Guide To Epcot’s FastPass+ Tiers 2021 – Get The Best Out Of Your FastPass+

Epcot is in its final throes as it’s current guise and next year the Park will be very very different. But for those visiting this year, the FastPass System is still in full operation and you need to know how it works and how to get the best out of it.

Our Guide To Epcot’s FastPass+ Tiers explains how the tier system works, which attractions offer the best “value” in each tier, which to choose and how to approach your day at the park. With our Guide and Park Plan, you can Get The Best Out Of Your FastPass+ and make sure you get to experience everything the park has to offer.

 Guide To Epcot's FastPass+ Tiers

How Do the Epcot FastPass+ Tiers Work?

Epcot uses a Tiered FastPass System, Where you can Choose One Attraction from Tier 1 And two attractions from Tier 2. The Parks headline attractions make up tier 1 with the rest falling into Tier 2.

For More information on the FastPass+ System in General:

Tier 1 Attractions – Epcot

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Sorin’ Around the World
  • Test Track – Single Rider
  • Epcot Forever

Which to Choose?

First, Epcot Forever is the poorest choice, as it is a late show, the FastPass will be locked into your App all day and you will not be able to use any On The Day FastPasses (if it pops up as an on the day FastPass, late on in your day go for it then! )

Other than that, this is one of the hardest choices of the FastPass Tiers at Disney World. All three attractions are must-ride at Epcot and choosing one is impossible. The way to approach it is you are not choosing which ride you are going on, you are choosing which queue to skip. You are going to have to ride all three to get the best out of Epcot.

Both Soarin’ and Frozen Ever After are strong contenders, we tend to brave out Test Track as it has a great queue and the Single Rider Option. Frozen works well as you can get a lunchtime FastPass and head over there after spending the morning in Future World. Soarin’ has reasonably small queues and they are quite fun with the quiz questions popping up on the walls.

Early arrivals should have no problem jumping on Soarin and Test Track in the first hour leaving Frozen Ever After as the most obvious choice for FastPass, but Epcot is one park you don’t really need to hit at rope drop.

Tier 2 Attractions – Epcot

  • Turtle Talk With Crush
  • Mission Space
  • The Sea’s With Nemo And Friends
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Living With The Land
  • Journey Into The Imagination With Figment
  • Disney And Pixar Short Film Festival

With so many to choose from picking just two is difficult, however, we can Quickly Narrow it down. Living With The Land, Journey Into The Imagination With Figment, and Disney And Pixar Short Film Festival all have pretty short queues and often have on the day availability. This leaves us:

  • Turtle Talk With Crush
  • Mission Space
  • The Sea’s With Nemo And Friends
  • Spaceship Earth

Which to Choose?

Epcot Chinese Pagoda

Really any of these are a good choice, well actually they are fairly bad choices but they are the best of a bad bunch, Really Epcot is in a bit of a lull, it has not had any major updates for a while and is lagging behind the other parks, this is about to change big time with HUGE new project in the offing, The Park is getting a MAJOR overhaul with several new rides on the way, so the Tier System and Fast Pass will also get a massive overhaul. If you are going spring, or early summer then just stick with the tier 2 rides that suit you best. We tend to pick:

  • Turtle Talk With Crush
  • Mission Space


Priority Choices And Strategy

  • Frozen Ever After or Soarin’ Around the World – Tier 1
  • The Sea’s With Nemo And Friends – Tier 2
  • Mission Space – Tier 2

The Choice between Frozen Ever After and Soarin is really a personal one. Frozen is the better choice as far as FastPass Value goes but this is a very sedate river ride focused entirely around the Frozen universe, if that is of no interest to you skip the whole ride, it may sound incredible to some, but not everyone is into Frozen! No Really!

Soarin’, on the other hand, is a real masterpiece that should be experienced by everyone. If you plan to do all three, Test Track, Frozen and Soarin’ and really considering the thinness of the Epcot attraction Line-up, you really should, then you are going to have to queue for two of them.

The one thing you want to avoid is an EARLY Frozen FastPass this means entering the park and hightailing it to Frozen. Then potentially backtracking to Future world, to ride the other attractions. You could explore the World Showcase right afterward as it is sure to be quiet, but we refer it as an afternoon adventure, especially with a festival on. One Strategy is heading straight over to Frozen at rope drop, and then coming back to use a Soarin or Test Track Fastpass, but that is making Epcot harder than it needs to be.

This is really where the strategy ends, Epcot is not a half-day park nor one to make sure you hit at rope drop, instead, it’s an arrive late, take in a few rides at Future world then head over to word Showcase to explore kind of experience. Enjoy whatever Festival is running and soak up the different counties of the showcase. Disney World is a Stressful experience but you can turn Epcot into a more fun and relaxed excursion.

But this advice is temporary it is ALL Change from 2021!!!!

Epcot Forever

Have Your Say

Let us know your top tips for Epcot Fast Passes? Which Tier1 Attraction do you pick? How do you plan your day in the Park? and which tier-2 choices do you make? Let us know in the comments below if you have anything to add or any questions at all.

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