Hotels Near Times Square, New York City – The 12 Best Hotels on Times Square

Times Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, receiving over 330,000 visitors every day. It is the first place on most people’s minds when booking a New York Hotel Stay, and the most popular part of the City to Stay. This is partly due to its fantastic locations in the heart of the City but also down to its pure famousness. Many people just don’t look beyond the iconic square right in the heart of the City.

While there are definite pros and cons to staying in New Yorks Beating heart, there is no doubt being right in the middle Of the biggest City in the USA is a thrilling and exciting place to base your trip. While we take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of Staying on Times Square here, This article takes a look at all The Best Hotels on Times Square. We look at the best budget hotels, the best luxury, and the Hotels with the best views along with the best Hotels Near Times Square, but that are just off it.

Hotels Near Times Square, New York City

So, if you are looking for the perfect Times Square hotel to base your exploration of the big apple we have you covered no matter what your budget or expectations.

Should We Stay On Times Square?

There are a number of Benefits to Staying on the Square, The primary reason is the central location. You really are right in the heart of the City, and the thrill and buzz of being in the center of one of the busiest metropolises in the world is quite a high.

However, a quick look at travel boards and forums will have the “experts” warning people off staying anywhere near the square. This is because despite the advantages there are numerous drawbacks to staying n the square as well.

This makes answering the question of whether or not to stay on the square a tricky one. It is quite personal and many people (us included) will have a wonderful time staying right in the thick of things. Others less so, the overtly tourist nature of the square is a real turn-off for some and the incredible crowds will be too much for some to bear.

We dig deep into the topic in our Should We Stay On Times Square Article to help you decide if the Square is the right choice for you?

Times Sqaure New York Hotel Prices

The Best Hotels on Times Square

New York has some of the most expensive Hotel Prices in the country. Despite the huge number of hotel rooms available in the City, there are a huge number of tourists to fill them. This number is highly volatile though and the ebb and flow of tourist numbers mean the price market for hotels is hugely variable.

We have tried to give an accurate price range for the hotels on this list but the truth is they vary massively and at very busy times they can be 2-3x more than we list. The only way to know for sure is to look up live prices on your dates.

If your dates are savagely high then it is likely the city will be very busy on your trip. If possible consider a quieter time, but if that is not possible, keep hunting as there is often a hotel out there yet to be so fully booked that are still offering lower prices.

Also, timing is key and booking at the right time is the best way to guarantee the best price, how do you know when is the best time to book…We use a nifty trick that can secure the best rates and it is all to do with who you book with.

Where to Book?

Our preferred booking site is Almost all of our hotel bookings go through the platform and the majority of the time they are the cheapest price.

However, the main reason for using is the FREE cancellation. This works so well we almost always end up happy with the rate we booked at. It’s pretty simple.

As the Site offers FREE cancellation there is no need to concern yourself with the current price. As long as the price is affordable, go ahead and secure your booking. But keep an eye on things, keep checking the prices and if they drop, which they often do, simply cancel the booking and Rebook at the better Price!

Find a better offer elsewhere, again, cancel the booking and go with the better price.

We know the first few times you try this it is a worry it might not work that well, that maybe there are hidden charges or the canceling is more difficult than the booking. But it works really well. We find we don’t even Cancel. Just by booking at a better price the Site auto detects dual bookings and asks if we want to cancel the more expensive room.

We have saved $100’s this way and continue to do so. Always securing, not only the hotel we want but knowing we got the best price we could have paid!

We have provided handy links to all the hotels below on where available. This way you can check live prices and secure a low, free cancellation booking. However, be warned some hotels do not offer free cancellation so make sure you check this before booking.

We do receive a small commission if you book via our links, this is one way we support the site.

1 – LUMA Hotel Times Square

  • Location 41st Street
  • Price – $150-$250 Per Night
  • Best For – Location
Luma Hotel Skyline Room

Ultra-modern hotel right in the heart of the City. The Luma is perhaps perfectly placed. It’s right next to the Square but no so close you will be forced to deal with crowds every time you step out. To the back of the hotel is Bryant Park great for a morning coffee and a little respite from the city. The Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center are a few blocks in either direction. You are also surrounded by a selection of subway stops that will whisk you anywhere you need to go, including direct access to JFK Via Jamaica station on the blue line.

