Transportation from Newark airport to manhattan – Whats the best way to get into the City from Newark Liberty Airport

Transportation from Newark airport to manhattanNewark Liberty International Airport is the first port of call for many of New York’s Visitors and getting to and from the Airport is one of the first and last problems to solve. Fortunately there are plenty of different options for transportation  from Newark Airport to Manhattan. There are good choices for every type of person and budget Here are some of your options

AirTrain + New Jersey Transit Train

The best budget option is to catch the AirTrain from your terminal to the New Jersey Transit station. From there you can board a New Jersey Transit Train that runs direct into Penn Station right in the heart of Manhattan. You can then catch a Subway to wherever your hotel is situated. Or Walk if its located in Midtown.

AirTrain and nj transit train

The Fare is very reasonable at just $13.00 for the AirTrain and NJT combined and then just $2.50 for the subway ride. But the Cheap fare is not the biggest attraction for this method. Its the Speed. Avoiding All of New York’s Potentially horrendous traffic means within 30-40mins of leaving the terminal you are in the heart of Manhattan.

The Downside is you need to manhandle your own luggage the whole way. This is not too bad if Penn Station is your final stop as would be the case for people staying midtown. Most of the Penn station, suitcases can be wheeled through or escalators are provided. If you need to catch a follow on Subway Train the Stations are a little less Luggage friendly and you may encounter some steps.

For us Its not a big deal as we are fit and healthy but for anyone a little less physically able you may not want to be humping 20+kg up steps. Or you may just not want to and are willing to pay for the convenience of not having to.

This journey can obviously be reversed for a return trip to the Airport. One trip our flight required us to make this journey at rush hour and while Penn Station was very busy and the NJT was very Packed the overall journey time was not effected and we arrived at the Airport in plenty of time! I dread to think what road Journey would have taken at that time.

Top Tip: Remember DON’T get off at New Jersey Penn Station, You need the next stop New York Penn Station. You will have quite a walk (and Swim) if you get off the station before!

Taxitaxicabs new york

A very convenient simple option would be to jump into a Taxi. As you exit the terminal the Yellow cab Station is well signposted and you will have not rouble finding the queues of Cabs waiting to whisk you direct to your hotel door. The two downsides are they are not particularly cheap. All that convenience costs expect to pay $60-70 + Tolls + Tip, depending on where your hotel is located.

Second you are completely at the mercy of some of the Countries worst traffic. expect 1-1.5hours in light traffic and much more in rush hour. At least you will get to see some of the city.

Also there isn’t a good reason to use a taxi over the next two options as they are either cheaper (shuttles) or Better and as costly (Car Service)


There a many Airport Shuttles available. These are especially good if you area large group. Once Booked they will pick you and your luggage up from the airport for around $12-16 per person and whisk you to one of a number of set destinations or possibly your actual hotel depending on the service. The Shuttles are shared so don’t expect a private service (obviously if your group is big enough you will naturally fill the shuttle so it will be private)

Again the Shuttle services are road based and at the mercy of New York’s Traffic.

Car Service

Another option is a Car Service. This is a pre-booked private car that will pick you up at the airport and take you exactly where you want to go. You know the group of men with signs standing at the arrivals gate. Book a Car Service and there will be a man with your name on it. Apart from once again the problem of facing New York’s Traffic this is the best option. It won’t surprise you that its also quite expensive.

Hire Car

Of course you can hire a car and drive your self. There are all the usual Options you would expect at an International Airport. As you might imagine parking in New York City is not the cheapest of easiest, check with your Hotel first. And I might have mentioned the New York Traffic…Good Luck with that! I would only recommend this option should you wish to Use New York as the First part of a Road Trip or plan on driving somewhere else. If its solely a New York Trip I just wouldn’t consider a car at all.


While Getting to your hotel can be quite a chore after a long tiring flight. These options should offer you a cost effective easy way to get into the city from Newark. While the New Jersey Transit Train is one of the cheapest and the quickest it does lack the convenience of the Road options. Shuttles are great for the budget conscious while a Car service is a great way for those who want the best hassle free solution. Taxi’s Are really only for someone who can’t be bothered to look into other options. But they are easy and convenient!

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I hope you find this guide useful and helps you kick off your stay the right way. Please comment below if you have any experience of Getting from Newark Airport or if you have any further questions, Just leave Us a comment and we will be sure to get back to you.



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