Live Blog – Day 6 – Early dash to Red Rock Canyon in Lamborghini! – PH Cabana – WikedSpoon Buffet – Last Night

This is the first time all trip we used an alarm clock. And the reason was to get up bright and early to take the Lamborghini up to the Red Rock Canyon for Sunrise and some quiet roads. Unfortunately, the bad weather that has blighted Tuesday had returned to the valley and this kind of put a damper on things.

Red Rock Canyon in Lamborghini

Still, I was down at the Valet for 4:30 in order to get out to the park in plenty of time to hopefully be the first on the road for the Red Rock Canyon loop. Driving through Vegas in the very early hours (on a non-weekend) is a pretty eerie experience and in a Lambo, it’s even stranger. There is a real sense of I shouldn’t be here doing this at this time. The quiet empty streets really echo back the pops and bangs from the exhaust as I made my way out of town. Kate opting for a lie-in, leaving me to get out and have a play on my own.

The drive to the canyon only took 20-25 minutes with the quiet roads meaning I was there well before the 6 am opening. Unfortunately, the weather up in the canyon was pretty awful. Thick cloud and drizzle making for very un-photogenic scenery. The cloud layer meant there was no real sunrise and just a gentle brightening.

I got to the toll booth 15 mins before opening and there was already a queue…who comes to a scenic canyon at this time on a day like today. A lot of people apparently. Once open I heading in to take a lap of the loop road. This is great driving territory for the Lambo but the 25mph speed limit did a little to offset the fun. As did the pair of Pick-Up trucks that had to get up super early to drive the loop road really slowly in the rain, some people confuse me!

After squeezing past on the one-way loop road I finally had a clear road. The straights were not really a good place to floor it but the tight corners and switchbacks were a great way to test the handling, safe in the knowledge there was no one coming the other way…although there are tortoises out here and they would make a heck of a mess of the front bumper/splitter!

After lapping the canyon I hit the open roads around the canyon inf the hope the skies would clear and I could head back and get some shots and footage of the car against the stunning red rock backdrops. But nothing was doing so I headed back into the park for another, more careful loop and a few stops for some scenic photography.

After this, my time was up. I had to head back into Vegas and hand back the keys to my Lamborghini Dream. It was a sad moment but an experience that will provide memories forever…or until the next time we hit Vegas…

Fortunately, by the time I returned to Vegas the skies had cleared and our old friend was back in the sky spreading his joy all around. Which was lucky as we had plans to continue our Rock Star lifestyle with…

Planet Hollywood Pool Cabana

PH Pool Cabana

The Planet Hollywood Pool is not our favorite pool in Vegas…Which a bit of an understatement really. It is a large, bland, concrete courtyard, with two small raised pools at either end. Bar prices are high and it really has very little going for it. It tries to be quite modern but it really is quite uninspiring. But we really needed some good pool time and as the pool is not so great and the town was quite quiet Cabana Prices were really cheap.

In the end, we paid only $100 for an 8 person Cabana with Flatscreen TV, Huge Fruit platter, personal sunbeds, Water, Safe, and a dedicated host and wait staff. It’s a pretty cool way to spend the day and really feels very indulgent. It makes for great Instagram photo’s too making the people back home really think you are living it up!

PH Fruit platter
Fruit Platter at Planet Hollywood Pool Cabana

Vegas was Bathing in a small hole that was punched out of some pretty dramatic clouds that were built up around the mountains. The temperature had dropped quite a bit but it was still in the low 80’s and in the sun was lovely and warm. After getting up at 4 am I was definitely enjoying just lazing around, and Kate like nothing more than basking in the sun. However, the weather was ominous and clouds kept breaking loose from the masses obscuring the sun for short periods. On the whole though for most of the morning it stayed quite warm and very sunny.

As we drifted into the early afternoon, The clouds finally spilled over from the mountains and the wind picked up and it looked like we would get rain for the second time. Fortunately, we had both skipped breakfast, well apart from the fruit platter and our final treat of the Vegas leg of this trip was next on the menu. The incoming cloud and the growing grumbling in our bellies made this the perfect time hi the Wicked Spoon Brunch Buffet.

Wicked Spoon Buffet

The Wicked Spoon is right up there as one of our favorite Buffets. It was the one that started it all off, the whole Ultra High-end Buffet. Before this Buffets were all super cheap eat as much as you can affairs with a pretty bad reputation, the wicked spoon changed all that and introduced restaurant-style dishes to an all you can eat format.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Starter!

