How to Get Around Miami – Airport, Rental Cars, Public Transportation, Uber, Lyft, and Taxi

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With 2,000 square miles of space in a subtropical wonderland, Miami is a metropolitan paradise of gorgeous beaches, gorgeous people, and iconic culture, blending Latin beats, Caribbean flavors, and red-blooded Americana. This spirited combination makes Miami a great place to explore, and there are numerous ways to do it. The Magic City has many neighborhoods … Read more

Miami Visitors Guide – Travel Guide for Miami Florida and South Beach

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Miami is a fantastically unique City and one of the US’ most popular destinations. Its a mix of different cultures, incredible beaches, laid-back style, and red-hot nightlife make the City a perfect place to combine a city visit with a beach holiday. However, like most places when people first think of visiting a destination, it becomes clear … Read more

Where to Stay in Miami Florida? – Our Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Miami, Florida

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Miami is weird, plain, and simple, and its accommodations follow the lead. This unique and experimental, Magic City hosts a collection of strange overnight settings that make your stay unforgettable, to say the least. While you can always find a cheap chain hotel or motel in the Miami area, that isn’t any fun, especially when … Read more

What to Eat in Miami, Florida? – Everything You Need to Know About Dining in Miami

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Miami was once a bleak landscape of mediocre dining, but things have changed in the last decade. Today, the eating industry in Miami is thriving, abundant – to the point of being overwhelming—fresh, healthy, and brings both families and the famous to the table. People in Miami are taking advantage of the eating renascence as … Read more

How Much is Parking at Disney World – Is There Any Free Parking at Disney World Parks?

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It doesn’t naturally occur to most people that after paying eye-watering prices to buy tickets to a theme park that they would then be required to pay for parking. Often they only realize this as they pull up to the Ticket Booth and are asked for $20 $25! We put this guide together to help you understand … Read more