Live Blog – Day 2 – Relaxing at Napili Point – Gazebo and Seahouse Happy Hour

October 26th, 2022

Our first day in Napili was one of pretty much relaxing in the Resort. However, we did manage to squeeze in a few notable things in, among the doing nothing!

We had started to get on top of the Jet Lag, but by heading out to Maui, it added a few more hours to our time delay. This meant a really early start for me. Kate managed a few more hours but I was stark awake at around 5:00 am.

Sipping Maui Coffee on the Lanai, looking out over the ocean as I waited for the sunrise was not exactly a bad way to wake up at 5 am. The resort was peaceful and serene with a light breeze and the odd passing rain shower.

Honokeana Cove

Honokeana Cove

As day broke I geared up and made the arduous trek to the Cove entrance, all of 100 meters, barefoot in the soft leafy grass that grows out on the point. The entrance is a little tricky and requires a scramble over slippy sharp Lava Rocks, but there is a nice shelf and shallow entry point once you get down the rocks.

It was early morning and well before the hordes of tourists decent on the cove, so the turtles were busy going about their feeding. We estimate there are probably 30-40 Turtles that call the cove home. They shelter and rest here overnight before heading out to feed and explore in the surrounding bays during the day. This means there can be far fewer Turtles in the cove during the day, but catch it just at sunrise, before they head off on their business and the cove is rammed.

I decided to count them, but after getting to over 10 in around 2 minutes, I gave up and just enjoyed the Snorkel. The bay is in pretty good condition with loads of healthy coral growth and lots of good-sized fish. The water was wonderfully warm and clarity was pretty good considering the fairly rough conditions outside of the Cove.

I had planned to swim around to Napili but the surf out on the point was pretty big so I just kept to the bay as the light got better and better. Apart from the huge number of turtles, it was a fairly predictable snorkel with nothing out of the ordinary just a huge number of the regular reef fish we see most snorkels. There was a large Bluefin Trevally hunting on the edges but other than that nothing to report.

Still, any snorkel in Maui is pretty special and snorkeling with 30+ Sea Turtles is not exactly an everyday occurrence in most parts of the world!

The Gazebo

After my dip, I headed back to the condo, kate had now also succumbed to the Jet lag and was up. As we sipped coffee on the Lanai a pretty beefy rainstorm rolled in. Rain in this part of Maui is pretty common, but it is usually shortlived and sure enough, after 15mins it rolled off.

This led to probably the most perfect Rainbow we have ever seen. The colors were so vivid and the arch was 100% complete, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect welcome to Maui!

After the storm has passed we took a stroll around the point to Napili Bay for the best breakfast in the world. The Gazebo. The queue was pretty huge, around an hour at least, but we don’t often actually dine in, instead we either phone through the order for collection, or pop to the Take-Out order point at the back of the Gazeebo. We popped our order in then went down to the Tide Pool to spot turtles.

We ordered the Breakfast Burrito and a half portion of Fried Rice. We first visited GAzebo on our Honeymoon to Maui many years again and were blown away by the food and the location, however back then one thing we didn’t know was how big the portions are, we have learned since and one portion is more than enough for two people. The Breakfast Burrito is huge and comes with house potatoes too so splitting this and a half portion of rice is more than enough, and even then we had enough rice to last a couple more meals!

After 10-15 mins watching the Turtles in the surf, we headed back up to grab our order and head back to the Condo.

Napili Point Resort

We had booked a Condo at the Napili Point resort. This seafront resort is fairly old with a wonderful rustic charm. We had booked the Unit through VBRO and because of this, we got a great price and could pick the exact unit we wanted.

Out was the last unit at the far end of the resort. This gave it almost total privacy as there were no exits and nothing else past our unit so there was just no reason to head down this way. However, by not booking directly with the resort we lacked anyone to shout at if things were not up to standard. And things were not up to Standard.

We noticed last night the BBQ areas were dug up. This meant the BBQs right in front of our property were out of use and worse the scenic Ocean view we had paid for was a building site! After breakfast, we also noticed a crew of workmen descending on the grounds and taking up work right in front of our condo.

A rainstorm rolled in and the workmen ran for cover, right under our Lanai where we were trying to relax. Now we are not ones to deny someone shelter so we welcomed the unfortunate worker and started to Quiz him about the work.

He explained they were renewing the irrigation system and they would be digging the lawns up, all over the resort, including right in front of our condo for the next few weeks! Now, we appreciate maintenance work needs to be done, but we had not been warned of this intrusion and would not have chosen to stay here for any price with the level of impact this work was to have on our Vacation.

With this totally unacceptable situation playing on our minds we began planning a course f action. If we had booked direct we would be up at the office getting this sorted. But we hadn’t and knew they would just direct us back to the host we booked with. So naturally, this was our next course of action and we sent a firm Message to the Hosts.

We hung out at the condo for a while before deciding to head off for another Snorkel so Katie could say hello to the Turtles. Upon our return, the workman had started digging outside our unit. But we had also heard back from the Hosts. This work had not been scheduled yet and they were really surprised it had started already. And as luck would have it, they were flying out the following day to stay in the condo next door and would get onto the Resort to get things sorted!

We decided with the Hosts actually being present in the next few days we would be able to accurately demonstrate the issues and make sure we came to some sort of settlement. At least we stopped searching the internet for alternative accommodations!

Sea House Happy Hour

Instead, we headed out to the Sea House for their amazing Happy Hour. We love this waterfront restaurant and make a note of hitting the Happy hour every trip. It’s one of our favorites with great cocktails, $6 beers and house wine, and really nice Pupus at cut prices!

We started off with a Mai Tai and then followed up with the Crispy Fried Three Cheese Ravioli, Coconut Shrimp, and Garlic Parmesan Fries with a couple of beers and wines to finish off overlooking the bay. The table next to us was a bit rowdy and after starting off cordially, asking about us and our views on certain British things, one member got all Conspiracy Theory, ranting about Pyramids in Mississippi and all sorts of crazy things. So we paid the check and left in search of some peace and quiet.

BBQ Steak Dinner

Back at the condo, our E-Mail to the Host has started to work and a fire seemed to have been lit under the resort. A team of Gas Specialists were attending to the BBQs to get them up and running and the holes had mainly been filled in with now further expansion our way.

It was still a bit mucky underfoot around the BBQs but they were back in use and we were able to grill our other Steak from yesterday out on the grills overlooking the ocean. Once again accompanied by some Poke and Fried Rice from breakfast.

We then retired for an early night after a very relaxed day. Much needed after the trials of the previous week.

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