The Hotel really is perfect for exploring the city. Inside the hotel is clean and fresh with a really bright modern look. Views are limited to the Park Plaza and Skyline rooms. With the latter offering peek-a-boo views of the Times Square Ball and the Paramount Building. The Urban and Metro Rooms offer views of rooftops and back-alleys so paying extra for the upgraded rooms is worthwhile.

The Hotels amenities are limited there is a great bar and restaurant (with a great happy hour) and that’s about it, but with everything the entire City of New York offers right on your doorstep you don’t need to spend time in the hotel!

No matter what gauge we use this hotel nearly always comes out with a top score. The Price is certainly manageable by New York Standards, The Staff always go the extra mile and the near-perfect location makes this a fantastic option for almost anyone. It lacks the wow factor of some of New York’s large hotels, but we do not always think that is a bad thing.

2 – Merrion Row Hotel and Public House

  • Location 45th Street
  • Price – $200 – $300 Per Night
  • Best For – Small Boutique Hotel
Merrion Row Times Square

Boutique hotels have become so popular that many chain hotels and less scrupulous hoteliers have jumped on the bandwagon to the point where some bold plush wallpaper and old furniture are all it takes to class a hotel as a Boutique. This masks the reality that the establishment can be nothing more than a cramped rathole in a dreadful location. For us, even the mention of a boutique hotel causes an eye roll.

However, there is a reason these types of hotels became so popular, and when the owners get it right these small, classy, establishments can be spectacular. If you want to know exactly what we mean by this. Stay at the Merrion Row!

This tiny little location, right n the heart of everything has oodles of charm packed into its small footprint. The Ground floor is a quaint lobby/bar/restaurant combo styled around an Irish Public house. The Hotel has a feel of a high-end London hotel, including the snappily-dressed doorman.

The rooms are small with limited views but are fantastically decorated and feel really warm and homey. For such a small and unassuming hotel the Merrion Row packs a real punch and leaves a lasting impression on its guests. The biggest downside is availability. There are not too many rooms and the hotel books up really fast.

3 – Casablanca Hotel by Library Hotel Collection

  • Location 43rd Street
  • Price – $250-$350 Per Night
  • Best For – Old Fashioned New York Luxury
Casablanca hotel times

The Casablanca is anything but modern, but the styling is far from dated, it’s timeless elegance that takes you back to hotels of old. Deep rich wood paneling and plush carpets along with “that” hotel smell.

The Staff are wonderful and some of the most highly rated in the city. The Footprint is small and rooms are cozy, but in the real sense, not the Estate Agent “lingo” for small! Location is JUST off the Square, close enough to get a real sense of being in the heart of the City, but also far enough away to take a left out the door and get away from the madness too. Downstairs is Tony di Napili Italian restaurant, which is one of our favorite Times Square eateries.

The Casablanca is a real home away from home and guests love the hotel, ranking it on TripAdvisor as the second highest-rated hotel in the whole city. Quite a feat, we don’t put too much trust in TripAdvisor reviews but that sort of positioning is unarguable!

4 – Times Sqaure EDITION – New York

Times Square Edition

One of the newest hotels in New York, only completed in 2019 the development is still shiny new. Inside is Ultra ultra-modern and may be offputting for some. It is all muted dark tones and clean lines with accents of green! However, if the style fits your taste it is incredibly striking!

The rooms are small but airy and bright with simple and clean decor, a definitely minimalist feel. Views from the room are one of the top-selling points with even the worst rooms having a nice city view. Get a high floor Times Square view and prepare to be blown away! The Hotel is perfectly placed to offer stunning views right down onto the square, although a pesky building blocks the best views the hotel still offers great views of the square below. You can even book a balcony room to get out and really feel the buzz of the City.

