Guide To Disney’s Animal Kingdom FastPass+ Tiers 2021 – Get The Best Out Of Your FastPass+

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the Darkhorse of the 4 Park line up. Often underrated and a touch maligned, it is, however, one of our favorite parks! The New Pandora World is simply staggering, Expedition Everest is a world-class rollercoaster, The Animal Attractions are of a really high quality with the safari far outreaching any of our expectation, and the whole setting is just really pleasant and nice. It is easily one of the nicest, most relaxing parks to visit.

There is a lot to do though and getting the best out of the FatPass+ system is the difference between a fun relaxed day with minimal queueing or spending 6hours stood in queues om the burning sun! Animal Kingdom can be done in half a day with the right FastPass selections or you can spend the whole day mainly in queues. Our Guide To Disney’s Animal Kingdom FastPass+ Tiers shows you exactly which FastPasses to Book and how to get the best from the park!

Disney's Animal Kingdom FastPass+ Tiers 2021

How Do the Animal Kingdom FastPass+ Tiers Work?

Disney’s the Animal Kingdom uses a Tiered Fast Pass System. However, unlike Epcot And Hollywood Studios it is fairly basic and not too restrictive. There are just two Tier-1 FastPass choices, both of these Are the Newest Pandora Rides. This stops people from selecting BOTH Pandora rides and ignoring the rest of the park. To ride both you are going to need to queue for at least one of them, however, we have a few ways of beating the system and getting on both, along with many other rides, with minimal queuing!

For More information on the FastPass+ System in General:

Tier 1 Attractions – Animal Kingdom

  • Avatar Flight Of Passage
  • Na’vi River Journey

Which to Choose?

Floating Mountains Pandora Animal Kingdom

While we do find the Tier system annoying, here it seems to work well, it is designed so everyone gets at least one Avatar FastPass, and even without the tiers, the Flight Of Passage is going to be everyone’s top pick anyway.

However we do not really recommend it, we go for Na’vi River Journey! With a BIG condition. Get to the park for rope drop, in fact well before, be at the gates at least 30 mins before the park opens. This way you will be in the procession to jump straight onto Flight Of Passage. We find that from park opening to getting on the ride will take around 30-45 mins, if you are in the first wave of people at the park. This sounds bad, but remember, this is from the gate to being on the ride. The park has a brilliant staggered system that just flows these early birds straight to the ride, you get to experience the trip through Pandora, weave your way through the ride queue, under the floating mountains, and into the ride building, all this takes around 30 mins and then the actual queue is pretty none-existent at this time.

You then have your Na’vi River Journey FastPass for afterward, which is handy as the River Journey is a Must ride, but if you have to queue more than 20-30mins it really isn’t worth it.

If you don’t want to get up with the lions, then a Flight Of Passage FastPass is ESSENTIAL, the queues can top 3 hours STILL and while it’s a great queue line it’s not that great. Yes, you will need to wait out the Na’ vi River journey (40-60 mins) but that’s the price for your lie-in.

Alternatively, Grab your Flight Of Passage FastPass for around 11-12 am (or later), Still get up at the crack of dawn for Ropedrop, join the Flight Of Passage Procession, marvel at one of the best ride experiences in the world, then jump straight into the queue for the Na’vi River Journey, at this time the River Journey will be at its quietest. Then after exploring the rest of the park a bit head back to Flight Of Passage and ride AGAIN! Honestly, it’s worth it, one ride on Flight Of Passage is never enough!

Tier 2 Attractions – Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safari Animal Kingdom
  • Dinosaur
  • Expedition Everest – Single Rider
  • It’s tough to be a Bug
  • Kilimanjaro Safari’s
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Primeval Whirl
  • The Animation Experience at Conservation Station
  • Festival of the Lion King
  • Finding Nemo – The Musical
  • Meet Favorite Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost
  • Rivers of Light: We Are One
  • UP! A Great Bird AdventureUP!

The Tier 2 Line up is pretty much everything else. With the strategy we suggested for tier-1 FstPasses, even if there were no Tiers, then we would still suggest the same, there is little sense picking both Avatar rides so the Tier system works great. For the Second Tier, the choice is pretty easy. The Shows are not great choices as you can usually just get in the next showing without any issue, Some of the smaller rides often have short queues and on the day availability so are poor choices, so we can narrow it down quite a bit.

  • Dinosaur
  • Expedition Everest – Single Rider
  • It’s tough to be a Bug
  • Kilimanjaro Safari’s
  • Kali River Rapids

Which to Choose?

First, we would drop Expedition Everest, instead use the Single Rider line. This is a tough call as the ride is really fun and you may want to share the experience with your family, but even on your own, or with your new-found ride buddy it’s still really worth it.

Dinosaur and It’s Tough to be a Bug both tend to have shortish queues and on the day availability so skip them. This leaves Kali River Rapids and the Kilimajaro Safaris as the best choices. If you can, try and get a Safari for as early as possible, without interfering with your Pandora Exploits as the animals are that bit more active before the midday sun sends them for their afternoon Snoozes.

Don’t worry too much about the rapids being a water ride they are fairly dry Rapids. Both these rides have long queues (90min+) and limited on the day availability so it’s good to get them in the bag and taken care of.


Gorilla Falls Animal Kingdom
  • Na’vi River Journey (After Flight Of Passage) – Tier 1
  • Kilimanjaro Safari’s – Tier 2
  • Kali River Rapids – Tier 2

The Early Bird really catches the worm at Animal Kingdom, and getting in that first wave of Flight Of Passage riders really helps beat the queues. You just have to choose whether you ride once or twice. The rest of the park works pretty smoothly with fast Passes for most of the rides popping up all day, so do not sweat your tier two choices too much, unless you were unable to get a Tier1 until later in the day. there is plenty of time to ride everything and still be finished by around 2-3 pm!


The Morning rush to Pandora does leave the rest of the park pretty desolate during the opening hour or two of the park, if you bag a Flight Of Passage Fast Pass, you can simply ignore Pandora and head off to the Himalaya or Kilimanjaro instead. Explore the Animal Exhibits and head out on an early morning Safari before the heat of the day. You will find a lot of rides having very short ride times during this period. Until the Masses who descended on Pandora start spreading out.

When it is time for your fast pass head over to Pandora and explore the weird Alien world and jump on the Flight Of Passage. The downside to this is the longer queue for Na’vi River Journey but as you have beaten the queues in the rest of the park it is a small price to pay.

Kilimanjaro Safari Animal Kingdom

Have Your Say

Let us know your Animal Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies? Do you follow the herd into Pandora and Flight Of Passage? or do you strike a Path for the rest of the park? Which FatPasses do you choose? What are your Tier-1 Choices? Let us know in the comments below!

And If you have any Questions, Just fire away we love talking all things, Disney!

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