 Days From Visit

If you have chosen not to stay in a Disneyworld Hotel you are limited to 30 Days out. And that is a rolling day limit. For example on a 4-day trip, you will only be able to book each day as it becomes 30-days away, so you will need to be ready at 7:00 am ET for every day of your trip.

The other obvious downside is all the Hotel Guests have already been through and have their picks of the best FastPasses you are getting the dregs, and at very busy times there really can be very little available. There is a very good chance, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Test Track, Soarin, Frozen Ever After, Slinky Dog Dash, Tower of Terror, Micky And Minnies Runaway Railroad, and Both Avatar rides are completely gone when you get to them at peak times!

Again read our How To GetDifficult FastPass+ Reservations Guide for your best shot at getting good FastPass Reservations.

Booking Your FastPass+

FastPass Booking

You can Book Your Fast Pass through the My Disney Experience App or Via the Desktop Webpage, You can also call customer services and have them do it for you. However, it is really time to step into the 21st century. Using the App at the parks is incredibly useful. To have access to all your plans, FastPass Bookings, Waitimes, and full park Maps in the palm of your hand is invaluable and the Free Wifi through the parks helps make sure you are always connected.

While We tend to use the Desktop version, getting familiar with the app before your trip is important. That way on the Day you can navigate the park, grab extra FastPasses, Find the Shortest Queues, pre-order your food, and generally Boss Disney!

The Problem here is Battery Life, you may want to invest in a power bank as you are likely to eat through your battery big time! There are FastPass+ Terminals dotted around the Park in case you fully deplete your power stores but we see these as a last resort.

What Time to Book You FastPass+ Bookings for?

day 2 FP+ Availability

The Million Dollar Question and it has two answers, and a third universal truth!

First off you need to decide are you looking to hit as many FastPasses as possible? or just miss the biggest queues at the park. If you are going for Max Rides, you need to hit the parks at Rope-Drop, and have all your Fast Pass Bookings as early as possible! That way after you use your third FastPass you can start looking for extras!

If your trip is more sedate and you want to soak up the parks, take everything in but still jump on a few big rides, then booking from 11-4 will skip the longest queues of the day. This works great if you are arriving a couple of hours after opening, and might stay till the end. To do this without FastPass Bookings could see you stood in several 2+Hour queues, that is not enjoying the Park! Instead, Book Your Fast Passes for the peak times and slip past the queues onto the best Rides!

And Finally, the Universal Truth, Get what you can! ” The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men”. Too often people sit down with their Laptops at 6:59 ET with their Spreadsheets ready, plans all drawn up, and timings down to the minute, only to have the reality of what is available that day driven straight through their plans!

FastPass+ Reservations are Completely Changeable!

Some People hate set routine, others are really fearful of commitment, others like to wing it or plan as they go, Even the most organized and Pre-Planning kind of people know that things just change! So don’t sweat your FastPass Bookings too much, they are completely changeable!

You can change the Time of any booking at any time, You can change it to any other ride in the same Park (of comparable Tier) You can even scrap your bookings completely and Re-Book at a different park.

The only Limitation is Availability, and this can, unfortunately, make things difficult, If you have a Flight Of Passage, Micky and Minnie Runaway Railroad, or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you probably won’t get another if you have to give it up.

Using You FastPass+ Bookings

Using Your FastPass could not be easier. Simply head to the Ride during your allotted booking window and locate the very obvious FastPass+ Entrance, and scan your Ticket or MagicBand. As you walk down the FastPass+ Entrance path you may notice on some rides there is ample opportunity to skip from the StandBy Line into the FastPass Queue. This is an easy form of Queue Skipping, and while immoral, not impossible, however, to counter this, most rides will have a second FastPass Scanner at the point the two queue lines merge, so if you have skipped the queue you will be turned away!

Magic Band

If you have a Magic Band this is your way of checking into the FastPass Queues, just tap the band on the reader and wait for the magic Greenlight and you are in!

Physical Ticket

If you are not using a MagicBand you simply scan your Physical Ticket, this is RFID enabled and linked to your My DinseyExperience in the same way as the MagicBand, you just have to keep getting it out your pocket.

Grace Period

While Bookings are 1-Hour windows, you have a little wiggle room on this. Fast Pass Queues will start letting you in 5mins before you allotted time and will stay active for at least 10mins afterward, so if you are early, give it a try it might go green, if you are running late don’t just give up, try it and you may be lucky. Even if not you can try looking distraught that you missed the time by a couple of mins, the Cast Member may take pity on you (Remember to be nice though, it’s not their fault YOU missed the slot!).

Different People can have different FastPasses

If different people like different things then you do not all have to use the same FastPasses for the Same Rides, if you have younger kids who don’t want to ride the rollercoasters, but older kids (and adults) that do you can totally swap them around. When you are building your selections you add each individual group member to the FastPass. You can completely mix it up so every member has completely different FastPasses… as if it wasn’t confusing enough.

Kids under 3 do not need FastPass+

If your children are under 3 they do not need a park ticket and as such it is impossible to assign FastPasses, so they do not need them. If you have a FastPass and they meet the height requirements, they will be allowed on the ride with you.

Rider Switch

You can use Rider Switch with FastPass+ in exactly the same way as the Standby Line, only the first Party goes through the FastPass line rather than the standby, and then the second group goes through the FastPass queue too, while it is possible to hack this system a little it is best if all riders have valid FastPass Reservations.

Ride Goes Down?

Multi-Experience FastPass+

This is everyone’s worst nightmare, and it happens often. You spent Months panning your FastPass+ Reservations, you were Johnny on the spot when our window opened, and have been victorious in securing the perfect FastPass+ Slots for the day. The 30 mins before your ride, it goes down, or the heavens open and the ride is closed !!!

Fear Not, Dinsey has this covered and you will be automatically credited a new fast pass that will be valid on ANY ride of a similar category/popularity for any time that day. If your Tier-1 Ride goes down you will get a Super Pass for any Tier-1 Ride in any park that day or even the Day after! You can find all the details of what Disney has granted you in the App

Ticketed Events

Special Ticketed Events at Disney do not use FastPass+. These events, such as After-hours, Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, or Mickies Merry Christmas Party, are limited numbers, and queues are normally pretty low, so there is no need. However, some events do allow you entry to the park up to three hours before the event and you can book FastPasses to use during that time.

Annual Pass Holders

The same rules apply to annual Pass Holders as everyone else, you can book from 30Days out or 60 Days if you book a resort Stay. If you are an annual pass holder you probably know this but we thought we would add it for completeness.

FasPass+ Tips and Tricks

There are loads of ways to get the BEST out of your Fast Passes, but in this article, we just wanted to show the basics, how the FastPass+ System works and how t use it. To Maximize your experience and get the best out of it we have a Full FastPass+ Tips and Trick Article with all the best hacks and techniques to get the MOST out of your pass.

Have Your Say

Let us know your thoughts on the FastPass+ System at Disney World Orlando. Have you used the System? Did you find it useful? or was it overcomplicated and not worth the effort? Maybe you smashed 10+ in a day? Whatever you have to say we would love to hear from you, so just leave us a comment below? Have we missed something? Still, something you don’t understand? Just drops a comment and we will get right back to you.

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