The Hotel really puts you right in the heart of the action, for better or worse. And has a large retail complex at the base of the tower including Hershey’s world and the LOL comedy club. The TKTS stand is right across the street. The Building itself is adorned by one of the world’s largest LCD Screens, the Jumbotron! While you are right in the thick of things the entrance is off 48th street and it does give you access to the hotel without braving the square.

The Outdoor-rooftop Lobby bar is truly stunning and the Garden Terrace restaurant is a wonderful green space in the heart of the city. There is also an excellent fitness center if trekking around New York is not enough exercise for you.

If you are looking for really modern New York luxury the Edition really does fit the bill.

5 – New York Marriott Marquis

  • Location 46th/45th Street
  • Price – $200-$300 Per Night
  • Best For – Iconic Times Square Luxury
Times Square Marriott Marquis

The Marriot Marquis is set right in the heart of Times Square, more so than any other hotel. It sits right on the intersection of Broadway and 7th av and can be pretty much considered the Centre of New York. X marks the spot if you like. However, it pulls off this trick quite well without exposing guests to the madness of times square. The indoor drive-through lobby gives you easy access to the hotel without braving the Square’s insane footfall.

If you are expecting fantastic room views from a hotel that is literally in the center of times square, you will not be disappointed. While not every room has a great view anything with a high floor has a pretty awesome view, even if it’s out over the river. Of course, the Times Square views are the most sort after and these offer one of the best ball drop viewing rooms if you are staying over New Year’s Eve (expect to pay heavily for it, however)

The rooms are fairly spacious by New York standards and have incredible plush beds that you literally float on. The Revolving restaurant/lounge is a must-do.

Overall the Hotel offers the marquee Times Square experience. If you are looking for that in-your-face Times Square experience this is what you will have been imagining. This over-the-top indulgence is not for everyone but for many this really is the Times Square Bucket list tick.

6 – citizenM New York Times Square

  • Location 50th Street
  • Price – $150-$250 Per Night
  • Best For – Hip and Young Travellers looking for a cheap stay
citizenM Times Square

citizenM takes a modern Boutique-style chain hotel. It is situated just off the Square in the north-east area on 50th street and Broadway. The appeal of this hotel is its friendly European vibe. The hotel feels like a cross between a boutique and a hostel with open living room spaces for guests to mingle.

Rooms are small and almost pod-like with a clever Ikea-esque design to maximize the small space. The hotel is certainly basic but the price is very competitive for a central hotel and the vibe is one many people love.

It won’t be for everyone and if our description leaves you puzzled then maybe this is not the space for you. But for those looking for a cool vibe at a great price point right in the center of New York, the CitizenM is a great choice.

7 – The Chatwal A Luxury Collection Hotel New York City

The Chatwall Times Square

The Chatwal is an ultra High-end boutique hotel just off the center of Times Square. While it is often described as Boutique we do not feel this is particularly apt. While it’s small and intimate like a boutique hotel the quality and feel of the finish is anything but. There is now Sabby-chic or quirky fixtures here, this is pure high-end luxury.

The High Price point and luxury accouterments are accompanied by personal and exceptional customer service. nothing is too much trouble and every guest is treated as one would expect from such a classy establishment. At the large-scale hotels all but the highest paying gusts get a bit lost in the crowd here you are doted on and treated as a VIP at all times.

The Hotel is a real oasis in the madness and one where you can find a restful and relaxing retreat after a day out on the mean streets of NYC.

8 – The Knickerbocker Hotel

knickerbocker hotel times

Built in 1901, the Knickerbocker has a colorful and interesting history. While the building has not hosted a hotel for its entire 120+ year history it was the buildings initial design purpose, and despite being used as a garment factory and Newspaper office during its lifespan the building has been returned to its original purpose and is now one of Times Square most striking hotels.

The Outside Facade is stunning, especially set against the modern Glass monsters towering up around it and the illuminations from the Times Square billboards. Inside the hotel feel anything but 1901! The makeover is astounding. While the Casablanca has retained its old school charm the Knickerbocker has torn up the past and gone full bore modern. It really is the last thing you expect inside the historic building.

