DT Flemming Beach Guide, West Maui, Hawaii

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One of West Maui’s most popular and best Beaches. DT Flemming is quite unique in West Maui as it offers relatively safe bathing with moderate surf breaking directly onto a soft sandy beach. DT Flemming is the perfect beach for long, fun-filled days by the beach, playing in the surf, in relative safety, with plenty … Read more

Finding Hana’s Red Sand Beach – Maui, Hawaii – Everything You Need to Know

Finding Hana's Red Sand Beach Maui Hawaii

Many, wrongly, see Hana as the destination for the Hana Highway, the real destination is the journey itself, however, so when they arrive in this quaint little backwater and find relatively nothing to do and only a murky brown beach, a few shops and some low-end eating establishments, they feel pretty disappointed. They clearly have … Read more

Best Hiking Trails on Maui, Hawaii

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Hidden away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the Hawaiian Islands are forged from volcanoes and drenched in lush tropical forests, the Jewel of the islands Maui is blessed with incredible natural beauty. Ripe with Coastlines, Mountains, Valleys, and waterfalls seemingly plucked straight out of a travel brochure, the setting is perfect for some … Read more

Best Maui Snorkeling Sites – The Best Spots on Maui, Hawaii for Snorkeling – South Maui

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Maui is an island blessed with miles of calm and protected coastline, lined with coral reefs, beaches, and bays that make for some of the best and most accessible snorkeling in the world. This array of jewels makes Snorkelling one of Maui’s most popular activities. However, there are naturally better and worse locations to take … Read more