It has been doing it quite a while now and some claim it has lost its edge with some fierce competition. We fully disagree and the wicked spoon is as great as ever. it sits 3rd on our best buffet list but this is only as the bacchanal and the Wynn are so fantastic, it isn’t a slight on the Spoon.

Brunch is easily the best choice for us at the wicked spoon it just goes so well with the modern style of the buffet. Priced at $28 midweek it’s a pretty decent price compared to the rivals and the drinks package at $17 is great value.

The selection is pretty overwhelming. There is a large Asian influence but there are plenty of regular American dishes too. We started off with a plate of appetizers, Dim Sum, Duck wings, curried shrimp salad, and some pretty decent Poke…this made us very happy! Following that we went mainly for the lunch items, some carved meats, angry mac and cheese, and the cheese-topped Hash browns.

There was also a large selection of breakfast items, waffles, pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Breakfast meats, and an Omelet station. For once we took it easy as we wanted to hit the deserts

the desserts stations are pretty amazing. The Bourbon White Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding was killer. There is a huge selection of various little dainty patisseries and delights and a great Gelato Station. It really is a case of you can’t possibly try everything, and you will leave feeling you need to come back as you just couldn’t quite get round to this or that!

After an initial welcome, we never saw our waiter again. This was a worry at first as our bubbly was running low and our plates needed collection, but we got up for more food, and upon our return, our table was cleared and a fresh glass of Prosecco waiting. Our server pulled this trick every time we got up for food. So every time we returned to a clean table and fresh drinks.

As for the drinks package for $17 we ended up with 5 Glasses of Prosecco each, which is good value by any standards but in Vegas that is a damn good deal, a bottle each and we really didn’t drink hard or fast. After requesting the bill our server returned with our sixth glass and showed no real sign of stopping. There is supposed to be a two-hour limit…but we were reaching our own personal limits at this point.

After this, we headed back to the Pool Cabana to sleep off the indulgence. Unfortunately, by now, the cloud had really taken over and we only got a few further spots of sun breaking through. Fortunately, the Hot tub was right next to our cabana so we soaked the afternoon away in there with a few drinks from the pool bar.


With that this Vegas Adventure was almost over. We would check out early tomorrow for our whirlwind Road trip around the Grand Canyon. Three National Parks and 1200 miles, and unlimited amounts of jaw-dropping scenery all in a few days. So, for now, we packed things up and headed out for our last night on the strip.

Final Night Ocean One Bar and Grille

The last night we headed out for a few drinks and then hit a few casinos. Starting off in brilliant Ocean One Bar And Grill. They have a fantastic 3for1 on Cocktails. All-day Everyday and is probably one of our favorite bars in Vegas. A cocktail costs $10 and once you are finished they bring another for free then another. It is a great deal and these are not some crappy spirit and mixer cocktails but proper pours of real liquors. Strong Tasty and only $3.33 each. Really fantastic.

Ocean One Martini

The food is great here too but we were still well stuffed from the wicked spoon so we stuck to drinks. We then headed across the street to the Bellagio to take a look at their current Chinese New Year Conservatory display which was pretty wonderful. We had a look around the resort before hitting the casino.

We just played slots for an hour or so, again plenty of wins but nothing worth cashing out. Following this, we headed back to PH to try our luck there. Again nothing doing but a few free Martini’s so we called it a night and headed up to the room for the final look at the fountains at night.

By now the rain and storms that had threatened all week finally hit and we were treated to some biblical storms. rain lashed the strip and lightning flashed across the sky.

Road Trip

Tomorrow we would head out of Vegas in our Nissan Rouge and start our Whirlwind Road trip.

Starting out we head for Zion National Park. Here plan to take in a few hikes before heading out to Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah, for Sunset. We will Stay over in the Park and catch the sunrise the morning after before hot-footing it down to Page Arizona for Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Then down to watch the sun go down over the incredible Grand Canyon.

After Dark, we start out with a nighttime push to Seligman on Route 66 where we will stopover in a classic Route 66 Motel. Then we pick up the 66 and follow it all the way to Los Angeles, where we have a meeting with a certain mouse and friends. And finally on to San Diego. Where we have a whole host of activities planned.

Well, that’s the plan, Stay Tuned to see how it works out. Things are already looking pretty bad as the Spring weather is just not playing ball. We have Rain forecast all day in Zion, Snow and Freezing Temps in Bryce, and Thunderstorms all day for when we are in GC. It really is looking like a wash-out and it has put a bit of a damper on our last night in Vegas. However, we had terrible weather forecast the last three days in Vegas and it never really came as predicted so fingers crossed our poor gambling luck means we win big on the weather…

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