Some rooms have great times square views but even if your doesn’t the st cloud rooftop bar has you covered. Making this a great option for New Year’s Eve. The hotel puts together New Years Even Packages that include rooftop parties for the best ball drop views in the city!

9 – Hampton Inn Manhattan Times Square Central

  • Location 41st Street
  • Price – $150-$250 Per Night
  • Best For – Understated Charm
Hampton inn Times Square

The Hampton inn is a bit of a silent assassin. Located just off the square up 41st street, the hotel is quite unassuming. However is receives nothing but stellar reviews. The Hampton offers a basic stay but the service and price mean guests go away with a great feeling of value.

The rooms are large by New York standards and have nice City Views, but are not on the square. The location is excellent as you are away from the madness but still close enough to everything.

10 – AKA Times Sqaure

  • Location 44th Street
  • Price – $200-$400 Per Night
  • Best For – Long Stays
AKA Times Square

The AKA is a totally different type of Hotel. The hotel is a series of luxury apartments as opposed the hotel rooms. These sorts of Apart-hotels are common in most places but it is rarer to find them in New York. This gives a real sense of living in the City as opposed to visiting.

Stays are limited to 30-days or over, and offer a much more expansive living space than the regular cramped tiny hotel room in most New York Hotels, and prices are comparable as longer stays tend to give lower per-night prices.

These are great for larger groups looking to save money as there are two-bedroom apartments available that can work out a lot cheaper than booking two hotel rooms at a comparable level of luxury.

The AKA Concept is so different from most of New York Accommodation that it has to make the list. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for that more intimate feel of New York, as hotel living for 7+ days can become tiresome and expensive, as the AKA has fitted kitchens more meals can be taken in the room.

7-Days+ is a long time to spend in Times Square so consider some of AKA’s other New York Locations such as Central Park and Sutton Square.

11 – Hotel Edison Times Sqaure

  • Location 47th Street
  • Price – $200-$300 Per Night
  • Best For – Quirky Budget
Times Square Edison hotel

The Edison is a classic Times Square Hotel, operating since 1930 and styles very much in the Art-Deco design of that time, albeit with some serious modernizing. The Hotel borders on Boutique, but obviously predates that concept by several decades.

The location is great, it’s right by the square but just far enough back to avoid the crush. Access to Hell’s Kitchens’s myriad of restaurants is just a block away on Restaurant Row (46th). If you can push the boat out to a room or suite with a terrace fantastic views of times square are possible. And the Run Lounge is one of New Yorks’s best cocktail bars, perfect for pre-theatre drinks.

Rooms are reasonably sized and have just completed a full renovation so every room should now be top-notch, some were getting a touch worn prior to the reno.

The hotel is one of New York icons, however, the prices make it really accessible. New York Hotels are famously expensive, and the Edison gives you plenty of New York Style and iconography for a pretty modest outlay.

12 – Moxy NYC Times Square

Moxy times square

New York Hotels and Budget are uncomfortable bedfellows. $100 a night is barely what we would consider budget, and is actually the very bottom end of New York Hotel prices. The options available at these prices are what you would consider really scraping the barrel.

There are a couple of options on Times Square that hit this low note but there are not what we would recommend. Instead, you need to look off the square, slightly.

The Moxy comes up as one of the best closeby options that are keenly priced yet still acceptable. Rooms are small but no smaller than other New York Options. Fixtures and furnishings are modest but comfortable and the rooms are clean and bright.

We would happily stay in the Moxy at a higher price point as there is little to dislike, however, the hotel comes in at one of the lowest in the area, and compared to some of your options at this price it’s definitely one of the best on offer.

There are other decent Budget options around Times Square that we look at here

These are our top picks for Times Square Hotels and we hope we provided you with an insight as to what is on offer so you can find your perfect stay in this incredible City.

Have Your Say

Which is your favorite Times Square Hotel? Do you have a Classic you return back to year after year? Or are you more of a nomad touring the Hotels around the city? Which was the best? Maybe you had a terrible experience? Let us know. If you have anything at all to add to our List of Times Square hotels just fire away in the comments or if you have a question again, just fire away.

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