Is the Go City Los Angeles Pass Worth It? – Find out with our Go City Los Angeles Pass Review 2023

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Los Angeles can be a very expensive city to visit. Food, drink, hotels, travel, shopping, it all adds up. Things get even more expensive when you start wanting to visit any of the great attractions the city has to offer. One way of limiting this expenditure is to purchase a City/attraction pass. But some passes are better than … Read more

Universal Studios Hollywood Rides – Ride Guide to Universal Studios California

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While some people may say otherwise for almost everyone the main reason to visit a theme park is for the rides. Universal Studios Hollywood does have a lot more to offer than just rides but it also has a pretty outstanding collection of top rides too. Here we take a look at all the Universal … Read more

Universal Studios California – Guide to Visiting Universal Studio’s Hollywood in 2023

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Universal Studios Hollywood is a fantastic world-class theme park. Suited to kids of all ages from 5-80+ We think no trip to L.A. is complete without a visit to Universal. We would even choose it over Disneyland. There is no way we could properly give you all the advice you need on a single page … Read more

10 Best Rides at Universal Studios Hollywood 2023 – Must do Rides and Attractions

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With so much to see and do at Universal Studios Hollywood, you might find you need to prioritize slightly and only target the Best rides in town, especially on busy days. Our list of the 10 Best Rides at Universal Studios Hollywood 2023 Gives you a full rundown of the best rides operating in the … Read more

Best Halloween Horror Nights in The USA – All the Best Theme Park Halloween Events in America

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Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday, apart from maybe Christmas, it’s fun, silly, scary, and just what you need as summer starts to fade from memory. A big trend in the US in recent decades is Halloween Events run by America’s big theme parks. It seems every theme park worth its salt now runs some kind … Read more

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Hollywood Studios

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Universal Hollywood Studios opened their Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2016, only 4 years after the final film of the franchise. The success of the Harry Potter books and films across the world is almost incomparable to any other popular culture franchise- now spanning 3 decades. Despite the world of Harry Potter’s first book … Read more

What to Eat at Universal Studios, Hollywood – The Best Restaurants and Dining Options in the Park

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With so much to see and do in Universal Studios Hollywood, The Chances are you are going to be in the Park for a long time probably a full day at least. So with this in mind, you are likely to get hungry probably several times. The problem with ThemeParks is you are a little … Read more

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience Review – Are the VIP Tours Worth it?

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Universal Studios Hollywood is one of California’s top tourist attractions and with several top rides, some great shows, quirky food, and of course the world-famous Hollywood Studios Tour, not to mention the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, it’s not hard to see why. But there is an alternate way to experience that park and that … Read more