Best Halloween Horror Nights in The USA – All the Best Theme Park Halloween Events in America

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Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday, apart from maybe Christmas, it’s fun, silly, scary, and just what you need as summer starts to fade from memory. A big trend in the US in recent decades is Halloween Events run by America’s big theme parks. It seems every theme park worth its salt now runs some kind … Read more

SeaWorld San Diego Howl-O-Scream 2022 Review – A look at SeaWorld’s New Halloween Scare Event

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In 2021, and for the first time ever, SeaWorld San Diego launched a Halloween Horror Scare event. Intended to rival the terrifying Halloween Horror Nights of Universal. Now in its second year, the Scare event runs on weekends from September 16th through to The Big Night itself October 31st. While the Halloween Horror at San … Read more

SeaWorld San Diego Review 2022 – Get The Best Out Of Your Trip To SeaWorld San Diego!

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SeaWorld was once the Jewel in San Diego’s glittering Entertainment crown and a reason on its own to visit the City. It is not Secret in recent years the SeaWorld Brand has been struggling. Public Perception of the morality of keeping Killer Whales in captivity has shifted from the fringe to the mainstream. Seaworld themselves … Read more

Tidal Twister SeaWorld San Diego Review? Is Tidal Twister a Flop or Not?

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In an attempt to turn around its fortunes and recover from the damaging effects of the 2008 documentary BlackFish, Sea World started adding rides to its parks at an incredible rate. Attempting to turn the parks from MArine Attraction parks into fully-fledged theme parks. It has added some seriously impressive rides, and at San Diego, … Read more